Friday, September 4, 2009

Neutered Liberals

Do you believe that it is possible to effectively neuter the Liberals prior to the consummation of the rape of America?

As the public learns more and more about the motives and plans that our Government is feverishly working on and trying to implement as fast as possible, there are more stepping forward with a loud voice and demanding that this runaway train be derailed.

Almost on a daily basis, the cRats are adding another outrageous idea to the long list already pushed through and in the pipeline. BO is appearing on a daily basis to promote his agenda. He is adding a czar at the rate of one per week. He is pushing major pieces of legislation on multiple fronts at the same time.

I believe that they feel that the window for radically changing America is relatively small and they want everything done in a very short time frame. We are talking about extensive changes to our laws, very expensive new programs, historically high deficits and debt, and the greatest transfer of power from the people to the government in the history of our nation. These include: the massive stimulus bill (now they are talking about passing another one), cap and trade (the legislation that would penalize and fine for carbon dioxide emissions - yes, the gas that we humans breath out and that plants use to survive), Obamacare (the government takeover of the best health care system in the world to change it to be like the failing systems in other Socialist countries), comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty for illegal aliens), tax increases (letting the Bush tax cuts expire and adding more taxes), gun control (beginning with registration and limiting purchases and transfers along with adding high taxes on ammo), the fairness doctrine (silencing talk radio in order to limit the Conservative voice in America), plus all the pork projects added to each piece of legislation that passes.

The czars come from the most left-wing radicals in the country. They include people who do not believe that a small child is a human, yet; who believe that none of us should be able to have a gun; who are pro-illegal immigration, pro abortion, pro high taxes; and one of the newest is of the group known as "truthers". They and he believe that Bush and his administration set up and caused the explosions in the twin towers on 9/11.

This Liberal government is wanting to prosecute those who went beyond offering terrorist prisoners tea and cookies in order to gain valuable information that helped save lives and stop attacks. At the same time, they are setting some of the terrorist prisoners free. Others will soon be transferred to prisons in the US. When that happens, they will gain Constitutional rights and not only have us paying for their attorneys but will have access to our court system, possibility of bail, and even the chance of being found not guilty due to classified information not being able to be released in a court of law. They could be set free onto our streets because they were not read their "rights" when captured on the battlefield.

The cRats are chasing down the intended victims and they have cruel intentions on their minds. They have shown that they cannot be trusted in the public arena. With a continuous and great pressure on them from the public, some of this can be stopped. Let's send them all home with a cone around their heads.


  1. Now that the Federal judge has refused any delay in implementation of mandatory E-Verification system for all government contractors. It is time to impose federal mandated standards on every state and local government as well, not to forget every business nationwide. But not on a voluntary basis anymore? For once the open border, globalists lawsuits have been finally apposed by the courts. But we cannot, must not allow them to gain the advantage again, as they have in the past. We must in addition fight against any path to citizenship. It will be a running battle against special interest groups contrary to unemployed citizens and legal residents. In 1986 the immigration control and reform act became law, but was undermined, mismanaged and severely under funded. What we had was an important piece of legislation that was disregarded and used fraudulently. GOOGLE--NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH FOR MORE DETAILS.

    Instead of moving towards another controversial new immigration reform law, the legislators can author amendments to the Simpson/Mazzoli bill? First and foremost it requires no more Amnesties? Next! Follow the example of Australia's and now the United Kingdom's strong opposition to mass immigration. Overwhelmed by slack laws, Britain and Australia have addressed the massive problem, by allowing only the well educated, tradesman and professional people into each nation. Unlike ourselves the US politicians have catered to big business—IN CORPORATE WELFARE--and covertly removed any serious enforcement at the borders or ports of entry. Years of intentional apathy and self indulgence has allowed the tolerant invasion of destitute foreign workers and families, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars in welfare benefits. The Border States specifically have succumbed to millions of illegal occupiers who have drained government treasuries

    A public option in health care can never be, while taxpayers are forever opening their wallets to supporting the poor of other lands? We cannot afford to subsidize foreign workers anymore? The bill has no restriction in the wording to authenticate a persons legal status. Personally, I want a single payer system to stop the profiteering by insurance companies, but I don't want to be taxed for underwriting illegal immigrants and their families? Even if they add an amendment declining illegal immigrants from the health care bill, they will still be included if the Democrats enact another path to citizenship? Then what about the others on the opposite side of our weak fence, they will hear the Amnesty bell chiming and rush for the border, or enter as tourists in an airport.

    Allowing people into America as guest workers to work in agriculture became a parody. Given amnesty in 1986 they moved away from the fields and moved to higher paying jobs bring in their immediate family members. In 1986 the 3.5 million legalized people fraudulently materialized to be 5 million. Today under labor laws the guest workers who enter under special visas, are supposed to return to their country of origin? This of course never happens and therefore hundreds of thousands disappear into America and then farmers must import more to pick fruits and vegetables. Mandatory E-Verify, to control illegal immigration on a nationwide grand scale would drive foreign aliens from the workplace, when they are identified.

  2. The career politician’s who cheat taxpayers by prostituting their services to big business, must not stay in Washington to defy public voices ever again. A POSSIBLE REWARD FOR REPORTING SUSPECTED EMPLOYERS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, CALL THE IRS HOTLINE 1-800-829-0433 GOOGLE their website! The IRS does not take kindly to employers that seek to evade taxes by paying cash for day labor as this is especially common practice at construction sites. Call up the politicians you voted for at 202-224-3121 and tell them NO MORE AMNESTIES!. YES TO A PERMANENT E-VERIFY! BUILD THE ORIGINAL TWO-TIER FENCE! ENFORCE THE 1986 (IRCA) IMMIGRATION LAW THAT'S ON THE BOOKS. DON'T OVERPOPULATE AMERICA!

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