Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is BO Special?

I have twice again been reminded this week of a character trait of our dear BO. He truly believes that he is Special. Not special because he is President of the United States, nor because he is the first black President; but just plain Special.

He shows us this side of him on a fairly frequent basis - almost everyday. In the campaign, one of the slogans he would use was, "We are the one we have been waiting for!" We all know that when he said "We are" he meant "I am".

You can see it by his constant obsession of needing to be in front of a camera, on a microphone, behind a podium, using a teleprompter, traveling from town to town in order to make another speech to another adoring crowd. You can hear it in his condescending voice as he speaks to us - the American citizens - as if he were our father and we were ignorant. (Remember how his blunder became an opportunity for him to tell us he was going to use the situation as a "teachable moment".) His arrogance is plastered across his smug face as he looks down his nose at the general public.

He lies so much that they are coming out of both sides of his face at the same time. He believes that because it is he who says something, that we should just believe it and not question or debate with facts. He believes that we are too dumb to recognize that he is playing us like immature children - pitting one side against another, fear tactics, etc.

This week, we have twice had the opportunity to see his highness at work. First, with the speech to the students in our public schools. Second, in the speech to the joint session of Congress, last night.

In the first, what did he actually have to say that was anything new or really uplifting? He told them that he had a hard time when he was little. He told them to study hard. He reminded them that they should be washing their hands often. (Yes, he really took the time to say that!) Why did he take the time to make this speech when all he had to say were vague generalities? Because, he believes he is Special. He believes that by him saying to these kids the very same thing they have heard from every teacher they have ever had and from their parents, numerous times, it will mean more and be taken to heart. BO saying to wash your hands will get all of their grungy hands washed six times a day. To him, his spoken word is magical - all powerful - awe-inspiring. His very presence produces hope.

In the second, was anything said that was new or earth-shattering? The speech was a combination of statements that he had spoken numerous times since the debate on health care began. He kept telling us about his plan and what it would and would not do. Did he really believe that none of us would realize that he does not have a plan, that every statement about his plan was a bold-faced lie? He was not saying that he wants to see these features in a plan, he said that they were in his plan - the non-existent one. He could not have been referring to the main plan in the House because his claims are not consistent with that plan. At this time, it is the only plan available for any of us to see and read.

BO has a god-complex! It was only a few weeks ago that he told a religious gathering that he had partnered with God in matters of life and death. He honestly believes he is on a higher level than the rest of us. He truly believes that when he speaks, even the trees and wind stop to listen.

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