Monday, November 11, 2013

The 24' Tall Wall of Debt

At the end of this month (November 2013), the "wall of debt" will be 24 feet tall. 

For those of you who have been around awhile and have great memories, I have written about the ever increasing height of the wall of debt.  (You can get the basis for the calculations on my blog entry in June 2011 "The 20' Wall of Debt".)

Two and a half years ago, the wall was 20 feet tall and now we are at 24 feet tall.  If you lay dollar bills end-to-end and flat on the ground, around the world at the equator; our national debt would create a wall of dollar bills 24 feet tall.

Think about that!  24 feet tall is about the height of a telephone pole in a residential neighborhood.  Now picture in your mind a stack of dollar bills that tall surrounding your neighborhood.  That would be a lot of money.  Now stretch your imagination to picture that wall ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD!  Now we are talking serious money!

This amount of money is not what the Federal Government is spending, it reflects what they are spending above and beyond what they are collecting in taxes.