Monday, September 14, 2009

War Journal - Sept. 14, 1944

Arrived London about 0700 hours. Our new field is about 30 miles from London. It was necessary to change trains three times and finally arrive by truck in this last 30 miles - each man dragging his big B-4 bag along. My crew is assigned to the 450th Bomb. Sqdn. in the 322nd Bomb. Gp. Our new C.O. told us first thing not to unpack as we would move to a new field in France in about one week. Our crew will be broken up for the first few missions and sent with experienced men. There is a lot that can't be learned in schools. Probably get our first mission in about two days. Our sqdn. bombed the Siegfred line today - the first to do so. There is no more tension here concerning combat - than there was at L.C. concerning training flights. I really find it hard to realize that we are in the war - big league now and that our targets will shoot back at us.

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