Sunday, August 30, 2009


Some of you have seen the movie, "Roots". Did you wonder where the name came from? It seems clear, as we use the term "roots" to describe earlier generations of our families. I wonder if the use of that term is due to the concept of a family tree. The roots of the tree show where we came from. The branches and twigs show the generations that are following. The generation of the one filling out the tree, fits into the trunk.

The roots are set, they are firm and immovable. You cannot alter your roots. Good or bad roots, they are what they are. Your roots have a lot to do with who you are but are not the final determination of what you are. The roots and trunk have a lot to do with who the next generations are and will be, but they do not decide what the next generations will be.

Having good and strong roots probably gives a young trunk a better start. How that trunk grows and develops is not totally dependant upon the roots. There are other influences that have an effect on the maturing of the tree. When the young tree is nourished and properly cared for, it has an advantage over the sapling which tried to grow strong without any help (hence, the phrase - "you poor sap!"). As we grow, the roots and outside influences can have a lot to do with what the young adult becomes. As stated, they do not have final determination, but they do fulfil a part.

The person, even with good roots and proper nourishing, still has the ability to make decisions that can and will affect the rest of their life. These decisions can be for better or worse and some can be irreversible. Some good decisions change your destiny, just as some bad choices become obstacles that are hard to overcome. These choices then affect the quality of trunk you grow into. As for following generations, these choices affect the quality of root you were for giving the next trunk a good start.

"No man is an island" is a famous quote. This concept is true in our lives. None of us live in a bubble where what we do and what we choose only affects us. Our choices reflect back on the root and affect the branches and twigs - for good or bad.

It has amazed me, over the years, as I have made and observed others making decisions that change the course of history for them and those that follow, without giving much thought to the issue. Many of these decisions have to be made and what the differences are that result, cannot be known or predicted at the time the choice is made. When you later look back, you realize how your life is completely different based on that one decision.

The point is this, whether you look back and see that you did nor did not have the greatest of roots, you are still responsible for the direction of your life. You cannot blame your roots or your trunk for what you are. Those who came before us may have made things better or worse, easier or harder for us; but, ultimately, we each must take responsibility for our own lives.

This does not mean that if you find yourself in a difficult situation that you must just accept it and learn to live with it. It means, take responsibility for improving your life. Make decisions that will help alter your future in a more positive direction. At the same time, be so careful about those bad choices - the ones that seem so minor at the time but have the ability to grow into life altering events - the kind we regret later but find ourselves unable to overcome the consequences.

If you are presently a twig, you will become a branch. If you are a branch, you are becoming a trunk. If you are a trunk, you are establishing the quality of root that will exist forever. Do what you can to be a good trunk and establish a good root. You will not be able to set the course for the branches and twigs, but you can give them a good start.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guns on Campus

I can't help but notice a lot of changes between now and then...

Now, if a boy draws a gun on a piece of paper, he can be expelled from school and the story is all over the media.

Then, I would have never been allowed in school based on all the guns and knives I drew during the years in class.

In high school, we were passed the drawing of guns and were into bringing of guns to school. It was not unusual for a student to have a gun in his car while it was parked at high school.

My senior year, for the last semester on almost every Friday afternoon; Brennon, Peter and I would leave at noon and go hunting. You cannot do this without guns and ammo. As you are very keen, you have noticed that guns on campus is only half of this story. What about ditching school that many times? Well, we had to get creative. Every Monday morning the three of us would go into the Attendance Secretary and report the reason for our absences, in order to get back into school. All three of us, being such great guys and so friendly to this lady, were always welcomed back with a smile.

The only excuse that I can remember using is this. We told her that Peter needed to go to the dentist and he asked me to take him, but I did not have my car that day so Brennon had to take all of us. Almost before the words finished falling from our lips, the passes were written.

It pays to have connections!

Trash Can - Part 3

The Trash Can is a mixture of comments about various items in the news.

As of the first of August (2009), the government had borrowed $1.15 Trillion since the first of the year.

The official number used for the national debt is $11.7 Trillion. This number does not include the unfunded promises and liabilities already made by the government. When those items are included, the national debt would be $71.7 Trillion. That equals $233,000 per person in the country.

Barama told Planned Parenthood, a few days ago, when asked if abortions would be funded by the government in the healthcare plan, that he considers "reproductive care" to be essential care and it would be funded. Even though he would not use the word "abortion", it is clear that this is what he was discussing. Other reproductive care is already a normal part of health care plans. The only question has to do with whether or not taxpayers will be forced to pay for abortions, and the answer is "yes" if any sort of a government healthcare plan passes.

If you remember back a few months, Barama already told us the our tax money will be used to pay for abortions around the world in poor nations. Why would he not be in favor of that at home?

Also, remember, Barama voted three times, while in the Illinois State Senate to show favor with late-term abortions and to deny care for living babies who survived a botched abortion attempt. Yes, that is right! When a baby survives a late-term abortion and is delivered still alive, it is denied health care and is left to die. The medical "profession" is not allowed to kill the live baby, on purpose, so they leave it with no care to wait for it to die on it's own! Our dear President is in favor of that practice.

I have been reading in the Bible and I find no passages where God indicates that He is taking on partners in the matters of life and death. Sorry, Barama, but it must be the Devil you partnered with!

The House plan for healthcare includes clauses that give the Government access to all of our personal records, such as health; and also access to our financial accounts, such as bank accounts.

Do not be fooled, anything that Barama or the cRats claim that they are removing from the bill due to public displeasure, it will find its way back into the law. They know what they want and will not be denied. They will either sneak it back into the bill at the last minute, prior to the final vote; or they will add it back later, after the basic bill gets passed.

We are right to find fault with so many aspects of the healthcare bill, but we have to not be appeased by them giving a little here and there. Any give they make will be taken back later and we have to focus on the main objective - NO Government Funded Healthcare Plan - at all! We are not asking for revisions, we are demanding rejection of the whole concept.

OBGYN - Obama's Got Your Number!

This is a battle for the future of America as we have known it! The stakes are too high to not be concerned and active in fighting these left-wing radicals.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. Well, I think we have been pushed far enough and Mister Nice Guy is ready for the fight. They have awakened the sleeping giant in the American public and it is angry!

Friday, August 21, 2009

BO and God are Buds!

I am busy working, but I cannot let this pass. Two days ago, BO was talking to a group of Rabbis. He actually said, "We are God's partners in matters of life and death."

WHAT!!! Who does this guy think he is? God has not partnered with him. God has not delegated to BO and any of his cronies the control over life and death. BO is not the Assistant to God in advising as to who should live or die. God does not need to contact his new partner before the next birth or death on Earth.

No, BO, you are NOT God's partner in matters of life and death. How dare you, you arrogant, self-righteous, low-life!

You may be trying to assume that power, but it is not because you are partnered with God. And, make no mistake about it, he is trying to assume that very power over us. From the Government funding abortions (even late-term and partial-birth abortions) to the "death panels" to help us decide it is time for us to get out of the way and stop wasting money on our health care.

BO, God will not be mocked! You try to put yourself on His level, but you have no idea what it means to be equal with God. You hypocrite, you fool!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Budget Cuts

Ever notice that to bureaucrats, a "budget cut" is really just less of an increase than first sought. In the 1990's, the iCan'ts proposed an annual increase to the Medicare budget of 7%. The cRats wanted 9%. During the following campaign for re-election, the cRats ran numerous ads and commercials portraying the iCan'ts as wanting to kill Medicare with their "budget cuts". It worked, the population in general was not smart enough to get the facts and recognize that they are being lied to. The iCan'ts lost seats in Congress.

Have you ever heard of a budget for a state government or for the US Government that actually went down from one year to the next? I would be shocked if that has ever happened.

Have you ever heard of a social program that had an actual budget cut? For some reason, social programs are "off limits" when it comes to cutting things to help balance the budget. They will cut police and fire protection, they will cancel projects to improve the infrastructure or utilities facilities. They may even lay off some workers. They will freeze hiring, stop over-time, get frugal on office supplies, cut travel expenses and prohibit entertainment expense reimbursement. But, they WILL NOT even consider cutting the money being given away in social programs. Why?

Apart from maybe the Defense budget, I would expect that more money is being spent and handed out through social programs than for any other reason by the Federal Government.

Stop and think about some of the social programs and what they must cost each year: food stamps, the WIC program, unemployment, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, cash-for-clunkers, bail-outs of various industries and institutions, down-payment assistance, subsidized loans, no-interest loans, guaranteed loans, insured loans, foreign aide, school lunch program, tuition assistance, Pell grants, free medical care, more foreign aide, various tax credits, Earned Income Credit, child care deductions, first-time home buyer rebates, did I mention foreign aide, environmental rebates and credits, etc.

I am not saying that we should not have any of these, but the costs are staggering, and my point is that they can never be reduced once they are on the books. How many times have you heard of unemployment benefits being extended? Have you ever heard of them being brought back to where they previously were?

We are developing a society where dependence upon government for our basic needs is becoming a reality. They have their hand in all of our pockets and then turn around with a handout that has strings attached. They cannot give you anything that they first did not take from someone else. A benefit to you, from the government, is paid for with money that someone else had to earn. The Government has taken on the role of a Robin Hood. "Take from the rich and give to the poor." Charity is one thing, but I do not see that our elected officials are that charitable. They have ulterior motives for their generosity with someone else's money.

The "Why?" can be answered with two concepts. First, they will not cut a social program because there are so many recipients that they are afraid of losing votes. They increase benefits in order to gain votes. In other words, they are using our money to buy votes and power for themselves. Second, there are stings attached to taking money from the Government. It is not free! You may not see the strings or recognize them, but they are there. One of the main strings (devious motives) is to develop a dependent populous. They want us less self-reliant and more dependent on them. As mentioned in other posts, it is all about power and control - over us, by them. Each time we surrender a bit of our self-reliance over to government dependence, they gain a little more control and power over us and assume a role of dictating more details of our lives.

Pants on Fire - Again

Senior Advisor to the President, David Axelrod, recently sent an email to a broad list of email addresses to which the White House had access. The email attempted to gain support for BO's plan to gain control of the health care system in America. He explained how those opposing healthcare reform are lying and trying to scare the public and how they want status quo.

The letter directed the readers to a new page on the White House web site that is supposed to debunk the rumors and myths about BO's plan.

It turned out that there is one problem with this letter, it was sent to many email addresses who had not given their address to the White House. Not only was it an unsolicited email (spam-which is illegal to do), but many who received the email wanted to know how the White House obtained their email address.

As this story began to hit the news and gain some attention, FOX News investigated. All of this resulted in a response from the White House. This is where some smoldering began in the crotch area of the spokesman trying to explain how all of this could happen.

Of course, the White House is completely innocent and totally surprised by learning that people received the letter without ever requesting information from the White House web site. They blamed "third party" organizations who must have added the email addresses without the knowledge of the White House. According to the one who's pants have flames coming out of both legs and the fly, the White House does not want to communicate with anyone who does not sign up for that contact. They are working to make sure this does not happen again.

Why is this clearly a bunch of lies? First of all, do you really believe that outside organizations have direct access to the White House computers so that they could add lists of addresses without the knowledge and approval of the White House? Wouldn't you imagine that the cyber security for the White House computers and email accounts is just about as good as it gets? Or, maybe they forgot to renew their anitvirus software. Maybe their computers have been hacked and the hacker spent hours typing in various email addresses just for fun.

They denied knowledge of how this happened because the truth is something they do not want to admit. Just a couple weeks ago, criticism was leveled at the White House for advertising an email address where citizens were asked to turn in other citizens who disagree with BO. The White House wanted names, locations, email addresses and details of what was said or written. When questioned about privacy issues and the Government playing Big Brother, they were quick to deny that any of this information was being gathered or maintained for future use. If they were not gathering a list of opponents or of those who turned in someone, why would they request the specific details? Why wouldn't they just want to know the "rumors" so they could publicly address the "misinformation"?

This guy, who now has third-degree burns over the lower half of his body, has joined the rest of the White House cronies who are also trying to recover in a make-shift burn unit set up in the basement of the White House. The whole bunch cannot be trusted or believed about anything that comes out of their mouths. BO is not the only smoker at 1600 Penn. Ave.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. We have a President who is not only unAmerican as far as established values, but a racist and a socialist. He is an angry man who has resorted to lying to the American people in order to get his radical agenda past all of us. If this man succeeds, we all fail!

A Policeman, A Professor and A Politician

Have you heard this one?

A policeman, a professor and a politician all set down to have a beer together. The riddle lies in who said and did what?

Someone acted stupidly,
Someone is a racist,
Someone acted responsibly.

The policeman was logical,
The professor expressed his liberalism,
The politician thought he was lord.

There was a teachable moment here, but not the one the lord thought it would be.

If you are white, you cannot criticize anyone who is black, for any reason, no matter what they have said or done. If you do, especially if you find fault with the BO administration, you will be branded as a racist. In our liberal society, blacks are beyond reproach. In the liberal mindset, Republicans are racist by nature. The "race card" will be played for any minor infringement by a white Republican concerning critical expression involving anyone who is black.

The "race card" is the "shut up and sit down in the back of the room and do not speak again - card". It is freely used to stifle the opposition to just about any of the outrageous proposals BO has tried to force upon us. There is no opposition to BO that cannot be considered to be an attack on him because he is BLACK.

When we state that we want our country back, or want America to be in the form the Founding Fathers intended, those are "racist" statements because BO is BLACK and we all know that the Founding Fathers were white supremacists. Is that news to you? If so, you have not been listening to the left's criticism of the right's protests of the health care plan. If you do not want the health care plan BO is supporting, you are a racist.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rights vs. Responsibilities

As I have recently been accused of being a "tree hugger" (see the buffalo story below), I was reminded of the new science czar for the BO administration. As previously noted, this guy has wanted to extend rights to trees. We hear a lot about the "animal rights" groups and how every little form of animal needs to be protected, no matter the expense, the loss, or the inconvenience; but rights for trees...what is this guy thinking?

I started thinking about "rights" and what they are and who has them and what justifies someone or something having a right. Then, it dawned on me, along with a "right" comes a responsibility. The Declaration of Independence (DOI) includes the statement, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

In thinking of these three rights, our right to life is given to us by God and we have a responsibility to God to live that life pleasing to Him and a responsibility to protect and defend human life. With the right to liberty comes the responsibility to defend and protect that freedom. And the right to pursue happiness makes OUR happiness OUR responsibility. The DOI did not give us a guarantee that we would always have these rights, no matter what we did. It laid out, as a reminder, that God has given us these rights and as long as we fulfill the responsibilities that accompany each of them, we will continue to enjoy them. If we cease to fulfill our responsibility for any of them, we will forfeit that right. Whomever assumes the right that we forfeited, assumes the responsibility that goes along with that right.

If we want liberty or freedom, we must be always ready to defend and protect that freedom. If we do not perform this responsibility, we will lose our freedom. At that point, whatever entity that has assumed responsibility for our freedom is awarded the right to make the calls as to what freedom or liberties we will experience. Once we cease to carry the responsibility, we lose control over that portion of our lives.

Our society has deemed a lot of various things to be "rights". According to them, we have a right to own a home. We have a right to health care. We have a right to... Many of these so-called rights, are not rights at all. When a politician tries to get the public stirred up over something that we do not have, but he tells us it is a right that we should possess, be very careful about what you believe. You are probably being manipulated.

There are different kinds of rights, natural (or God given) rights and legal rights. God did not give me the right to vote in elections, that is a legal right. It is also a legal right that I can expect the police to arrest and the courts to punish someone who commits a crime against me. We come to take some of these rights for granted as they not only make sense but they are the law of the land and we have grown to trust that they will be there.

Our Constitution lays out other legal rights ("Bill of Rights" sound familiar?). God did not say that we have a right to keep and bear arms, the primary law of the land has given us that right. There are those in our government who want to take many of these granted rights away from us. Under our Constitution and Judicial system, the groundwork is in place for us to keep our rights, as long as we work at defending them. If we do not defend them, they will continue to be whittled away until some day they do not exist at all.

The NRA is a good example of an organization that works to defend our Second Amendment rights. Some look at the actions of the NRA and think they are going too far. Why defend the right to have an assault rifle? Why would we need one? The reason is the assault against our right to have an assault rifle is just another shaving carved off of the post that began as the tree of the right to keep and bear arms. There are those who are tuning up their chain saws as they see an opportunity to cut that tree down once and for all. Once it is a stump, it will never grow back.

So, does a tree have "rights"? That can be answered by asking what responsibilities the tree must fulfill in order to maintain those rights? If a tree has no responsibilities, it has no rights.

Do animals have "rights"? I will let you think that one through as this issue is not the purpose of this posting.

As citizens of the United States, we have assumed the responsibilities that accompany certain rights. It seems that from the beginning of our nation, there have been those men and women who have desired to gain more control over us and our lives. As long as we understand what our rights are, realize that we are each responsible for maintaining those rights, are vigilant to protect those rights, we will continue to enjoy those rights. As soon as we give up any of those steps, we begin to lose those rights. If we stop learning and teaching about our rights, we will not understand the importance of each of them. If we give the responsibility for those rights to someone else, they will decide the extent we enjoy those rights. When we cease to believe that our rights are worth fighting for, we will no longer have them as there are those ready to grab them away from us as soon as we loosen our grip.

Men covet power and control over other men. That is a fact and a way of life that must be guarded against at all times. Why we can't just all get along, I don't know, but we can't. If you let your guard down, someone will be there to take advantage of you and leave you in a weakened condition. Our rights are OUR RIGHTS! They do not belong to someone else. If we do our part, they cannot be taken from us. To lose them, we must give them up.

Our problem is that we have grown lazy. We want and even expect others to do the responsibilities that accompany our rights. I can only enjoy my right to Life to it's fullest, if I am willing and ready to die for it. I will not appreciate and enjoy my liberty if I am only willing to send someone else to defend it. I may not be a soldier on the front line in defending our nation, but I must be a soldier on the front line in defending my right to liberty against those who covet control over me. We expect other people or equipment to be the source of our happiness. We will not be happy if we do not take responsibility for finding true happiness in our own lives.

Being self-responsible positions yourself to claim your rights. When you depend on the government, that means that you are holding them responsible for taking care of some area of your life. You have then surrendered some portion of your rights to the government. Think of all the people in government as a larger version of dust mites. Have you ever watched an enlargement of a bunch of dust mites? They are going around consuming everything around them. Our government is somewhat like that. They are always there, always ready to grab away from you any little portion of your rights that you drop along the way. They will jump on it and consume it so that you will never see it again. The more they consume, the bigger they get and the more powerful they become. As we neglect to be on guard over our rights, we are being lulled to sleep so that we do not even notice that the mites have eaten away at another one of our dwindling rights.

If you truly do have a "right" to health care, then you must have the responsibility for providing it. The politician tells you that you have that right but they will be nice and take the responsibility for providing it for you. Presto - you have just given up control over another portion of your life and surrendered more of you rights.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Thing I Hate!

I know, I know, we are not supposed to "hate". But, I have to admit it, there is something I hate. Spider webs!

As I go out to measure homes, I just hate it when I walk through a spider web and feel it across my face - especially when it is hot outside. Not only do I have to try to get it off of me, but I feel like I have bugs crawling on me for the rest of the day.

Just thought that I would share that.

Public Servants

Just a few comments about how our "public servants" are taking care of the people back home:

1. The "Bush Tax Cuts" expire next year - our taxes will go up.

2. Big Brother is gathering a data base of individuals who are openly against their proposed health care plan.

3. Townhall meetings have been cancelled due to citizens not backing health care and the socialist agenda of the left.

4. There will be a tax hike for everyone from middle class and up.

5. They are looking for new things to tax - use of the Internet, soda pop, and anything else they can get away with.

6. Some features of Obamacare:
  • Employers will be required to pay ALL of the cost of providing health insurance to their employees and if they do not, they will be fined.
  • People over 65 will be required to endure "end-of-life" counselling sessions every five years with someone assigned by the government. You think this has been dropped from the bill? Do not count on that.
  • You have been told that you can keep your present plan if you like it. That only holds true up until you need to make any kind of a change to the plan you have and then it will cancel. Plus, if you have not signed up for a "qualified plan", you will be fined 2.5% of your income.
  • Access to doctors will be limited and controlled by bureaucrats.
  • Quality of health care will diminish due to the need to cut costs.
  • Access to specialists will only be allowed with your primary doctor's approval and they will face financial penalties for sending you to a specialist.
  • Some of the new plan will be paid for with savings from Medicare. I was not aware Medicare was producing a surplus? As the "baby-boomers" begin going onto Medicare over the next couple years, with no changes to the plan, the cost to the government for Medicare will increase. So, how will there be "savings"? One simple explanation - benefits will be cut and reduced.
  • Be ready for the government rationing health care. There is no way to handle the cost of a national plan and pay for whatever procedures people need.
  • Have you heard of the formula for determining whether a senior citizen can have a medical procedure? It is based on a ratio between the age (or the expected remaining years for the patient) factored with the cost of the procedure. As age increases, the ratio changes, and at some point the cost/benefit crosses the point where it is not feasible to pay for the procedure.
  • As the Government takes over health care for the citizens, they will feel justified in dictating various areas of your life because they now have a financial stake in how you live.
  • An added benefit to the new plan will be that "assisted suicide" will be covered.

7. Queen Pelosi on the Congress ordering five private jets for Government leaders to use, "It's not a jet, it's a ride."

8. Climate control is taking on a whole new aspect. One way to help control the climate, per the wacko Libs, is to impose population control measures. If we would stop having that "extra child" it would reduce the future carbon footprint for your family.

9. The abortion agenda began as a Liberal method to control the population of unwanted minorities.

10. Congress is proposing legislation to exempt health insurance providers from liability for denying coverage for a procedure which results in the death of the patient.

11. BO considers the Constitution of the US, a "charter of negative rights". You would only come to that conclusion if you were considering how it limits the power of the Government, from the Government perspective.

12. The "religion of peace" (Muslims) burned to death a family of eight Christians because it was believed that someone in the family had burned a copy of the Koran, which it was later determined that they had not.

People Protesting Politicians

It has been very interesting to watch the left-wing, wacko, liberal politicians and media respond to the polite, peaceful and courteous, concerned citizens (I'm not biased!) showing up at town hall meetings with their Representatives. As these meetings were getting started earlier in the month, citizens who are very concerned about the healthcare plan being considered by the House, came to get answers from their Representatives (Reps). In meeting after meeting, as each Rep was faced with to-the-point questions, they tried to get by without answering or attempted to give "talking-point" answers. As you can imagine, these did not go over well with the public who seem to know more about what is in the bill that their Reps know.

As Reps tried to pacify the people with vague comments, lies, false conclusions, or downright rude attitudes and ignoring questions; the crowds would jeer and boo the Reps. With the high-and-mighty Reps not being used to this, they became intimidated by the people they are supposed to be serving. The responses took one of two directions - the Rep would keep having meetings but would pack the room with liberals prior to opening the doors to the public waiting outside; or, they would cancel the rest of their meetings and refuse to face the public.

As the Libs responded, in shock, to the anti-Obamacare protests, they began to attack the voters who sent them to DC. Over the past two weeks, cRats have referred to the public who disagree with their attempt to socialize American healthcare and assume a position of total control over many areas of our lives, by attacking them. Yes, attacking them! Not explaining, not listening, not debating, not meeting face-to-face anymore, not caring about the concerns, not pointing to paragraphs in the bill to show the concerned that they are mistaken - attacking them!

As politicians, such as Heir Obama , Queen Nancy, Raunchy Reed, plus some of our favorites on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, etc.; responded to things not going their way (the poor, spoiled babies), the names began to fly. Constitution-loving, patriotic citizens who dared to challenge the socialist Libs have been called: Nazis, terrorists, chicken hooligans, KKK, angry mobs, manufactured protesters, problem causers, etc. BO has basically told us to shut up and get out of the way. Senator Boxer (D-CA) actually said that the protesters cannot be "real" as they are too "well dressed".

The same people who cannot find it in themselves to refer to some radical who blows up a crowd of people as a terrorist, has no problem calling conservatives, who do not want the USA to become the USSA, terrorists.

The same socialists who seem to be trying some of the same tactics and policies as the Nazi party did in the 1930's (Nazi stands for the National Socialist Party), have no problem referring to those who love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; as Nazis.

As BO attacked those who do not appreciate their Reps disrespecting them and treating them as though their opinions do not matter, he called out the radical left and union members to invade these meetings and aggressively confront the conservatives. He ordered them to shout louder and "punch back twice as hard". It was after BO called out the brown-shirts that the meetings turned violent - with violence against the Right by the Left. The media then does their job and reports the violence, but blames it on the Right.

Have you ever noticed that almost everything the Wrong accuses the Right of doing, is something the Right is not doing, but the Wrong is plainly guilty of the same thing. I believe that they do this because the tactic is fresh on their minds because they just got through using it and either they think the Right must play the same games or they believe that if they accuse first, the counter-accusation will fall on deaf ears.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parables and Proverbs

I just finished reading through the book of John. I came across a verse that caught my attention. It reminded me of how much the disciples were regular guys. I could relate very well to this verse.

John 16:18 "...What is this that He says...?" In other words, they were asking, "What is He talking about?" Then, "...We do not know what He is talking about."

Can you picture Andrew and James sitting around after supper and listening to Jesus teach them? Andrew leans over to James and whispers in his ear, "Do you have any idea what He just said?" James gives shrugs his shoulders.

Sometimes, I read in the Bible and have that same feeling. What did I just read? What does that mean? What is He talking about?" Even some of the best, modern translations still seem to word some things where they are hard to understand. It's good to know that we, when we struggle with understanding, are not alone. The disciples felt the same way at times.

When Jesus saw that they were clueless, He took the time to explain so that they could understand. Verse 29, " You are speaking plainly..." When we also struggle, He has promised that the Holy Spirit would teach us and help us understand.

Be encouraged, the Bible was meant to be understood by ordinary people like you and me. It is God's Word to us and He intends that we study and learn the Word. That is where we see the nature of God and learn how to follow His leading in our lives.

Close Your Laptop and Follow Me!

Can you put yourself in the disciples' sandals?

This man comes along and tells them to drop what they are doing and follow him. Some of these guys had jobs, some had families and homes. The most amazing thing here, to me, is that they actually did drop what they were doing and followed a stranger. There was no reason to believe that fame or riches would accompany the decision to follow. In fact, just the opposite is true; they were leaving everything in order to be buds with a poor guy.

So, why did they do it? Why did this group of twelve men leave everything behind and walk away with Jesus? Some of the twelve knew each other and some did not. Some were religious and some were not. Some had good reputations and some did not. This was not a group of the brightest and strongest - the pick of the litter; no, most were hard working labor-types. The fishermen left their boats and nets to follow an X-carpenter. The tax collector walked away from a good paying job where he had favored status with the Romans.

Put yourself there, on those dusty roads, or next to the sea, with personal responsibilities. What would you have done? If this were taking place today, in modern society, what would you do? If Jesus walked down Main Street, clothes a little dirty, no job, homeless; and approached you, would you walk away from your job, your home, your family, your responsibilities, your reputation, your perks, your soft bed and warm meals; to follow this guy?

I have thought at times that it would have been great to have been there and walked and talked with Jesus face-to-face. But when I think it through, I am so thankful that I am here and was not there. I have the benefit of hindsight. I can see that this "guy" was and is the Son of God. I know that Jesus ended up being the best One, ever, to follow. I am glad that I was not put on the spot, without this knowledge and perspective, and asked if I would drop everything and walk away. Those who rejected Jesus did not end up doing so well.

My explanation as to why these men did what they did is this, God worked on their hearts and prepared them, He chose them to be in this special and small club. They followed because God made them an offer they could not refuse - they were handpicked by the Almighty. They may have had no idea as to why they did what they did, but they found themselves following this amazing man. I would think that some of them had moments where they wondered to themselves, "What am I doing here?" Step by step, they began to see and believe that they had just made the best decision of their lifetime and eternity. They began to see and believe that they were walking with God in the flesh.

Can you imagine!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Virtual Fence

Speaking of a virtual fence (see the posting below), as most of you are aware, the U.S. has been involved with border security over the past few years by adding "miles" of "virtual fence" on the border with Mexico. After spending millions on the first version of virtual fence, it was finally ready to test, and it did not work. I am not sure if it did not work because of mechanical problems or they just realized that a camera on a pole would not stop illegal entry.

But, not to admit that they acted stupidly, they began spending millions on version two of the virtual fence. I have not heard them admit that this, too, does not work at stopping someone from crossing the border.

I have my own experience with a virtual fence (VF). My VF does not have mechanical components, meets "green" standards, uses no electricity, and does work. When we moved to this house, with two large dogs, my first priority was getting the back yard fenced. We paid for a 4' high chain link fence around the area. Within a few weeks, we were dealing with the dogs getting out by digging holes under the fence and escaping. They reminded me of the illegal aliens tunneling under the border fence.

I tried everything I could think of, including: putting rocks in the holes and covering with dirt, putting heavy pieces of firewood on the outside of the fence, attaching chicken wire to the bottom of the fence and extending it into the yard, driving 24" pieces of rebar through the fence and into the ground at 4" intervals, etc. None of it kept the dogs in the yard. They pushed the rocks and firewood away and escaped. They actually tore through the chicken wire and escaped. They moved to another area, away from the rebar, and dug a new hole and escaped.

Getting frustrated, I had to come up with a new idea. Someone suggested using an electric fence. That did not sound good as we have little kids next door.

One day, it dawned on me that the dogs poop all over the yard. Thinking about that, I thought that it seemed that they did not like to even poop where they had already pooped. They do not like dealing with the dog poop any more than I do. The "light" went on and I had my new idea. I took the continual supply of abundant poop and spread it along the bottom of the fence. It worked! The dogs stopped digging out and stay home as long as I remember to not let the VF disintegrate and disappear.

I have considered bagging VF and selling it to the Government for use along the border. I would think that if it were applied, liberally, it would have a positive effect on human passage. They could also drop loads into those tunnels under the fence and are almost guaranteed that no one will get through.

Planning Murder?

If you happen to be planning a violent crime and are wondering what you can do to improve your chances of getting away with it, I have some advice. Drop your citizenship to the US and become a citizen of Mexico. That should accomplish your goal.

ICE (our government's immigrations department) has just acknowledged that they have "released" 100's of "violent criminals" back onto our streets. The reason given - they do not have enough beds in ICE facilities to hold them all. So, these illegal aliens, who have committed violet crimes, including murder, have been set free. It is interesting that the Arizona office of ICE was quick to respond to the news by reassuring us that they have not done that in our state. Locally, the policy is to deport these same people.

Yes, that is right! In Arizona, they will not set you free on our streets, they set you free by dropping you across the border. That should be the last time we ever see any of these criminals, knowing how secure our border is with a "virtual fence". Maybe that has something to do with why we watch stories on "America's Most Wanted" of three-time murderers being sought for another murder.

So, let's get this straight. If you are an American and commit a violent crime, you can expect to get arrested, tried and sentenced to a long prison term or execution. If you are here by first breaking the law by your not entering according to our laws, then commit a violent crime, you have just entered the lottery. You have a chance of being prosecuted, but you have a chance of being deported, but you have a chance of just being released because the beds are full. Odds are much better for illegal aliens than for illegal Americans that you will not serve serious time in prison.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not Real People

According to our administration and some in the media, Conservatives with opinions are not real people. As more and more citizens show up at town hall meetings with their members of Congress, they are getting a chance to let the public servants know just how they feel about what the servants of the people have been up to in DC. Let me tell you, the folks back home are not happy campers!

So, this called for some creative spin by BO and his buddies in the media. Why not accuse the people with conservative views as being fake. For sure, real people could not be upset with BO and the health care plan or more and more bailouts and more and more spending and less and less freedom, so these people with the strong views must have been planted there by drug companies and medical organizations. They are all "rent a protester" types.

Where would they get such an idea? Well, the answer is easy. They do use "rent a protester" types and so they would naturally assume that the Right does the same.

So, as you head out to meet your Congressperson, remember that if you do not like what they have been doing, you will be written off as being a non-real-person.

BO has VD

Not so Breaking News! BO has a case of VD. You can see it on his face. Every time he crosses paths with someone in the military, you see it. It is probably the worst case of Veterans Disdain that any President has ever had in this country.

It is a stark contrast from President Bush, who constantly showed respect for all members of the armed services. How would you like to be in the military and serving under BO?

It makes me wonder something. With BO ignoring the constraints of the Constitution and acting like a king or dictator (even though he thinks he just might be deity), if push comes to shove, what will the military do? Each serviceman takes an oath. The oath is not to obey the President, but is to defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. If BO is not a domestic enemy of our Constitution, I cannot imagine what one would look like.

She Finally Said It!

Nappy finally said it! Yes, in a Q&A session along with a speech she gave to a police organization in San Francisco, Nappy actually used the term "illegals" and admitted that they broke the law.

Before you get all excited and think that we are finally going to do something about the influx of illegals, get the rest of the story. Even though she admits that they are ALL illegal, she is not interested in them if they "only" broke immigration laws. She does not want the police to call ICE if they find "illegals" who are not breaking other laws. But, when they become criminals with more serious records (murder, assault, robbery, kidnapping, rape, identity theft [no wait, identity theft is not a crime for an illegal if they were not positive that the ID they were stealing and using illegally actually belonged to someone], taking taxpayer money for free education, taking hospital money for free medical care [oops, those are not crimes for them, either]), sure, give ICE a call. They might be allowed to actually show up and take a look-see.

Curious, who gets to decide which laws get enforced and which ones do not?

BS on the DeSoto

Did you notice that when the DeSoto drove into Washington, it had bumper stickers (BS)? After being parked at the White House for a few days and getting a tune-up and wax job (before being allowed to be on public display), some of the BS have been covered up.

Besides the typical BS that you see on Liberal's cars, such as "Obama - Biden in '09", "'O'nation", "I am the ONE", "Wright is Right", "Take the $ & Run"; there were some new BS on the DeSoto.

Some of my favorites are, "Judges Rule", "BO Smells Sweet", "I (heart) Paris", "Peace Thru Disarming", "Trees are People, Too", "Laws Are Made For You", "Viva la Latina", "You GO Girl!", and "White Man's Greed Got Me What I Need". Oh, I almost forgot, "BO's Got Yer Guns-Ha Ha".

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Gift Horse

We have probably all heard the saying, "Do not look a gift horse in the mouth".

Well, around 1991, Anne was taking riding lessons from the daughter (Amy) in a family we knew. Anne grew attached to Pepper, the old horse Amy had that she rode on. Anne was told one day that they would like to give Pepper to Anne as Amy got a new, younger horse. Yes, a gift horse, literally. She was so excited and as you can imagine, it was too hard to say "no thanks", and we became the proud owners of a 27 year old horse.

Not everyone, including us, had a place to keep a horse. So, the gifters made us another offer that we could not refuse. They would board our horse for us. It started out costing $100 per month for hay and boarding. We also bought a saddle from them, which also stayed at their barn. In case this is not all coming across clearly, all of a sudden we bought their saddle and received their horse and began paying them a monthly fee for them to keep the horse they always had at their own property. It was also my responsibility to tend to shoeing the horse and to pay any vet bills.

For them, it worked out great, they still had everything they had before with one difference; I was now paying them $100 every month and covering some of the work and other bills.

We ended up having the horse for around three years with the last portion of the time being a trade for a place to board Pepper in exchange for us feeding some horses for the property owner.

Our gift horse probably ended up costing us around $3,000.

I can laugh about it now...

America appears to be on the receiving end of a "gift horse" in the near future. We all need to step back, reconsider the consequences and unintended consequences of socialized health care. Do not be too quick to think that all of a sudden you will get free health care. What will be the cost to you of this? Nothing from the government is free and with no strings attached!

The health care plan, being proposed, does not have coverage of the "uninsured" as one of the main goals. This plan is designed to eliminate competition, gain a monopoly of the health care system by the government, increase taxes on the achievers, put more of the public's money in the hands of the government, and basically set the government up to dictate and control most every aspect of our lives. Those are the intended consequences. Some unintended consequences will be a lower quality of health care, fewer doctors who make less money, longer waits for medical appointments and procedures, and less choice by the patient.

There are exceptions to every rule. I believe that this time, we need to not only check out the horse's mouth, we need a through inspection - the shoulder length glove kind.