Tuesday, September 29, 2009

War Journal - Sept. 29, 1944

Took off at 7:30 this morning & flew to France today. Altitude of about 500' all the way so was able to see plenty. From the air it resembled England great deal except not as crowded. Our field is named Beauvaistille - 3Km from the town of Beauvais which is a fair size town. We are restricted until further notice to the field though. Good food & water is very scarce here. We moved into this field 28 days after it was cleared of Germans - & they did a total job of demolition. Absolutely nothing is usable. We had to clear an area of under brush to put our pup tents in the only trees on the field. These French like the Americans a great deal but not the English. A bicycle is worth 10,000 Francs & a package of cigarettes 100 Francs.

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