Thursday, September 3, 2009

BO to Speak to All Students

The President has sent the word and the word shall be obeyed! He WILL speak to all the students of our schools next week. It is mandatory that all schools show the speech in all classrooms. This has never been done. The Left says it is historic. The Right questions the motive and recognizes the opportunity for crossing the line from encouraging students to do well and study hard, to some form of indoctrination.

One sad thing is that we have come to this point where many of the parents of these students do not believe that they can trust the President of the United States to not cross that line. BO is recognized as not being trustworthy or honest.

Maybe there is a reason that no other President has ever tried this tactic. Maybe it is not that no one ever thought of the idea or thought that they could pull off such an event. Maybe the predecessors recognized that this is not appropriate.

Should the President have the right to talk directly with our children? That may be just fine, as long as it is in the presence of the parents. This could be done, just like 2,487 of his other speeches, where the speech is on TV, it interrupts prime time programming and the parents can sit down with the eager, little sponges; and listen together. This could be like family night at the movies, only better since BO is the main feature. Then, after the speech, the opportunity is there for the parents to discuss, directly with their children, what the President said and how the parents feel about any message he tried to get across to their children.

Instead, the US Department of Education has sent out instructions for all teachers and districts as to how the event is to be set-up, observed, and followed-up.

The AZ Superintendent of Schools, Tom Horn, has indicated that he has concern for some issues raised by the instructions. He stated that they want each class to be in a worshipful type of attitude. The teacher is to ask the students, "How can you help the President?" Prior to the speech, the teacher is to ask the students, "How will he inspire us?" The instructions tell the teachers to write "notable quotes" on the blackboard. The instructions appear to be politically charged.

All of this leads me to realize, this is a teachable moment. It is an opportunity for all parents to make sure that their children know that BO stinks.

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