Sunday, September 6, 2009

Horseshoes and Grenades

Those two words are tied together by one common term, and it is not "throw". Well, I guess there are two common terms but throw is not the one I want to talk about.

"Almost", a six-letter word that implies something that did not, but maybe it could have or should have happened. Previously, I wrote about regrets. "Almost" falls into the same category of sad concepts.

Did you almost help (love) your neighbor? Did you almost give a simple word of encouragement to the heartbroken? Did you almost feed the hungry and care for the needy? Did you almost share Jesus with the lost soul sitting next to you at work?

"Almost" implies that something just about happened but did not. It also carries the implication that it is now too late for it to happen in some cases. Again, back to regrets, I believe one of the saddest situations is when someone has to use the word "almost" at a funeral. The "close-call" that will never happen, now. I almost went to visit them to see if there was anything they needed.

How about an "almost" that is more personal, something that comes even closer to home. The husband that almost told his lonely wife that he really does love her. The grieving parent that almost took the keys away from their child who had been drinking. It can be any of those situations that almost happened but missed by just a little bit. I came that close to apologizing, but did not.

How about with the Lord? Pilate almost released Jesus. The rich, young ruler almost followed Jesus. How about the man who almost gave up his secret sin. The dad who almost led his family in the ways of God. The wife who almost resisted flirting with the co-worker. Are you "that close" to following the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life? Will you have the faith to almost see a miracle? Will you stand before the Judgement and plead that you almost followed Jesus?

"Almost" is a good descriptive word for "lukewarm". We all know what God says about the lukewarm. Don't almost stand up for what is right. Don't almost be a loving and supporting husband and dad. God gave you a life. Take that life and make it stand for something good. Make a difference in the life of someone. Get to the end and have no regrets. Give of yourself for the sake of others. Put others before yourself. Follow Jesus and His example of humility and giving. Never let yourself be in the position of having to say, "I came this close" to doing something that you knew was right. Do today, what will make you smile tomorrow. Position yourself to hear "well done my good and faithful servant".

Do you see what that guy is doing? I almost did that!

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