Saturday, October 12, 2013


Is the freedom Americans enjoy in its last stages or is it already just an illusion?  Does Liberty still exist in the U.S.A.?

Compared to most, if not all of the rest of the world, we still have remnants of freedom; but, compared to the America that existed following the Declaration of Independence, the War for Independence and the ratification of the Constitution; our freedom more resembles soft-core despotism. 

We hail our founders and show a level of respect for the founding documents, almost on the level of them being two more chapters of sacred inspiration.  But Americans, just like Christians, have been lax in their adherence to the law of the land and the Law of God.  We have allowed those with ulterior motives into the highest positions of power in our government.  We have forgotten the warnings which accompanied this country’s foundation:

John Adams – “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Benjamin Franklin – When asked what form of government they had formed by the Constitution, responded; “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

We love both quotes but failed to live by either.  We the People have abandoned morality and God and have selected men and women for the highest offices of authority who are neither moral nor religious.  They have proceeded to do just what the warning expected, taken advantage of their power to strip away areas of liberty.  We have failed to make sure our elected representatives function under a Republic and actually obey the law.  We have celebrated when politicians of our own persuasion got away with something over their opponents, even when it violated their oath of office and the law of the land.

The decline of America, as a bastion of freedom, has been on a steady pace for the past century.  The year 1913, was a stab in the back by a two-edged sword:  the ratification of both the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution, which were the implementation of the Income Tax and the change to have direct election of Senators by the public.  Both have been a disaster and each helped set the stage for a Progressive agenda whereby the central government would become oppressive in the taking of the wages of the People and the loss of sovereignty (Federalism) by the States over the central government. 

We heard the pleas of individuals from other nations where they warned us to guard our liberty, as America is the last hope on Earth; but we proudly puffed out our chest, raised our chins and marched forward…blindly, in the wrong direction.  For some reason, we have lived much of our lives ignoring what was going on in Washington and ignorantly believing our Liberty was secure and being guarded by all of those who swore an oath to guard and protect the Constitution of the United States – when they, themselves, have no respect for nor understanding of the document. 

We have become a nation of immoral, Godless, lazy people; who rally around those who openly sin against the Word of God and who lie, cheat and steal as their standard operating procedure.  God-loving individuals are ridiculed and our government has aggressively moved to eliminate God from every area of public life.  We elect men and women to watch our country that we would not trust to watch our house or our children, much less our finances; and we do it over and over again, expecting better results each time. 

We elected and now have re-elected a President who openly defies the Constitution and believes and acts as though he is above the law.  He surrounds himself with anti-America individuals.  He uses our money to buy votes and picks the winners and losers based on who supports his campaigns.  He uses his position of power to have the administration punish those who oppose his agenda.  He is the bully in D.C. and anyone who dares to stand up to his tactics is beat down by his rhetoric and that of his allies in the media and various departments of the administration. 

The opposition leaders in Congress appear to fear the President and continue to act tough but always cave to his stronger personality.  They appear to have forgotten that Congress is a co-equal branch of government to the President.  They lack the fortitude to wage a political war and get in the trenches for the long haul of the battle.  The white flag of surrender always seems to appear just before the battle gets heated.  Experience has shown the President that he will always win as he is the only one in the battle who will not give up in the face of criticism.

We are a long ways away from the original Liberty which was won at such a tremendous cost.  The oppression we live under is far worse than what the American Revolution was fought over.  We are the “frog in the frying pan” and we have accepted a little more heat each year and it appears we will never jump out to save ourselves or our nation. 

Where do we stand where Liberty is concerned?  We are on the edge of the cliff with the rocks crumbling and one foot already over the edge.  “Liberty” has already lost much of its meaning and is almost dead.  We are the generation that will pass America onto the next in worse shape than we found her.  For that we should be ashamed!

There is just one question left, before Liberty is dead and buried forever; are we going to do anything to try to save her? 

If you despise soft-core despotism, you will just love hard-core tyranny!  It is just around the corner and has its sights set on YOU!