Friday, September 11, 2009

War Supplement - 9/12/1944

Headlines and stories from this date: Sunbery Daily Item newspaper

Two-Way Invasion of Germany Near as Yanks Outflank Siegfried Line and Reds Attack Border Fortress

Air war gains in scope; Nazi losses mount

Allied attack on Philippines enters 3rd day

Nazis preparing Argentina bases for war

FDR and Churchill, meeting in Quebec, plan unified Pacific action

and; "Audacity Marks Historic Yank Invasion of Germany" This article tells about the first U.S. armed forces now being within the German border and how, on this day, U.S. tanks rolled across the border.

There is an ad for a new movie coming out - "Two Girls and a Sailor" with Gracie Allen, Jimmy Durante, Van Johnson and June Allyson.

On an inside page is a heading: "Polio eases off, no cases since Friday" This is a Tuesday.

San Francisco Chronicle newspaper has the following headlines:

Mighty U.S. Carrier Fleet Batters Philippines; 52 Jap Ships Sunk; Yanks Five Miles Into Germany!

The front page has the famous photo of a B-26, over France, that shows one engine being blown off by flak and the engine falling away from the plane.

Page 2 - Seven Die for Second Plot Against Hitler. Seven more were tried and hung, following the earlier execution of several others, for the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler.

There is a chart for the mileage to Berlin from each of the war fronts. (For some reason, it appears that Berlin was the center of attention.)

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  1. What a crazy time to be living! It's so easy to imagine this as what I see in the movies, but not really grasping the idea that people I know and love were alive and actually dealing with it!