Monday, September 7, 2009

The People Have a Voice

When you continue to poke a sleeping giant with a sharp stick; eventually, he will wake up. When that happens, he will be angry and he will not calm right back down again.

The cRats have awakened a sleeping giant and he is us! WE are the ones we have been waiting for! Our voices rising up in unity have created the opposition to the "perfect storm" that the Liberals have been riding.

The liberal, radical cRats have had complete control in DC since BO took office. They have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and they finally got it. All the plants are aligned, except one. It appeared, just weeks ago, that there was no stopping them from implementing every part of their agenda on the fly-over people. They control both houses of Congress with filibuster-proof majorities. They can override a veto, but know they will not have to since they also control the White House. They are on the verge of dominating the Supreme Court as the scale of justice is teetering.

It appears, that for decades, the Left has been planning on just such an occasion as they now enjoy. No one has the votes to stop anything they want and the President is pushing for even more liberal bills than he is getting. Wow, the Perfect Storm! They hit the ground running and did not slow down during the first six months. The more radical, the better - just keep things moving at a breakneck pace. Introduce one radical bill after another, do it in such a manner that it is overwhelming to not only the opposition in DC but also the public. Use 1,000+ page bills with hundreds of amendments that are not available for review more than hours before required votes. Let no one who may oppose have time to read and know what they are voting on. Before that one is done, have the next one ready to follow through on it's heels. As the Left has said, a crisis is an opportunity to get legislation passed that otherwise would have a difficult time.

Their runaway train appeared to have clear tracks and enough steam to take it through the next few years. By the time it came to a stop the damage would be done and would not be able to be undone. They would have a socialist America!

Well, not so fast! The one planet that was out of alignment was the sleeping giant of the American people. BO had his honeymoon and used a sharp stick to get what he wanted. Not much response as we recognize that elections have consequences. But as we got poked a few more times, we started to whimper and stir. The Left thought that was funny and mocked us. Well, when we rolled over and found the cRats spitting in our faces, we came to life.

Back in June and July, we organized and attended Tea Parties as a way of showing disapproval for the way we were being treated and displeasure over what our government was doing to us. These Tea Parties were very successful and made each of us feel that we are not alone in how upset we feel. With that momentum, our dear Congresspersons came home for the August recess and started having townhall meetings. They were shocked. We were awake and we were not happy. The more meetings they had the louder and stronger and more united our voice became. Now, all of a sudden, the people are a force to be reckoned with - we have voice and we have power!

We are watching BO have his first taste of not getting everything he wants. As expected, when the spoiled child is first told NO, he throws a fit. But, we as adults are not fazed and we stand our ground. We said NO and we mean it. For once, he has to rethink his strategy and do not be fooled, he has not given up, but is coming around our left flank. He still has every intention on getting his own way and having everything he wants, but he will have to be more deceptive about the steps getting there.

We not only have put up a barrier to socializing the best health care system in the world, but we are also having an effect in his czars. This last Saturday, in the middle of the night, on a Labor Day weekend; the announcement was made that czar Van Jones was resigning. This is a victory for the Right. This radical extremist was exposed and the heat become too intense.

WARNING! We cannot think that we have won. We have not won anything, yet. We have just put a player in the game that has the potential to make a difference in the final score. In 2010, we need to put a new, first string on the field.

BO will get a lot of his agenda. But, now that we have risen up and are claiming some power, we can weaken the extent of the radical control, we can cause some to be postponed (which may mean that they die a quiet death) and we can get some of this crap stopped. None of that will happen if we get over-confident and claim a premature victory. We have to keep the pressure on everyone in Washington. We cannot afford to take a break. The more that they do not get passed this year, the chance of it never passing improves. Even the radicals do not want to be voting on much of this next year as they run for re-election.

Pressure with a loud and united voice will have some positive outcome.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them! Well, that is changing!

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