Thursday, April 30, 2009

Memorial Service

I am asking all of you to pray that the memorial service, this Saturday, for Ken Land will be a time that will be good for Carolyn - a time for grieving and healing. It sounds like there will be several people there and pray that it will be a celebration of Ken's life and friendship.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Feedback is Needed

I have interest in studying some of our country's founding documents, you know, just to see what they actually say. I would like to know if there is sufficient interest in these documents and if you would like for me to share what I am learning here?

Golf Balls

This is a follow-up to "Cash Flow". When the imagination is put to work, it is capable of coming up with some unique ideas to help earn some extra money.

I was thinking about how I came up with money while in college. Sure, there were the odd jobs: working for a house painter, working for a landscape maintenance crew, janitor work in a doctor's office, the same in an insurance office, and the unusual job of janitor work for Swift Meat Packing plant. That job is a story in itself. First there was the smell from 1,100 cattle being processed through there each day. Then there was the smell from boiling all the blood to make it into fertilizer. My roommate and I would work there for about six hours, five nights per week. Our job was to clean the cafeteria, locker rooms, halls, offices, etc. There were other crews who had the job of steam cleaning the meat processing areas each night. Some of those guys looked like the bad guys out of some movie about human butchers. We went through the meat processing areas each night to get to the back offices. Can you imagine racks, all lined up, with 1,100 cow tongues, 1,100 livers, 2,200 Rocky Mountain oysters, 1,100 etc.? It was pretty amazing!

But, there was another way we made money. A few of us would swim in golf course lakes and irrigation ditches in the middle of the night looking for golf balls. We would cover the whole Phoenix metro area. We knew which golf course to go to if we were low on new, quality balls; and which one for average balls. There was a course in Mesa where we could count on getting 200-400 golf balls in one trip. The problem is that it was a cheap, public course and the players knew where the water hazards were. So, they used crappy balls and we had to throw away half of what we gathered. Then, again, we could go to a private course and come home with about a dozen new Maxfli or Titleist.

We inherited a golf ball washing machine from an upper classman. We mounted it on the stand for the gum ball machine that was in the hall. We swam at night, slept late, ate and then scrubbed and sorted golf balls. (Oh yes, and we were studying while we were doing all the rest of this.)

During a trip to Encanto Golf Course to sell balls, we learned a lesson. We had my trunk full of boxes of sorted and clean golf balls. They ranged from new, good quality balls to average condition balls for practice or use on water holes. Our prices ranged from $ .05 to $.25 each. My roommate and I spent about three hours trying to sell the balls. We had lookers but no takers. We were puzzled as we could not lower the price more than it already was.

Discouraged and lacking supper money, we went back to the dorm. That night I had an idea. The next day we went with the same balls back to the same parking lot and we sold all of our inventory in about 30 minutes. What did we do different? We doubled the price on everything. Our prices had been too low. Golfers thought there must be something wrong with our balls for them to be so cheap. When we charged more, they were more comfortable in buying them and we sold everything.

You do what you gotta do!

Open Borders

We find ourselves with open borders while yet another situation is forced upon us. Is there any situation or condition that would actually cause our Government to take meaningful action to literally close the border between the US and Mexico?

Illegal immigration, by the millions, was not enough to close the border. Rampant crime that accompanied illegal immigration was not enough. Human smuggling, kidnapping, ransoms, and killing was not enough. Wrecks with a vehicle full of illegals (sometimes over a dozen crammed into a pickup or van) while they are running from authorities is not enough. Shootouts with police and some killing of police is not enough. Drug cartels warring against each other just across the border with numerous murders is not enough. That same violence spilling across the border is not enough. The damage done to public and private lands and improvements by the illegal aliens as they cross is not enough. The hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this problem without ever solving it is not enough. The corrupt Mexican government is not enough. Rising unemployment of Americans is not enough. The drugs and related crimes committed by illegals is not enough. The financial drain on public funds for schools and hospitals is not enough. Illegals collecting welfare is not enough. Illegals voting in our elections is not enough.

So, why would we expect that the Swine Flu would be enough? The potential for a pandemic is not enough reason to close the border, not even temporarily.

What is our Government willing to do? Random, observable screening of people entering the US at legal border crossings. When someone is found with flu symptoms, we will give them a mask and take them to a room where we can question them further. We won't even say that we will deny entry to anyone who is or appears to be sick. We will not stop flights between Mexico and the US, but we will watch those flying to see if they look sick.

What about the three days that they are spreading the disease before they begin to show symptoms?

What is the official response from the Department of Homeland Security? Secretary Janet Nappy told us that there is no reason to close the border now since there are already cases in several states. She has also said that there could be 35,000 deaths as a result of the flu. This seems to be an acceptable level of collateral damage for leaving the border open at any cost.

The summary, based on their actions or lack thereof, is that we are not worth protecting. It is more important that illegal aliens get into this country where the cRats can sign them up for free handouts and then get Acorn to register them to vote.

Homeland Security is a joke, now. It is more fitting to call it the Department of Homeland Insecurity. One news story, today, told us the the Government is shipping millions of doses to the states for use in fighting this disease. Another news story, today, tells us the chemists are working hard at coming up with a proper medicine to work against the Swine Flu, but it will take several weeks. In other words, shipping the existing medicine is all for show as it is not what is needed for this disease.

Maybe they could activate the "virtual fence". It worked so well at stopping people, maybe it can stop the germs just as well.

Folks, they take us all for fools.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cash Flow

How do you get your spending money? I am not talking about the money to pay the bills, buy the groceries, put gas in the tank...I am talking about "extra" spending, discretionary spending, the money spent for something that is not necessary. How did you get it when you were young, when you were preteen or early teens? Did you receive an allowance? Did you do chores and get paid?

This evening, I was thinking back to when Ron and I were young. I remembered how we got the money we needed. We did not get an allowance for chores around the home, we had to come up with it in other ways.

When Ron graduated from the 8th grade, he got a Vespa scooter as a gift. This was pretty cool as it gave him transportation and that meant that sometimes, I got to go along. Gas was cheaper, a lot cheaper back then, but it still cost money. We had to come up with a way to get some money to keep the Vespa going.

Back before LBJ and Lady Bird (if you are coming up with a blank, ask someone older), litter along the highways was common. Surprisingly enough now, littering was something that just about everyone did without giving it a second thought. Well, one man's trash is another man's treasure! We would ride the Vespa along the highway and collect pop bottles. Some of you may be wondering why we would do that. Well, back then, pop bottles were glass and were reused. Yes, I said reused, not recycled. Pop bottles had a refund amount you could collect by turning them back in at the grocery store. It was typically around three cents per bottle. So, we gathered up some bottles that other people threw out their car windows and took them to the store for cash, took the cash to the gas station and filled the tank.

There was one more way that we got money. Cattle guards were fairly common along the highways. Many of them were not real smooth as you drove over them. Cars had hubcaps or spinner hubcaps. As cars drove over the cattle guard, going too fast, they would have a jolt from the bump that would cause a hubcap to come off and run off into the brush. We would check the areas on both sides of the road and gather hubcaps. Since is was not uncommon to lose a hubcap, people were looking for matching hubcaps to replace the one they lost. We were glad sell them. We found enough that we had full sets of some types. There were a couple styles of spinners which we had full sets. These, we could sell for a nice price. For awhile, we replaced Mom's hubcaps with a set of spinners on her station wagon. Station wagon? Yes, that is what an SUV was called in the olden days.

Innovation is the name of the game, especially when you are low on funds. If you are creative, you can usually come up with some way to get some extra cash. If you are even more creative, you can find legal ways to do the same.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Be an extraordinary person and put your creative abilities to work. Do what you need to do to keep your scooter running.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Homeland Security

Now you are beginning to see what we in Arizona already knew. Janet Napolitano, the head of Homeland Security, is a joke. The more she opens her mouth, the more she reveals that she has no idea what she is doing. She is either completely incompetent or just plain stupid.

As pointed out earlier, she refused to refer to terrorists or terrorism in her speech as she took over the Department to protect all of us. She refers to terrorist attacks as "man-caused disasters". She said her department would concentrate on hurricanes.

Now, over the past few days, she has continued to do things that leaves no doubt that she should not be in her position. First, she issued a document to police departments that instructed them to be on guard for potential terrorists (note: she had no problem referring to the following as terrorists even though foreigners who were sworn to destroy our country and kill all of us and who had already taken steps to follow through on some of these plans cannot be called terrorists). The individuals that police should be watching and gathering information about includes: veterans returning from war, pro-life individuals, those who display or speak out about conservative issues, pro-2nd Amendment advocates, etc. These "right-wing extremists", she has no problem calling potential terrorists.

Second, she gave a talk either in or about Canada and our joint border. She stated that the Canadian border was as dangerous to us as the Mexican border. She said that the 9/11 terrorists had entered the US from Canada. First of all, this insulted Canada and they expressed their concern over her lack of knowledge. Second, the 9/11 terrorists did not come through Canada.

Then, she stated that to enter the US as an illegal alien is not against the law. Yes, she actually said that. What part of "illegal" does she not understand.

This sorry excuse for a law enforcement official needs to go.

12 Step Program

Step One - Admit. My name is Mike and I am a stalker. Yes, I admit that I have been a stalker. How do you think I landed a trophy wife? I had to resort to unconventional tactics.

I found myself to be alone. I had a plan for getting on with the rest of my life - move slow, be careful, be selective, prepare emotionally, prepare financially; in other words, do everything right as I recovered.

Then, along came Sandee. There she was sitting in church with her Mom. There she was as a teller at my bank. Having no idea why I would have any confidence, just dealing with a divorce, I found myself being bold, taking steps to pursue her. I somehow ended up in her teller line just about everyday. One day, depositing a check; the next, withdrawing a few dollars. It took some creativity to find some reason why I had to go to the bank every day, especially when work was really slow.

As she was always friendly to me, seemed to be very nice, and was drop-dead good-looking; I motivated myself to act. It seemed like I found myself eating lunch where she happened to also be eating, two or three times each week. What a coincidence or good planning? Looking back, the story has all of the good elements: creativity, patience, planning, goal setting, confidence and a good dose of stalking. I had to follow her to lunch, figure out where she lived, determine that she was single, and find some excuse to have conversations with her.

There were several attempts to see her and the same number of "no thanks" responses. The thing that kept me trying was the nice way I was rejected each time. I finally asked point blank, if she was interested in seeing me. Her response was that she was not able to right then. I accepted that and backed off.

This must have come across to her as some level of self-confidence that was attractive as the next thing I knew, after me going to a different teller's line, she was calling me. What a shocker, she called me! She asked me to meet her for a talk. A couple days later, she invited me to watch the Suns in the playoffs with her and some other bank employees. Yada, yada, yada.

I no longer had to stalk her from a thinly veiled distance, I was "in". My charm over-whelmed her and the rest is history.

Step One - Admit you have a desire
Step Two - Make a plan
Step Three - Work up some confidence
Step Four - Activate phase one of the plan
Step Five - Make initial contact and superficial conversation
Step Six - Be creative
Step Seven - Show up where she happens to be
Step Eight - Gain intelligence through stalking (not the weird kind)
Step Nine - Use intel gained to cause "chance" meetings
Step Ten - Be bold and ask
Step Eleven - Do not take "no" as the final answer
Step Twelve - Reap reward of perseverance

Bingo - you are healed!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little League

As a young boy, I joined little league, just like most of my friends were doing. It was convenient. The ballpark was so close to our home that we could shoot arrows from our yard and have them land on the infield. With our crossbows, we could shoot arrows all the way across the ballpark. The weeded area where the home run balls got lost, was only two lots away. It was predetermined which team I would be on as my Dad was the coach of the Cardinals and my older brother, Ron, was also on the team.

Ron was tall for his age and very athletic. He was responsible for some of the lost balls in the weeds. I, on the other hand, was the poster child for "little" in Little League. While on the same team, I came up to about Ron's waist. Height was not the only thing I came up short about. My athletic ability was also lacking - in fact, I was afraid of the ball. I just knew that I was going to get hit in the face with a hard baseball. But, I had figured a way for that not to happen - shut my eyes.

While Ron was setting home run records for Show Low little league, I was the bat boy. After a period of time perfecting that talent, I was promoted to keeping the score book for the team. As much as you might think otherwise, this did not bother me a whole lot - it was safe.

Once in awhile, when we were way ahead or way behind, I got into a game. Guess where I played? Yup, right field. Hardly anyone, for some reason, hit to right field and if by chance someone did, I usually was not aware because my eyes would be shut.

I recently wrote about perfect records. Well, while in little league, I had another perfect record or two. As best as I can remember, I never struck out. As best as I can remember, I never did swing at a pitch. My strike zone was so small due to my limited stature, I always walked. No matter how good the pitcher was, they could not get three pitches in that small of a box.

We are not all blessed with the same abilities and talents. That is a good thing. The situations that we deal with, while growing up are some of the things that God uses to mold and shape us into who He wants us to be. I never have been any good at baseball. I still cannot throw a ball into the air and hit it with a bat. Something about that coordination is just not a part of me. I never tried to play football in high school. Again, too small. I was 4'5" when I started high school and even through I grew 12 inches my freshman year, I still wrestled in the 112 pound class as a senior. When you add short+thin+slow+closed eyes, this equals a person who should not be out there being chased by 300 pound monsters.

I found my sports in wrestling, as detailed earlier and in track. Some day I will share my track career and accomplishments.

How do I feel about my lack of ability in sports while growing up? Well, I can remember wishing that I was better, bigger, stronger and faster; but if I had of been all of those things, how would that have changed who I am today. God knew what He was doing in making me just the way I was. That has made me just the way I am. I am blessed and am fine with that. Besides, I was able to live out some of my sports fantasies through my boys. I taught them everything I knew and look how good of athletics they all became. They owe much of their success to me being on the sidelines yelling instructions to them while they were out there playing. I am sure, though they were to shy to actually say so, that their coaches appreciated the extra help.

Flim-Flam Man

For the past couple weeks, I have been playing the part, and doing it well.

No, I have not been swindling anyone. I have been the phlegm-phlam man! Get it?

The flu appears to be winding down, finally.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Freedom Fighters

Freedom - What is it? Do we take it for granted? What will life be like without it?

Liberty - Are we in the process of losing our liberties?

Independence - Do Americans value independence? Are we better off having someone else making our decisions for us?

Basically, I have not left the boundaries of the U.S.A. The only exception was a quick and short trip into Mexico with a church group, while attending ASU in the early 1970's. I have heard that Americans take their freedom for granted and I have to admit that I have done so for much of my life. Having never experienced, first hand, being without my freedom, it has been easy to always believe I would have it and nothing would change.

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...", unalienable rights given to all men by God. Being free, means we are not restrained by others or by government or by restrictive regulations from a life where we can experience liberty and through our own independent efforts, pursue happiness.

I have heard warnings about being careful in places like Mexico. A reminder that when outside of the US, we do not have the "rights" we take for granted here. When I have heard stories or watched programs dealing with the abuse of human and civil rights in other places, it makes me appreciate what I have known and experienced as a citizen of the USA. Islam radical extremists do not want us to live free. It seems like the Liberals in this country feel the same way.

Now, what will happen in the USA if the Government and/or courts continue the attack on our freedoms and our rights continue to erode? It took a war and the shedding of blood to give us our rights and freedoms. It has taken more wars and more blood to keep them. The USA has been an example of human rights and has also been a target of others because of the freedom and liberty we have.

The question is, will this current generation watch as our Government picks away at our Rights and steals our independence, without a fight? We are faced with a power monopoly in Washington. Checks and Balances are not functioning properly. There may be three branches of Government, but to a great degree, all three are being controlled by the same, anti-freedom philosophy and driven by the same agenda.

Weekly, we are seeing the BOA and the cRat controlled Congress attack the Bill of Rights, ignore the Constitution, shirk their sworn oaths to protect and defend the Constitution and America from all attacks, and assume power not granted to them by the Constitution. Some of our Founding Fathers warned about this very thing. We have greedy, power hungry men who are taking advantage of an uneducated electorate. They are ramming their agenda down our throats faster than we can gag it back up and catch our breath.

Sorry to say, our iCan't leaders are not much help. In some cases, they are cooperating with the attack on our freedom. I believe this is going to require a grassroots movement of liberty-loving, freedom fighters. The Tea Parties on 4/15 were encouraging as they demonstrated that there are many who feel the same way and are willing to step out and make their voices heard.

It is time for us irrelevant, fly-over Americans to unite in the cause of fighting for our freedom. Write your newspapers, write your elected Representatives and Senators, speak out about your disagreements with what is happening, make your voices heard loud and strong. Send emails to friends and family, make phone calls, study to know what is going on, be informed. In other words, it is time to stand up and be an American - free and independent. If we do not, we will live in a different environment where our freedoms are only discussed in past tense.

I do not want America to "change". I do not want BO to build a "new foundation" for America. I want BO to fail in his attempts to socialize our nation. I do not want to lose what this country has been since the 1700's. I do not want a Socialist country, a Communist philosophy, a dictator President, a weak nation - I want all of the Bill of Rights, exactly how they meant them when they were written and adopted. I am proud to be a "bitter American, clinging to my guns and religion". I am proud to be a "right-wing extremist" who loves God, America, family, freedom, etc. And, if that is what being a redneck is, then I am proud to be that, also.

The Obama's had trouble finding something to be proud of concerning America. Not me!

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. You may think, when I write that over and over, that I am referring to radical Islamists. Once in awhile, yes; but most of the time I am referring to the radical Liberals in this country. They have been at war with what I love for a long time. We have a lot of catching up to do. They have been busy brainwashing a couple generations of children. They have been busy victimizing one group after another to appear as their friend and savior. We have a lot of work to do. We have a message of real hope to get out.

Friday, April 17, 2009


What has happened to the Republican leadership and membership in Washington? It can be summed up in one word, they were neutered. The iCans of the Reagan days became the iCant's of the Bush days. The iCans of the "Contract for America" became the iCant's when one of the main leaders fell from grace. When and why did this happen? Who took the knife to them? When did they lose their "T's"?

These are hard questions to answer. It is hard to pinpoint a specific time or event that caused 500 marbles to roll down the Capital steps. But, looking back on the past 12-14 years, it is very clear that at some point they lost their "T's".

How can we get back to being represented by iCans with a bunch of "T's"? Who will stand up and really fight for the Right, instead of just giving it lip service?

I am looking for those people with the following "T's":

Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Tenacious, Thoughtful, Tireless, Technical, eTTTTc.

There are a couple "T's" I am not looking for:

Timid, Team player.

Retroactive Refugees

Can an illegal alien; who left Mexico and came to the U.S., years ago, for financial reasons; become a political refugee, retroactively? Of course they can, under the BO administration and the twisted mindset of the cRats. The facts of a case never get in their way.

You may have heard some more of the good news of "change" and "hope" that we were dealt this week. Since BO has announced that he will not push for "comprehensive immigration reform" (aka: amnesty) until this fall, his administration (the BOA) (aka: the Snake) has devised a plan to start reclassifying criminals who broke our law by coming into our country illegally. In a back door maneuver, the Snake has found a way to make them legal, now, without any new laws or any legislative debate.

The Snake has proposed turning "illegal aliens" into "political refugees". In other words, those who came here to do the "jobs that Americans won't do"; like construction, yard work, working in restaurants, house cleaning, etc.; are going to be equal to those fleeing persecution and running for their lives. What is the justification for this "change"? The violence in Mexico, near the U.S. border. I know, I know, that has nothing to do with why they came here and is not even the area that most of them came from. The violence escalated after they were already here, for many years. Remember, the facts do not get in the way of the Snake.

I wonder what the "political" issues are that would justify being classified as "political refugees"? How does criminal behavior, even if it were the reason for the Mexicans coming here, turn into a political persecution?

So, what will this all mean to those reclassified? First, they will instantly become "legal" and they will be given a visa for 18 months. At the end of that time, they can apply for "permanent status", which I am sure would be granted. Poof! They are on the "path to citizenship" that John McCain wanted.

I have to admit, this much "hope" and "change" in such a short period of time is a bit overwhelming!

Today's Show: "Who Wants To Be A ... RWE?"

Over the past few days, we have heard a lot about those evil, Right-Wing Extremists! We have an official warning published by the Homeland Security and promoted by it's Secretary, affectionately known as JNap. So, I thought it appropriate to have a quiz to help us each determine if we have crossed over into this dangerous group that HSA believes the police should be watching and gathering information about.

You might be a RWE, if:
1. You have been proud to associate yourself with the term, "Bitter American clinging to guns and religion;
2. You believe in taking personal responsibility for yourself and your family;
3. You do not believe that Constitution is a "living document" that should change with the current society;
4. You believe in a healthy "checks and balance" between the various branches of government;
5. You do not agree with Judges making laws from the bench;
6. You believe local school boards should actually run local schools;
7. You are willing to fight for ALL of the Bill of Rights;
8. You love God, the Bible and believe in Jesus;
9. You love apple pie and have a place in your heart for cherry trees;
10. You can appreciate ML Baseball and Nascar;
11. You support smaller Government and less spending;
12. You are willing to pay your taxes but believe they should be much less than they are now;
13. You either have a gun (or two) or at least, will fight for those who do;
14. You want a strong military protecting the US from foreign threats and attacks;
15. You think "term limits" has a nice sound;
16. You think "professional politician" has a stinking sound;
17. You are "pro-life";
18. You work for a living, or at least did for most of your life before retirement;
19. You have an American Flag on you home;
20. You have called yourself a Conservative;
21. You do not get tingles up your leg when you hear BO;
22. You get a shiver up your spine when you hear Chris Matthews;
23. You own a pickup;
24. You have a new dislike for Acorns;
25. You have served in the military or at least cheered for an Air Force fly by;
26. You live in a fly-over state;
27. You were not offended by the term, "cRat";
28. You are not impressed by Bill Clinton or his wife;
29. You listen to talk-radio;
30. You have watched FOX News more than the others combined.

The rules, if you answered "yes" at least 20, you are probably already under surveillance by the police or FBI. If "yes" to 10-19, you are a danger to "change" and "hope". If "yes" to at least one, you are a RWE, according to Homeland Security.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where Have I Been?

In response to an over-whelming amount of email, inquiring about the lack of recent postings, I offer this post. I have been sick for the past few days and have realized that my imagination does not function very well with 101-102 degree temperatures. Today, I am beginning to feel better, so more to come soon.

If you are one of the many inquirers..., or was it just an inquirer...; OK, I admit that no one asked me anything, thanks anyway.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

EXTRA! EXTRA! - Read All About It...

Jerusalem, Israel (Sunday morning) - The Free World Press

Rumors are beginning to surface and make their way through the city that this Jesus, whom we crucified last Friday, has risen from the grave! YES, that is what I said - various people claim the be witnesses of the risen Christ (so his followers call him).

This astounding turn of events, must be verified. So, I went to reliable sources to get statements. The Roman Government, officially, had "no comment". I was allowed to speak with some of the Roman guards who were posted at the tomb. They told me that the official story was that they all went to sleep and while they were asleep, his followers came and stole the body. As this story raised several questions, I was able to get one of the guards, who spoke on condition of anonymity, to talk with me in private.

He told me that of course they had not gone to sleep. If they, being Roman guards assigned to guard this controversial site, had gone to sleep, they would already all be dead as a punishment. He went on to say that early in the morning, the huge stone began to roll away from the entrance. He pointed out that the stone is so large as it requires several guards to move it. He began to shake and had an amazing stare in this eyes as he told me the next part. He stated that there came from the opening a blinding light and the "dead man" walked out.

This is just too fantastic of a story to not get further verification. I did, for myself, see the empty tomb, but that does not answer what happened. A passerby told me that two women had run past him, screaming with excitement. He asked them what was the matter and they replied that nothing is the matter - absolutely nothing! As they ran away, he got their names, Mary and Martha.

So, I set out to find these two women to see if they could add anything to my report. Others in the area told me where to look and as I headed that direction, I was almost run over by to men who were running towards the tomb. They were then followed by two women, who happened to be Mary and Martha. They slowed down enough for me to inquire as to what they were doing.

They told me that they had just told the disciples of Jesus that Jesus was risen. Two of them, Peter and John had to see for themselves and they ran ahead. Mary and Martha both had the same story - they came to the tomb early in the day and found the stone rolled back and the tomb empty. As they, in a state of confusion as to what someone had done with the body of Jesus, departed; they came upon a man who appeared to be a gardener. He told them that the one they were seeking was not there and that he had risen from the dead. At that point, their eyes were opened to realize that this man was in fact Jesus. He told them to tell the others and to wait for him.

I have to say, I have never in my life witnessed anyone more excited than these two women. It has to make you wonder. Others have since told me that Jesus had said that he would rise again. Could this event help explain the period of total darkness that filled the middle of the day on Friday? Could the earthquake be related? Or, could this man Jesus be who he claimed to be - the Son of God - the messiah of Israel?

Now You Can Sleep Sound

Just wanted to make sure all of you heard the good news this past week. The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution against North Korea. It was in response the the recent missile launch.

The resolution recommends that the existing sanctions against North Korea be enforced.

Wow! Now I feel much more secure! Sleep tight.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Perfect Records

Have you ever been the holder of a "perfect record" in anything? There are so many areas where this could happen. Maybe you made a 100% on every spelling test for an entire year in school. You might have worked some job where you never missed a day at work, for any reason. Maybe you shot par on every round for an entire summer. You may have a perfect record of making it to every event of a certain type, such as all of the BeeGee's concerts, etc.

There are all kinds of perfect records and when you are lucky enough to be the holder of a perfect record, it is usually something to be very proud of. You have found yourself in the company of people who have accomplished great deeds.

I just happen to be the holder of two perfect records. As far as I know, I may be the only one to hold both of these records at the same time. Yes, I know what you are thinking, "this must be a very special man!" I am not looking for that kind of a response as I am also one of the most humble people you will find.

So, you ask, just what records do I hold? Well, I will tell you. Both of these go back to my high school years, in the 1960's. I joined the wrestling team for my junior and senior years. I wrestled in several matches over those two years. The first record is that I was never pinned. The second is that I also lost every single match. Now, that is not easy to do. It is common for the wrestler who loses to be flat on the mat for a good part of the six minutes, or up until he gets pinned. That is where I found myself on numerous occasions. If I was lucky, I was face down. If I was not so lucky, I was back down, but not so far down as I would hear a slap on the mat. Some matches, it felt like I worked and bridged for about 90 minutes in order to keep a perfect record going.

This brings me to the point of this post. Confidence is a funny thing. It can be the one thing that makes you or breaks you in certain situations. I had confidence that no one could pin me and no one could. At the same time, I lacked confidence that I would be able to close the deal and have my arm raised at the end of six long minutes. Even in the matches where I led on points, something always happened to change the momentum. I had to shake the hand of every opponent for two years while his other hand was raised by the referee.

Why does this happen? Why can we be so confident in one area and just the opposite in another? I believe it all boils down to a frame of mind - a mental attitude that we have adopted. This is probably based on past experiences - failures and successes, put-downs and encouragement. Confidence is based on one thing, what we believe. It is not based on fact or logic. It is based on a collection of ideas and feelings we have bundled together to form our attitude about a certain ability. If we let them, these bundles will define who we believe we are, what we believe we can and cannot do. Sometimes, they can help us and sometimes, not.

As I went off to college I began to gain confidence in areas of my life. By my senior year I had transferred to ASU and saw that there was going to be an intramural wrestling tournament. I decided to participate and began working with weights and running. I had the confidence that I was going to do well and lose one of my perfect records. I gained over ten pounds in muscle. I felt good and was in great shape by the time the tournament began.

There was motivation to do well as it was a single-elimination tournament. In my very first match, as soon as the whistle blew, my opponent charged me and did a head-butt against my nose. I was awarded a point for his violating the rules but was almost eliminated by the referee due to my having a hard time getting the bleeding to stop. Finally, I was able to continue - I had gauze in both nostrils, was tasting blood and had a headache. Needless to say, I was mad and whipped his butt! No, that was not the case. Yes, I was mad, but he had the advantage and won on points. The good part is that both records still stand.

My Most Favorite Person

I have written about some of my favorite people. This time, I want to write about my most favorite person. And, no, it's not about me. This man stands out far above the rest of the men and women I know, have known or ever will know. I can say that with all certainty. I chose to write about him, at this time, because this weekend is a remembrance of what he has done for us and a celebration of what it now means for us.

If my math serves me right, approximately 1,980 years ago, the man, Jesus made his way into Jerusalem. He was fully aware of what awaited him in the city. He was a man on a mission, the most important mission in history. The consequences of those three days would change the world, humanity and eternity. His sacrifice made it possible for you and I to have a unique relationship with God the Father, through the Son, Jesus.

No more would man have to offer blood sacrifices for our sins - Jesus was the blood sacrifice that satisfied all of those requirements.
No more would man be under the power of sin - Jesus set us free.
No more would man have to be spiritually dead - Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit.
No more would man have to pay the penalty for his sins - Jesus paid the penalty for us.

We hear a lot about the religion of peace. There is no religion of peace, apart from the one true God of Peace. The same God of love, of mercy, of grace, of justice - the same God that created the Universe and put the breathe of life into the man He formed out of the dust of the earth - the same God that gave His only Son as a penalty for our sins - He is the Prince of Peace! He is the one, true and only GOD!

Jesus, you give us reason to live. You are the hope that we trust in and the promise we count on. You hold the World in the palm of your hand and your power and control are absolute!

Thank you for dying that horrific death on the cross and shedding your blood for me. Thank you for rising again and living forever.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sweep the House

Now that it is spring, many are preparing for the age-old tradition of "spring cleaning". It is time to clean the house, to rid it of the dirt and crud that has built up over a period of time. It is time for a fresh start - new and clean.

I believe it is time to Sweep the House. We Americans need to clean the House and Senate of the dirt and crud that has gathered there over a period of time. It is time to start preparing to take back control of the Government from the radical, left-wing, liberal, socialist, unpatriotic, unAmerican, elitist, power hungry, control freaks, and thieves - in other words the cRats. And I am sorry to admit, from some rino iCan'ts. There are few that hold those seats that I believe are good for this country and it's future. Power seems to have corrupted most in D.C.

It is time to Sweep the House. It is time for new faces of common Americans. We have seen what we get when we keep sending lawyers to Washington and re-elect professional politicians (pro-ps). Almost without exception, we get the speeches that tell us what we want to hear from the same old farts that told us the same things the last six times they ran for office. There is so much hot air from these gas-bags that the whole process has taken on an awful stink. We cannot believe anything they say anymore.

It is time to Sweep the House. From what I have heard, in the beginning of our Government, it was expected that some citizen would take leave from his ordinary work to serve the people in his area and run for Congress. If elected, he would go to Washington and serve a term or two and then go back home and take up with his life, where he left off. It was not intended that the same people would be there for a career. We have let it get to a place where being in D.C., in a place of POWER, has become too tempting and profitable. Once they get there, they never want to go back to being just one of us again.

It is time to Sweep the House. Since everyone of the Representatives would argue that they are not the problem, it is the other 434 who are giving the place a bad name and causing the stench. Why not send them all back home. That way we will not be deceived by the pro-ps. Let's replace them with common folk, the kind you find in the coffee shop in fly-over America. One coffee shop in Kansas, at 7:00 AM, has more common sense than the whole House of Representatives, combined.

It is time to Sweep the House. This next election, we should concentrate on sweeping the House (and I mean sweeping in both ways - cleaning out the place and an over-whelming victory). Why? Because the House controls the bills dealing with our money and because every one of them is up for re-election every two years. I do not care who is there right now, let's send them home. If we do not clean out the place, nothing will change. As long as the old-timers and leaders remain in power and control, nothing will change. A good, freshman Representative can do nothing if the members who hold all the power are corrupt. Some of these old-timers should have gone home a few decades ago. What is wrong with their districts, that they keep sending these guys back over and over again?

It is time to Sweep the House. Let's find good, honest, ordinary, hard-working Americans who truly love this country and want to serve to make it better and make sure we pass on to our kids a place where they appreciate freedom and are in turn willing to fight for it, serve others, and pass it on to our grandkids... This country is full of people just like that. We do not all have to agree on everything, but we should be controlled by core principles of decency, honesty, service, and love for the America our founding fathers formed.

It is time to Sweep the House. Once the House has been cleaned, the nervous Senators will be next to go home. This exclusive club of 100 members has more ego than any one country, that is healthy, can stand. They have ceased to see their position as one of service (even though that is what they say they are doing and they keep getting thanked for their "service"). In private, they must be laughing at all of us. They do not see themselves as servants to the people, they are doing whatever it takes to hang onto their positions of power and control. They forgot that they are supposed to be working FOR US! They now work to increase their personal power and control OVER US!

This can be done! If we do not do it, very soon, it will be too late. We have to take back our Government from the pro-ps and cRats and iCan'ts and rinos.

Remember, they were are war with us but we were not at war with them!

Peace on Earth

Now that we have peace on Earth and there is good will to all men, our dear President has determined that the time is right to begin disarming America. What a relief! I was thinking that there remained danger in the world, but BO has access to a lot of data and information that we do not. So, knowing that he is the leader of this great nation and there is no way that he would set us up for being more vulnerable to enemies, I am left with the only logical conclusion - there is no danger in the world and we have no enemies. So, it only makes sense to cut our missile defense program, to stop making the F-22 fighter, to cancel a new destroyer, to reduce our number of carrier groups, to withdraw missile defense systems from Europe, to buddy up with the terrorist groups (oh, I am sorry, they do not cause terror, only "human caused disasters" similar to accidentally starting a forest fire), to cut military spending, to leave open our borders, to help Iran get the BOMB, and on and on and on...

Whew! It is so nice to know that all is well!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Poll

There is a new poll at the bottom of the main page. Let's see how many can get this one right.

Our Souls at Peace

In the last posting, I stated that "sorrow is not the resting place for our souls". Where is "sorrow"? Sorrow is the place where we find tears, heartache, despair, discouragement, regret, disappointment, depression, grief and loss. The place of sorrow is a normal place to find ourselves from time to time during our lives. We cannot avoid going there but God never intended us to make that our dwelling place. In fact, I believe that the place of sorrow is a healthy place to visit. It is there that we can openly deal with the reason that we found ourselves in sorrow. We, as humans, have natural emotions that God gave us. These include the ability to emotionally experience pain and loss. To feel sad and to feel happy are necessary parts of our nature. It is not wrong to feel sorrow, the Bible tells us that Jesus would experience sorrow and grief.

Isa 53:3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Jesus wept and felt great pain at times. He also must have felt great joy at other times. I cannot help but believe that there had to be tears of joy on His cheeks when He saw the excitement in the parents eyes after He raised their daughter from the dead. Or, what must He have felt when the blind saw, the sick were healed, the lost were saved, when His feet were being washed with tears and wiped with hair, and when He witnessed a heart that was opened to receive the truth?

No one can tell another how and when they should grieve or when the grieving should be over. We are each different and each have individual ways of dealing with the various aspects of sorrow. But, I am convinced that God would have us leave the place of sorrow and come back into the light and experience the joy of living life to the fullest, again. In some cases, the cause of the sorrow will always be with us, as in the loss of a loved one. We will always feel a measure of pain and loss, but we can also, at the same time, make sure the sorrow does not define the rest of our lives. Sorrow is not to be the resting place for our souls. Our souls are to focus on God, His blessings, His love, and His desire for our lives.

After the appropriate period for sackcloth and ashes, we are to get up, as Job did, and praise the God who made us. None of us have suffered more personal loss than Job. He refused to curse God, but instead, maintained his focus on God and he went on to be blessed, again.

Find your dwelling place on the Rock that gives you an unobstructed view of the love of God. There you will dwell in peace and be able to experience joy once more.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

F. F. & F.

That is the recipe for celebrating a happy occasion. It is also the same recipe for dealing with a loss. Faith, Family & Friends. This weekend was a combination of both. While we are dealing with the death of Ken, we were celebrating the marriage of Tim and Clover. As many came together for the wedding and to experience the joy and excitement, we had some opportunity to share our grief and sorrow.

Yesterday was the wedding, today was the funeral. The only thing missing was a new birth into the family. All are parts of life, in the same way that disappointments and accomplishments, failures and successes, and sickness and health are all part of living. God is in control and as we trust Him, all of these other aspects of life seem to come together and form the boundaries of our existence. We are molded and shaped by God using our life-experiences to make us into the person He desires. The joy and the pain all go together to make us who we are. And, I have to say, the whole process is a masterpiece in the making for each one of us.

Two, one man and one woman just became one. Another man just ended his journey and went to be with the Lord. It is all beautiful! We can celebrate Ken's life and remember all the great memories just as we can celebrate Tim and Clover starting their life together, just as we can celebrate when a new baby is born. Sure, the tears will be there and already have been, but sorrow is not the resting place for our souls. Have a good cry, but also have a good laugh. Ken would have wanted it that way.

God Bless you Tim and Clover,
Rest in Peace, Ken

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great Friends and Great Regrets

I received a call today to tell me that one of the best friends I have had died in his sleep. I have known Ken Land since 1973, when the two of us rented an apartment together. Soon, another great friend, Whitt Highbaugh, moved in with us. The three of us had a great time together and a lot of fun. We became close friends and established relationships that have continued through the years.

Ken and I have known each other through various stages of our lives and have helped each other through different events. When I was going through a divorce, he was one of the special friends who always seemed to be there for me. After that period of time, he married my sister and became my brother-in-law. During their marriage Ken became addicted to pain pills he took for a bad back. This in turn took a heavy toll on their marriage and it did not survive.

Ken then moved to Tennessee to be near his relatives. Over the past few years, he has done better and was engaged to be married. Since he moved away, we have had limited contact. That is where the regret enters the picture. I had planned to call him numerous times, had wondered how he was doing, would have enjoyed sharing our old stories one more time. But, I was too busy and kept putting it off for another day. Now, there are no more days.

We will not remind each other of trips looking for arrowheads, trips in the woods in my 4x4, wrestling Whitt down to put cowboy boots on him before his date (only to end up injuring Whitt's knee). We won't laugh about the night the three of us had a water, food and everything else we could find - fight that went on until we were exhausted and our apartment was trashed. We cannot tease him about the time he asked for a wood plane and Whitt told him to look at the airport. We won't share the times we took advantage of the little neighbor boys to work off our rent, or when we played football in the living room, or shot Kirby's arrows into the ballpark behind the home we rented, or the ride in Kirby's car with the flames painted on the side, or the motorcycle ride with all three of us aboard, or all of the inside jokes about Pumpkin Head, green pillow cases, Frank spitting, burping contests, Ron Wold, etc. There won't be any more hunting trips or ball games.

Some of these things only the three of us understood and could laugh about. Now, Whitt and I will have to carry on without Ken. We will have to share the stories about him and laugh hard enough for three of us. The memories are all good and they now hold a place in my heart that is even more special and guarded.

Ken, I am sorry I have not been there for you the last few years like you were for me. It never was that I cared any less or that I did not want to talk to you. Sorry, man. You are and will always be one of my best buddies, ever! Rest in peace and I'll see you again one day. Save me a seat.