Saturday, September 5, 2009

War Journal - Sept. 1-6, 1944

Yesterday was payday again! I received about 20 pounds or $81.00. Cabled home $100.00 today and also sent Birthday greetings to Dad. Papas & I had our pictures made on the 29th. Today Edwards & I - then the three of us had some more made all near the sign post. Received letters from home yesterday - three of them. Lately I have a sweet tooth since there is no candy to be had. Yesterday a pound of good chocolates were given away with each bond - so I bought a bond to get the candy. There is a lot of good music tonight - and I feel more lonesome than at any time since getting in the Army I believe. Guess it will all be the same tomorrow. We are having classes in the French & German language now.
It has rained steady for three days and is pretty cold. All I do is go to school, play cards & write letters. The weather was too bad to go to Belfast Saturday night. It is rumored we may move to France the last of this week. Wednesday, Thursday of this week we make some training flights here. The ships are old straight B-26's. Should be fun! Everyone here feels like dancing every time they hear the news. The allies entered Belgium today. I say a prayer each night that it will continue (the war) to a quick climax all over the world.
School here is drawing to a close - today being the last day. Went out to the lake near here today to practice ditching procedure. Six of us paddled around in a life raft for awhile. Still haven't received any mail. Yesterday morning it was raining hard so I rolled over and went back to sleep - and said to heck with school! As it turned out about 200 others did the same - so there was results! Our Major decided we should march ten miles last night to get used to the rain. When time came to leave it was raining so hard the flight surgeon had it called off. Boy, we missed that only by the skin of our teeth. That was good sleep though! Tomorrow we fly again.


  1. Are these from Grandpa's journal or did you come across another one?

  2. These are the entries from Dad's journal. I also have the co-pilots written story of his war experiences. His is not based on exact dates but is more like a story. I will try to incorporate some from his writings in with the same time and events from the journal. I also plan on adding some of the news or history about the time or event from other sources.