Tuesday, September 1, 2009


What really is "bipartisanship"? It can be explained as reaching an agreement or compromise between the two main political parties. It is used when both parties support the same legislation.

To me, the word "bipartisan" fits into the same category with "moderate". These both can convey an idea that the bill is not on the political left or right, that it has universal support.

What is a moderate politician? He is one who does not lean conservative or liberal - sort of a "middle-of-the-road" kind of guy. He has decided that he cannot decide on major issues which way he leans. He thinks that this position will endear him to everyone who is not extreme. He comes across as an insecure individual that is seeking approval (and re-election). This "fence-sitter", to me, is just like the "undecideds" before an election. For some unexplainable reason, the politicians concentrate their efforts on winning over this group of brain-dead, uninterested, people who do not care and will not go to the polling places and actually vote.

How in the world can anyone who pays attention, cares at all about our nation, and has any sort of a set of core principles; be undecided right before a general election? Mind-boggling! Yet, this group attracts tremendous attention from both parties. Forget them! Have a backbone and stand for something. Figure out whether your core principles are to the right or to the left. Be brave and express how strong you feel about the main issues of the day. If you do not have those strong feelings, we do not want you in office. Why would you run for office if you are a moderate, an undecided, a fence-sitter? All that means is you are not strong enough to have a conviction about key issues and are not willing to fight for what you believe. You are bipartisan and you wear that badge with pride.

The left-of-moderate media salutes you and treats you as a hero. They elevate your position, or lack thereof, as an act of courage. You, in their eyes, are a cut-above-the-rest because you do not side with the "extremes" of your party. When in reality, the media is playing on your ego. If the media identifies a bipartisan Democrat, they try to tear him down and get him replaced. They only praise a "bipartisan" if he has an "R" behind his name. Why? Because being bipartisan is a sign of weakness and they try to make the weak "R" believe he is better than the rest, when really, they see that helping you be proud of being an "undecided" is taking away a "right" vote against their liberal agenda. They will parade you out on Sunday morning TV shows, quote you in the newspapers, and treat you as if you are the expert and "voice" of the Republican party. You, in turn, tell them that you do not agree with the right wing of the "R" party and desire to work with your colleagues across the aisle. You tell them what they want to hear and that keeps you in the limelight and your ego bigger than the Capitol dome.

Moderate, bipartisan politicians are weak. Maybe they used to be strong and take stands. Maybe they grew tired of the process or just chose to rather get along with everyone. They use as an excuse, that they facilitate compromise in order to move legislation along and get bills passed. It never seems to enter their minds that a bunch of this crap is not worth passing or putting support and effort into reaching compromise. They seem to think that they will be graded by the people back home by how many bills got passed.

Bipartisan politicians are like lukewarm, religious pew-sitters. In my humble opinion, Jesus would have been a Conservative - a real "compassionate" Conservative (I digress). We all know what God says He will do with the lukewarm in His churches - spew them out of His mouth. It is time for those of us who have core principles and want those principles represented in Washington, to spew the "professional politicians" out of their lofty offices. It is time to SWEEP THE HOUSE! Send them all home and elect fresh voices who will fight for right!

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