Tuesday, September 29, 2009

War Journal - Oct. 3, 1944

Another mission took off today but with the same results as yesterday. Edwards, Pappas & I are on alert to go out tomorrow on a mission. They are meeting a few fighters now and that is bad! Edwards & I acquired another tent today so now we have one each. Rained intermittently all day. We are still restricted to the local area - so money is useless and I have no French money. There is no place to convert British money yet. Had our first meat today - pork chops - and they tasted better than steak. Our big tents should be here soon. The new is wearing off these pup tents and it is pretty aggravating. It has turned colder and is pretty hard to keep warm. Germans in civilian clothes are reported near here - shot a Frenchman last night - so we carry side arms and are suspicious of every one. The Frenchmen are very friendly to us. There is a great deal of confusion because so few understand each other. You should see me with the sign language method - everything from crying to standing on my head! The food situation is pretty bad - that is why we aren't allowed to leave the field.

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