Tuesday, September 29, 2009

War Journal - Sept. 30, 1944

All water is haul in here from one of the towns or England by plane. Our food is C & K Rations. Worked on a detail all day building mess kit rinse for KP's. We are camping out under extreme field conditions! Part of the advanced echelon of equipment, truck & supplies came in today - also ground crews. There are no bombs or gasoline here yet so no missions yet. Everyone is working to rebuild the field now. Cut my first head of hair today. Since we have had & will have no chance to go to a barber, I cut the co-pilots and bombadier's hair & the co-pilot cut mine. It was his first time too - & I'm scalped! I did a fair job considering all I had was scissors so the rest of the crew wants me to cut theirs. Had my shave & bath tonight from half a helmet of water. We only have one canteen of water to last the six of us until sometime tomorrow for drinking. We are 70Km from Paris so may get to go there soon. Sleeping on the ground is a little uncomfortable now but will get used to it soon.

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