Friday, September 11, 2009

Today in History

Today - 9/11 - will always be remembered in our history. Eight years ago, the unexpected and unbelievable events will be forever etched in our memories. That day gives this generation a glimpse into what the last generation experienced with 12/7/1941. You will probably never forget where you were and how you first heard of the attack. If you were able to watch the events unfold, live on TV, which I imagine applies to most of us, you may have felt a helpless feeling of shock and disbelief. As it became evident that this was no accident but that the U.S. was under attack, some of those emotions may have transitioned into anger.

While we were sitting there watching and listening to the news as one thing after another took place, you had to wonder; who, how much more, how close to where we are, how many died, what do we do?

For some reason, the last generation's "Remember Pearl Harbor" determination, has not resulted in the same reverence for this event in this generation. We have those in our own country who think we need to move on, to focus on positive things, to make this a day of service, etc. Our media, for the most part, refuses to replay the scenes as a way of a memorial.

It is now PC to not talk about 9/11, unless you are discussing it from a pro-Muslim perspective. How can we be more sensitive to the feelings of the innocent Muslims within our borders and make them feel more comfortable.

Well, from my perspective, it is not about them! My thoughts, on this day, are not about sympathy for Muslims. If you want sympathy, direct it toward the families who lost loved ones in NYC, PA, and DC. Be thankful that we have not suffered similar attacks on our soil since that day. Appreciate the military for fighting the enemy on our behalf.

I do not need the media to show the images, I recorded them myself. I will never forget the horror of that day. I cannot imagine being in or at the Twin Towers as they evaporated and the utter fear that gripped them to their core. I can only hope that I would have helped in the sky over PA, at the same time knowing that this would be my last task. I cannot imagine what was in the minds at the Pentagon as, all of a sudden, part of the building exploded into a ball of fire and flames and fumes raced down the hallways. Or, as the Capital and White House were evacuated, what they were thinking as they ran and ran to get away.

From a future position, I remember Pearl Harbor and I will always remember 9/11. God bless them and their families on this day of remembrance and every other day.

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