Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garbage Can - Mucho Garbargo

My page of notes of garbage is getting full so I decided it was time to unload a can full on the rest of you:

BO wants the Pentagon to study deep cuts in our nuclear weapons arsenal. This goes right along with the cancellation of the missile defence shield for Europe. After all, the World is at peace and all mankind is in love with each other and there is no chance that could go sour in our lifetimes or that of our grandchildren.

BO is studying a potential bailout for newspapers. Since we all know that when you take money from the government, there are strings attached. With many of these newspapers having trouble because they have ceased from doing impartial journalism and have become cheerleaders for the liberal agenda, why wouldn't they be willing to enter an agreement with BO where they would owe favors?

BO's diversity czar has stated that the "fairness doctrine" is not enough. We also need tough rules to enforce fairness.

BO made the Sunday morning TV programs (five of them) this past weekend. He is obsessed with being in front of the camera. The week before he was on six of the Sunday programs. He seems to have a need to make a "major" speech on a daily basis. It is all about BO! What does this mean? It could be a sign of insecurity and the need to be continually propped up and praised. It could be an indication of his god-complex, where he believes that all is needed is for him to say something to show support in order for us to then know how to think and feel.

When BO was asked about defunding ACORN, he claimed to not be aware that ACORN is receiving Federal funds. All I can say to this is; LIAR, LIAR, UNDER-ROOS ON FIRE!

This morning, BO made another major speech (the first in several hours since it was the middle of the night), this time to the UN. He told them that the right rules will unleash our best scientists to solve global climate change. "Right rules" means more government control over all of our lives and more taxes to pay for their agenda.

Tucson schools have initiated race-based discipline. Teachers are not to discipline minority students more often or at a higher rate than for white kids. They have formed an "equity team" to review and enforce equality discipline in the schools.

This Friday, in Washington D.C., there will be an organized day of prayer. This time, it will be a Muslim day of prayer with the "call to prayer" being broadcast across the Capital grounds. The Muslim lawyer who organized the event (a former defender of Muslims accused of terror attacks in the US) was encouraged to do so based on pro-Muslim statements by our new President.

The Navajo nation claims that their religious and cultural survival is at stake. Sounds serious. What could be the catastrophe causing such a warning? The Snow Bowl ski run in Flagstaff won approval to use treated waste water in snow-making machines. How is it that this could cause the end to their religious and cultural survival? It seems that treated water is better than untreated water. As I have been on those same mountains, I have never observed a sign prohibiting taking a leak on the side of a tree. If that would not bring their nation to its knees, how could cleaned-up water do that?

ACORN has been in the news, in a non-favorable light. Their response: "We will not be intimidated. We will continue working for poor people!" We can all rest easy, now.

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