Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Miracle of Conversion

Last night my wife and I were watching the movie "Fireproof" on TV.  If you have not seen it, make sure you find a way as it is good.

During the movie the father of the man who is the main character is used by the Holy Spirit to lead his son to Christ.  To me, it was an amazingly powerful moment.  Sure, it is just a movie and those are just actors following a script; but that scene seemed so real that I had the sensation of witnessing a miracle.

Imagine yourself sitting in front of someone, looking into their eyes at the very moment that God changes the direction, for eternity, of their soul!  The miracle of birth just happened in front of you.  Heaven and hell just changed, forever!  You just gained a new spiritual sibling.  The body of Christ just became stronger and more complete.  The angels just set off in singing praises to God. 

Now, remember when you were born (again).  It was a miracle of God working on your sinful heart to make it clean and pure.  It was your soul being snatched from the grasp of damnation and in an instant your life was changed. 

Want to see a miracle?  Do you really?  Reach out to the lost, with the love of Christ, and let the Holy Spirit work through you.  One of these days, you will be sitting there looking into the blind eyes at the instant they are opened to see the Light for the very first time.

Have you seen the recent video, online, of the young woman who had just received the implant of a hearing device and was able to hear for the very first time in her life?  Go watch it here:

That is very moving and exciting to watch.  Someone who hears her own voice for the first time.  As great as that is, it does not compare to the spiritually blind having their eyes and hearts opened to see the truth of Jesus, for the very first time.

Showing the love of God can put you in the place of witnessing the ultimate miracle.  WOW!