Monday, September 7, 2009

Am I a Radical?

I can read in the lack of any responses to my political postings that some of you believe that I am a radical. Well, you right absolutely correct. I am a radical and am proud of it.

BO and the Left has proclaimed me and others like me as being radicals. Moderates and the undecideds, who do not know which way to believe would consider me a radical. Even some strong iCan'ts consider people like me to be on the fringe and to be ignored.

Therein lies the problem. That is why the iCan'ts are not iCans. They are trying too hard to reach across the aisle and be bipartisan. Each time they do, they show weakness to the cRats.

Yes, I am a radical. I am passionate about what I believe and what I want America to be. I gladly take the same stand and wear with honor the same labels as some others who we consider to be great Americans. From my perspective, I have the same passion and beliefs and desires for this country that our Founding Fathers had. I am passionate about freedom and liberty. I am radical against those who desire to take that away from us. I will fight for the right to have my children and grandchildren enjoy a free nation.

I want tomorrow's America to be what was envisioned in 1776.

Were it not for radicals, we would be paying England a tax on our bottles of green tea. We would be protesting to be able to send a representative to Parliament. We would have a Queen Mother. We would already be socialist and have a government run health care system.

As John McCain would say, "My friends"... But sorry to say, he would not finish it in the right way. I say, my friends and family, you better speak up now. You better speak up loud and strong. You better be radical while you can because if we are silent and watch it happen, those opportunities will be lost forever in the great land.

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