Friday, September 18, 2009

Neutral Switzerland

As my mind wonders from one thing to another, it landed on a something that is either a dilemma or a great hoax played on the rest of the world.

As many of you are aware, the country of Switzerland has a reputation of remaining neutral during times of war. This was true in WWII. So, I wondered, why is this so? Is it that they do not want to fight or are unable to fight? Do they have and military? I do not remember ever seeing anything about a Swiss military. If they have one, why would they not use it to fight for what is right? So, I would have to assume that they do not fight in wars because they do not have a military.

So, what is this about: a Swiss Army Knife? I believe it is a hoax. The Swiss have no army! So, who came up with the name of this knife? It looks like a good boy scout knife, why didn't they call it that? All these years, we have believed that this little knife is the weapon of choice for the mighty Swiss Army. If you carry one of these (Ron), you might want your money back. You have been duped!

Just to be fair, let's assume that maybe there is a Swiss Army. They must be an embarrassment to the Swiss nation. First of all, their government refuses to ever let them fight. Second of all, everyone knows they would lose as they entered battle with the great Swiss Army Knife. Have they never heard that you don't take a knife to a gun fight?

An afterthought, which one of the numerous Swiss Army Knives is the real one?

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  1. The Swiss are required to serve in the militia. They get the call sometime around 19 years of age and it is mandatory for men, voluntary for women. They have to have their own weapons, which they store themselves. There is more but you can look it up! Pays to be a history major, evidently.