Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Plan...

If you listened to BO's speech tonight about health care and his desire to push something through Congress, very soon, you may have noticed these two words used over and over, "My plan..."

Tonight was not the first time BO claimed to have a plan. He has been doing it all along in this debate. But, he has yet to show anyone his plan. Since Congress presently has four different plans being considered and at least one more on the way, we cannot assume that his plan is the one being debated in Congress. So, which is his plan? Where is his plan? What is his plan? Although he claims to have a plan, when asked details about part of the plan (a few weeks ago), he claimed to have not read the plan and could not be specific about the details.

I just wrote the White House a message asking for a copy of the President's Health Care plan. I asked to see the details of the plan that BO keeps referring to but no one has seen. As soon as I get my copy, I will let all of you know.

Mr. President, stop blowing smoke! Either produce this "plan" of yours or be quiet about it. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot keep promoting this plan that does not exist and that has no details and expect all of us to fall in love with it. Your little period of messiahhood is over. We do not swoon over every word that falls out of both sides of your face. Man-up!

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