Sunday, June 28, 2009

BO is Losing Sleep

In case you missed the breaking news, the other day: BO said that he is losing sleep. The reason appears to be the run-away spending by his government. He said, "The nation needs to start dealing with how to deal with this deficit!"

With all that is in the news, these days, can you remember back to just last year, when Bush was President? Do you recall the cRats hounding him about a record deficit? Well, I remember and to put it in line with the present spending, BO has taken Bush's record and outdid him 3-4 times in just a few months.

Next question, do you hear much from the cRats or Media about our current spending or deficit? I will assume the answer is "no". Why do you think that is?

Well, if BO is wanting the nation to do something about his spending, I have a solution. BO, pack your bags and go back to Chicago or Hawaii or Africa or some Muslim country where you will feel more at home. That should help a whole lot.

Hard Times

We all find ourselves in the midst of some fairly hard economic times in the USA. For many of us, it is a time to "tighten the belt", so to speak. If you are renting, it may be harder to buy a home. If you own, it may be harder to make the payment each month.

The other day, I ran across a slogan that I am told was popular during WWII. During that period of our history, the population was required to do with less and sacrifice for the good of the country and to help the military have what it needed. The saying, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!"

Maybe each of us can find something in those phrases that help ease the situation.

Your First Time

Sandee and I went to a movie on Friday night. It took me a minute to understand why I was given as much in change when I purchased the tickets. Then I noticed that one ticket was for an Adult and one for a Senior. As you can imagine, I was shocked that the young man thought Sandee was a Senior.

Not really, I have grown accustomed to this fringe benefit over the past several years. My attitude, now, is that if they are going to charge me less, I will gladly pay less.

This did take me back to my "first time". Within a few days of turning 50, I placed an order at Wendy's. Without even asking, I was given the Senior discount by the cashier. I must admit, that caught me off guard. But, to add insult to injury, I left Wendy's and went to the post office to find I had received my AARP card in the mail.

Well, no one has offered Sandee a Senior discount, even though she has received her AARP card. But, it did make me wonder what her response will be for her "first time".

Somehow, I would be surprised if she sees it purely as spending less money for the same thing. There is something about the realization that someone else (probably a complete stranger) has assumed that you are "old" and has based in only on your appearance.

So, to my "old" readers, what was your response to your "first time"? To my young readers, how do you think you will react to your "first time"?

Under the Radar

Just a note about something that may not have caught your notice. The 6/25/2009 issue of "The Arizona Republic" newspaper has a short note on Page B1 with the headline, "4th Code Talker in 5 Weeks Dies".

Matthew Martin, a Navajo and a WWII Marine, received a Congressional Silver Medal for his service. He was part of a classified group of Navajo Indians who, from 1942 through 1945, baffled the Japanese by sending radio messages in the Navajo language. The Japanese thought it was a code and were unable to break the code.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Point of Conversion

I am going to pose a question to all of you, at what point does conversion take place? When are you Born Again?

The first epistle of John assures us that we can know that we are in Him and He in us.

The London Bridge

Did I tell you about the good deal I got? I own the deed to the London Bridge!

Well, I may not be that gullible; but, when I was very little, I did fall for a line my Mother (of all people) told me. As you have read in prior posts, she would call me in from playing in order to give me an enema.

As the dastardly deed was being played out in the bathroom, she would convince me that this was fun; yes, FUN! She had me so convinced that as I was doing my part, I would actually say to my siblings, "It doesn't hurt, it's fun!"
To this day, the enema is still an enemy to me.
Love you, Mom.
Oh yeah, guess who took the photo?

It Won't Hurt

Have you ever had someone tell you that you should let them do something to you and that "it won't hurt"? Sitting here, I can think of a few examples:

When Ron, Sharon and I were small; or I should say young as some of them are still short, we were in Winslow visiting Grandmo Starr. The three of us were playing out front. I do not remember whether it was "cowboys and indians" or "cops and bad guys", but for some reason, Sharon was either the indian or the bad guy. There was a gun involved in the innocent game we were playing. It so happens that Ron had the BB gun rifle. It was supposed to be empty (how many times have we heard that story?). Well, all three of us were in the back of the pickup and Sharon was supposed to take off running before she got "pretend" shot. As she was getting ready to jump off of the tailgate, Ron leveled the rifle and shot her in the back. She yelled and fell out onto the street. It looked so real!

Another time, Ron had his BB gun rifle. He shot the end of his shoe (after pulling his toes back). Then he tells me to let him shoot the end of my shoe - "It won't hurt". Being much wiser than that, it took him asking a couple times before I gave in. Sure enough, he shot me on a toe. Just to set the picture straight, it did hurt.

Then there was the time that Carolyn had a cyst growing in her wrist. If you have ever had one, you know that they are painful, especially if you bump it. Well, Ron decided to try an experiment on her to cure her ailment. (I may have helped with the process some - but it was so he would not shoot me again.) Ron assured her that, "It won't hurt". As one of us held her wrist, bent tightly down, the other one took a heavy book and hit the cyst with the book. It was supposed to pop the cyst so that the pressure would be off and it would go away and the pain would be gone. We were sure that she would be very thankful, once we were done. Well, it did not pop the cyst, it did not go away, she did scream, and it did really hurt.

The moral to this story, when someone tells you to hold still, "It won't hurt", run the other way; and hope the BB gun is unloaded.

P.S. Why was Ron involved in all of these stories?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food for Thought

As I go through my days, once in awhile an idea crosses my mind that might make a blog article. It may be a play on words or a catchy title, etc. The other day I made myself a note that I now have no idea what I was thinking. So, I will post my note and see if someone can figure out where I was headed with this train of thought.

My note: "Death, Dying, Dogs". That is not a big mystery as I thought about writing about how having a dog and later dealing with its death, teaches us some life lessons. It might be a valuable learning experience for children.

It is the next part of the note that has me baffled, "Mathematically, death is a bigger deal to unbelievers". For sure, death is something to be pretty worried about if you are not a believer in Jesus. But, "mathematically", what in the world was I thinking? So, when you figure it out, let me know. I am sure there is a logical explanation.

I Am Sure That Is Not What You Said!

I recently attended a Planning and Zoning Hearing concerning a planned subdivision for land just to the north of the subdivision where we live. Other than the property owners and hopeful developers (the Underwoods), I was the only one to speak in favor of the development. This, being in a packed room of angry and emotional residents from the northeast part of town. Prior to public comments, a staff person from the town presented the project to P&Z. As he was talking, I heard him say (three times) that the Master Plan allowed for 1.0 to 2.5 homes per acre. All Underwoods are trying to get approved is changing the zoning from lots two acres in size to one acre in size. Sounds reasonable to me, since we are on half acres right next door.

After a parade of angry people going to the microphone, it was my turn. I brought up the Master Plan allowing lots smaller than one acre. They told me that it did not. I responded back that "we just heard it read that it allowed up to 2.5 units per acre." They repeated that it did not allow smaller than on acre. Even though it is so unlike me to argue a point, I proceeded to press the issue.

Then, the staff person said to me, it says 1.0 to .25 units per acre.

Ohhhh! That makes a difference!

Not wanting to embarrass him and point out that he read it wrong (three times), I let it drop.

After returning to my seat, I was wondering how I could have heard that wrong (three times), especially after the first time caught my attention and I was paying close attention for next two times. I realized that I heard it backwards - yes, a new condition - "dyslexic hearing".

After receiving my formal diagnosis, I began to question how many other times might I have heard something backwards. As you can imagine, that could get you into trouble and cause some embarrassing situations (unlike the P&Z hearing).

This, in turn, led me to ponder the possibility that there are others who have dyslexic hearing. This could explain a lot of crazy things going on in the world. Either we are hearing what happened, backwards and it was really logical; or, we need to show sympathy to the crazy guy because he does not realize he is responding based on dyslexic hearing. Suddenly, the world makes sense - backwards as it may be.

This could also explain our response to clear statements and expectations laid out in the Bible. We now have an excuse to go before the Judgement Seat and explain the reason we disobeyed so much and so often, it was not really our fault - we have dyslexic hearing. When God said, "Thou shall not...", we heard "Thou shall...". When we heard "Go into all the world...", we heard, "Do not go...". Or, the ten commandments came across as ten suggestions. "Follow me" translated into "Sit back and relax". "You" sounded like "They".

You see what I mean, Jackpot! Dyslexic hearing is like a get out of hell card. How could God hold me accountable for my actions when all the bad stuff can be easily explained away? If you want to get on board, better practice up on backward hearing. When your life is played back before God and everyone, better have some good examples of dyslexic hearing to use as support for your disobedience.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Living a "Hi-Fi" Life

High Fidelity, or Hi-Fi is a term that is probably more familiar with someone who owned a record player between 1960 and 1980. The term refers to the reproduction of music (or images) in high quality - that is, without other noise or distortion and a true copy of the master recording.

On the other hand, Lo-Fi refers to the opposite; the copy not being of good quality and having unwanted noise and distortion. Lo-Fi fails to achieve the accuracy of duplication desired.

In Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in the earth. He chose to create man and woman in true Hi-Fi. He created them in the very image of God.

Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

Adam and Eve - complete, accurate, exact reproduction - "in the image of GOD" - WOW! No sound system, or any other type either, in the world can claim what God states in that verse. He made man in His own image!

How did he do that? Did He copy his physical attributes (strong jaw line, broad shoulders, slight bump on his nose, deep-set brown eyes, etc.)? How could he reproduce His own image and then claim that both the man and woman were in that image? Clearly they looked different from each other. The Bible refers to God in the masculine sense, so how could Eve be in God's image?

God, in Genesis, was not telling us that Adam or Eve looked exactly like God. He was referring to the spirit that he placed in each of them.

John 4:24 "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

God gave Adam and Eve His Spirit to dwell in them. God made all of the animals on the earth, but man was different. He created man with spiritual life. Having spiritual life, man could have fellowship with God.

Genesis 2:7 "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

This was not a complete work. To this living soul with fleshly body, God imparted His Spirit - the Spirit of God dwelt in Adam and Eve. This was Hi-Fidelity at its very best - an absolutely perfect and complete Spirit living in mankind.

Talk about being in-tune with God - no noise or distortion, NONE! Adam and Eve enjoyed harmony with God. They heard His voice crystal clear. Is that an awesome picture, or what! Does that make you jealous? Don't you wish you could hear God's voice crystal clear?

You all know what happened next. Disobedience crept into their lives and the spiritual part of man died. Do not be too quick to judge the two of them. I am not so sure that you or I would have fared any better. Direct and clear communication with God was broken. The Hi-Fi lives reverted to Lo-Fi existence.

Genesis 5:3 "And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth..."

At this point, Adam was no longer in the image of God. He reproduced Seth, a son, in the image of Adam. The image of Adam was a spiritually dead man. He was living a life full of noise, distortion and distraction. The harmony was lost. This is the world Seth was born into and the spiritual nature he would assume. This same nature passed from generation to generation with no change up until God did another work. He sent Jesus - God in the flesh - to earth. Jesus, upon departing back to heaven, sent back the Spirit of God to dwell in those who would believe in Him.

What does that mean to us - to believers? God restored the Hi-Fi relationship that was lost. Through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus; and the Spirit coming to dwell in the hearts of man, we are to walk in tune with God. His voice is not audible to our ears, but is evident to our hearts. His instruction is clear in the Bible and he has placed in us His Spirit to teach and direct us in our walk. So, back to judging Adam and Eve, how are we doing with our harmonious walk with God? Are we living a Hi-Fidelity life or dwelling in a Lo-Fidelity existence?

Fidelity - Faithfulness, adherence to right, adherence to a person to which one is bound, loyalty, honesty, integrity, etc.

Infidelity - Unfaithful, disloyal, lack of faith, a breach of trust or a disloyal act. Unfaithfulness to the marriage vow or contract; violation of the marriage covenant by adultery.

God has entered into Covenant relationship with each and every believer. How is that going for you, right now in your life? If the answer is, "not too well", then self-examination is in order. If the walk is not in harmony with God, it is not God who has been caught in infidelity - it is you - it is me.

I cannot speak for you, but I do not want to sit on the sidelines and be jealous of those who walk in harmony with God. I want to be one of those people. I want to be so sensitive to the voice of God that it will seem as though it is audible. I want to be led by the Spirit in my daily walk. When my days on earth are done, I want to hear, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Hi-Fidelity or Lo-Fidelity, we each must choose. Our daily life reveals our choice.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

BO has PC

Have you noticed that common words seem to have taken on new meanings, lately? BO has been really good at saying one thing, but meaning another. For instance, what did you picture in your mind when you heard he was running on "hope" and "change"?

If I were not a right-wing nut-job, I might have thought that he meant that he would bring a brighter future for Americans and that he would institute a change in Washington that would stop so much of why we hate politicians .

BUZZZZZ... Wrong answer! I am not quite sure I have figured out what he meant by "hope", but I am sure it did not involve a bright future for us average folk. Who knows, maybe the hope was all about him and he was just hoping that he would get elected.

As far as "change", we are getting a heavy dose of change! On almost a daily basis we are being bombarded with another change he is ramming down our throats. Too bad someone did not insist he actually spell out what he meant by change, before the vote took place. Since he is such an honest guy, I am sure he would have explained that by "change", he meant, a bigger dose of the same ol' crap from the same ol' liberals. He might have answered by explaining that one change would be the elimination of the old "checks and balances" way of doing business. He would surely have included the change of the Administrative Branch taking over functions from both of the other Branches of Government.

Here is another, "I do not want to run the auto industry." Well, whatever we took that to mean, we were wrong, again. Or, how about, "I support Israel." Or, "I am not a Muslim." Then there were the issues about his prior church, "I never heard him say those things." Or his relationship with a terrorist, "He was just a guy in the neighborhood." More recently, "North Korea better not test missiles."

You get the idea, whatever BO says, is subject to dual interpretations; his and ours. Do not ever think that he means what you hear him say.

BO has PC. I do not mean "political correctness". Recently, in the news, was the story about an Inspector General being fired by the White House. First of all, BO helped sponsor a bill that became law, a couple years ago. It made it illegal to apply political pressure on an Inspector General. Made sense, as an Inspector General is supposed to be free to investigate where ever and whom ever he believes needs to be investigated for finding waste and fraud of our taxpayer money. If they were subject to the politics of the current administration, it would prevent them from properly doing their jobs.

Well, this Inspector General (IG) had the gall to investigate an organization ran by Kevin Johnson (KJ) (formerly of the Phoenix Suns (PS)), the New Hope Academy (NH) in Sacramento, CA (SC). Evidently, NH received around $850,000 in taxpayer money for work they were doing. The investigation had to do with some charges of misuse of some of the money. Although no formal charges are being filed against KJ, NH is returning around $400,000. Well, it so happens that KJ is a big supporter of BO. Soon after the story about KJ went public, the the White House (WH) called the IG on his CP (cell phone) and told him BO wants him to retire. Well, the IG, on his CP, told the WH to tell BO that he would have to think about it and asked how much time he had. The WH told the IG that he had one hour (1H). The IG, on his CP, told the WH to tell BO that 1H was not enough time (ET) and the IG had no intention of retiring. So, the WH, on orders from BO, fired the IG. When the PC (no, this is another PC - Press Corp) asked the PS (no, this is another PS - Press Secretary) about the KJ-NH-WH-BO-IG story, the PS told the PC that BO had PC (political courage) in firing the IG for NG (no good) reason.

So, my point is that BO is now credited with PC - political courage for breaking the law he helped get passed and punishing the IG for doing his lawful and appointed job, correctly.

It might just be me, but I would have thought PC would fit better on someone who had the BB (backbone) to speak out against BO.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cost of National Health Care - BO Plan

We need perspective -

The estimated population of the United States, as of today, is 306,712,164 people.

The estimated number of uninsured (health) Americans is +-45,000,000 people. This represents 14.7% of the total population.

BO (or GAB) has proposed a national health care plan. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has studied this plan and estimates that it will cost approximately $1,600,000,000,000 (that is $1.6 Trillion) to cover one third of the uninsured over the next ten years.

That means that it will cost around $5,000,000,000,000 ($5 Trillion) to cover all of the uninsured for ten years. But, didn't he promise a health care plan for everyone? Isn't that the goal, here? He will not have the level of control over your life, that he desires for Government to have, if you are not a part of his "plan".

So, to cover the US population (based on the above figures), would cost around $32,000,000,000,000 ($32 Trillion) for ten years.

I do not know about you, but that is too many zeros for me to comprehend. I need to put into some perspective.

One million seconds is 11.57 days.
One year has 31,557,600 seconds.
One billion seconds is 31 years and 251 days.
Two billion seconds is 63 years and 137 days.
Ron will be two billion seconds old on January 14, 2011.
One trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

If you spend one dollar per second, and spend 32 trillion dollars (the cost of the above health plan), it would take you one million years.

That's right! 1,000,000 years worth of seconds to spend that much, one dollar per second.

Where does he think that kind of money will come from?????

That cost is impossible for the country to absorb. No matter how high the taxes get or how much he borrows or how much he just prints; the late, great USA cannot sustain that level of financial burden.

GAB is smart enough to realize that. So, what do you think the real plan is?

Phase 1 - Create a crisis in the minds of the people,
Phase 2 - Promise a solution to the crisis,
Phase 3 - Propose a plan to meet the perceived crisis,
Phase 4 - Express shock as to the cost of the fix,
Phase 5 - Raise taxes to help cover the cost,
Phase 6 - Cut benefits to lower the runaway costs,
Phase 7 - Dictate every area of our lives because how we live affects health care costs,
Phase 8 - Reign over the population, controlling most of what we do.

Mission accomplished!

(Just an added note - a recent poll indicates that 89% of Americans are satisifed with the health care system we currently have.)

Will You Walk Away From An Empty Table?

Set before us, in life, is an empty table. As we approach it, we bring numerous weights, burdens, cares, bad habits, wrong priorities, and sinful thinking. As we sit there, through life, we have opportunities to unload all of the negative baggage we came with.
We are offered a gift, that if received in it's fullest, will replace all of the shame, guilt and regret; with love, peace and joy.
Why, when the choice is so clear, do we hesitate to unburden ourselves? Why do we insist on hanging onto a special burden, a sinful habit, a heavy load of guilt, or the weight of regret?
We are given the promise of an "abundant life" if we so choose. We are told to cast all of our cares at the feet of Jesus. We are taught that He cares for us, the He intercedes for us, the He loves us, and that He died in our place so that we could live free of sin and guilt. He provided the "unloading table" where the weight of the world can be discarded.
We can walk away from our table with the table loaded with all of the negative aspects of sinful human life or we can walk away from an empty table and take them all with us.
Lay your burdens down. Walk away, free! Leave a pile of crap on your table that you never go back for or look back at. Never desire the things left behind but relish in the freedom and light that you now enjoy.
Do not carry away, regret. Regret of the past is as harmful to our walk as worry about the future. The reason to not carry it away, is not because you do not care, but because you took the steps to avoid the opportunity for future regret. Look around you. Where do you find yourself? What is going on in the lives of those around you that you believe the Lord is leading you to step out of your comfort zone and risk something? What effort should you be making for another? What care should you be offering or giving to help someone? Who should you be keeping in tough with? Who needs to know that you love them? How much will a hug mean to a lonely person?
This is a time for a sensitive inventory of your personal life. You can listen to the Holy Spirit and follow the leading or you can put walls up and protect yourself. If you choose the latter, you open the door to a load of regret in the future.

Two Ships Pass in the Night

Upon the high seas of political turmoil, it appears that two ships are about ready to pass in the night.

The first ship "USS Democracy" has been sailing to the left for the past few decades. The further it goes, the less recognizable it becomes.

The second ship "Iraqi Independence" has been sailing to the right for the past few years. The closer it gets, the more recognizable it becomes.

As the USA has inspired and promoted democracy, the rule of law, human rights, open and honest voting for leaders, removal of dictators, and independence around the World; we have been drifting off course. Our ship is caught in a liberal tide that is pulling us away from shore and into water too deep to drop anchor. Our moral rudder is broken and the enemies of democracy and our Constitution are not only at the wheel, but in full control of the ship's tower.

We are about to witness, as we are lost at sea, the "Iraqi Independence" sailing right past us, heading to the right. Before long, the once shiny and proud "USS Democracy" will be in need of rescue from some other ship who has found their moral rudder. All hope lies in us being found adrift before ALL HOPE is lost!

The Three Muskacsisters

Sometimes you can just see a photo of someone to feel like you know something about them. Maybe it is something in their eyes - a look of compassion, etc. Maybe it is their appearance - exquisite attire giving a look of confidence. Or, maybe (as in the case above), you can just tell by looking at them, that they are all three a mess!

Tell me, can't you just look at them and know they usually are up to no good! You can just see the wheels spinning as to how they can pick on someone (like me). As you can imagine, this past weekend, while minding my own business and just being sweet, they kept picking on me. If I was not defending myself from verbal attack, I was fending off attempts at a Wet Wiley.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are Tall People Less Godly?

That is the question of the ages. It has been asked many times by many intelligent people, but the answer has been evasive. I feel like the time has come for a definite answer to that haunting question. Besides, the tall people need to know. So, I will offer my lowly explanation.

Based on all of the historical evidence we have, it appears that Jesus was around 5'6" to 5'7". It also appears that most of the Roman soldiers and Judas were taller, some over 6'. This in itself, is not proof of God's plan for His chosen people.

The real evidence lies in the position given through the example of Jesus. You see, when we are on our knees, or prostrate (stretched out with face on the ground in adoration or submission), we are at our most Godly height. The more lofty we position ourselves, the less in tune with God we are. When we humble ourselves, God exalts us.

So, how "Godly tall" you are is measured in humble inches. Even a tall person can be Godly short. Even a short person can be unGodly tall.

This leads to the logical question, are "little people" (m_____s) more likely to have their prayers heard? You may think that does not matter, but consider this, the other little people (children) do appear to have a direct line to God.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Day: June 11 - Vietnam

PFC, Wayne Bibbs, age 17, was one of 233 young men who died on June 11 during the Vietnam War. This is not only tragic for his death coming three days before his 18th birthday but it also occurred on his first day of duty. He arrived in South Vietnam on 6/11/1972, and was part of a helicopter crew that was shot down the same day. His body was never recovered.

Wayne Bibbs was born on 6/14/1954, and was from Blue Island, IL. He was single.

Traditional Values are Taboo

Today, Miss CA, Carrie Prejean was fired from her position due to accusations that she has failed to fulfill her contract terms.

For those of you who have not heard, she had the gall to actually say that she does not agree with gay marriage. Ever since then, she has been in the cross-hairs of the organization and liberal groups.

In an interview, today, she said that the only event that she was asked to attend, that she denied to go, was at the Sundance Film Festival and the event was a pro-gay marriage event.

In modern America, you better keep traditional, religious, conservative values to yourself. If you are a person that has the spotlight, and express such unacceptable views, you will be viciously attacked. "Popular" people are supposed to be liberal.

David Letterman used Sarah Palin as a source of cheap jokes on his show a couple nights ago. He referred to her as having a "slutty, flight attendant look". He tried to be funny about joking that her daughter was raped while watching a Yankees game.

If you are a conservative and have traditional values and speak out in a public forum, your life will be examined for any aspect where you can be attacked. If you are liberal and do the same thing, you will be praised as a social hero.

If you have standards, but have had periods where you have failed to live up to those standards, you will be branded as a hypocrite and belittled. If you have no standards, such as many liberal Democrats, you cannot be a hypocrite as there is no bar set for you to live up to. The two sides have double standards. The media expresses their double standards in the reporting of any such event.

Carrie Prejean stated that she would rather suffer attack and be fired for her principles rather than abandon them for popularity. She claims that is the main lesson she has learned and she wants others to get out of all of this.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Day: June 10 - Vietnam

Army PFC Walter Lee Adams was one of 139 servicemen who died on a June 10th during the Vietnam War.

PFC Adams was born on 12/27/1946, was single and 20 years old and from McIntosh, AL. His tour began on 11/28/1966, and he was stationed in Pleiku, South Vietnam. He died of hostile ground action when his camp was attacked.

Here are some comments about him:

Jack Martin - Served with him, in Vietnam. When Adams arrived, in Vietnam, I was the guy who picked him up, at the air force base and brought him, to the 62nd, Maint., Bn/628th, Maint., Company, in Pleiku. He was, a great guy and on the trip, to the company I felt, as he would make it, home alive. He had confidence, even though it was a little scary. I remember, when I arrived appox., 6, months, before Walter, did and how scared I was. A Good, Soldier and a Good, Human Being. It has been, a long time since, I have talked, about Walter, but I remember him, everyday. Oct 8, 2007

Kenny Adams - His brother. On the 40th, anniversary, of June 10, 1967 many thanks, to Walter's friends, that i contact, his good friend David hunter, Lt., fred warsaw, capt., david boyd and the troop, who switch guard duty, with ron stableman. Walter, is my hero, i read all his letters, he wrote to our mother. one letter he wrote, that five, or six, of his friends was killed downtown, he was able to escape, with gunshot wound in the butt. then they caught sixteen, vc., that night and how, he was a big name, around there, he said damn the big name, i wanna come home. i remember, when i was about five, years old, he let me fire, the rifle and he and allen, (shabby) our first cousin used to listen, to otis redding and that r&b sound. if anyone has, any info., or pictures, of Walter, please share them, or about the conflict, in pleiku 06/10/67, REST IN PEACE, BROTHER. I hope, to see you, Sang (mom) (papa dave) dad (Tiny) sister and Mack and spend eternity, with Jesus Christ, one day, God Bless. Jun 10, 2007

Kirk Adams - Nephew. This hero was my uncle. I did not, get to meet him, but I've heard, so many wonderful things, about him. He was, killed in action, before I was born. He left behind, a father, mother and twelve, sisters and brothers. It's so sad, that he and so many other, wonderful people, lost their lives in such a terrible way. What a waste. To him and all that served, I salute you. God bless all, that survived and their love ones.Sunday, April 22, 2001

MARCUS HUNTER - STATION IN SAME UNIT AFTER DEATH. The location of his death was named after him named Camp Adams. I arrived to the unit in January 1968 after his death, but my brother was stationed with Walter in Plieku when he was killed. He was the Mess Sergeant when they were attack that night and often talk about Walter. His name is David Hunter. The compound where he was killed was named after in 1968. July 09, 2001

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Trash Can - Part 2

A. Hitler, "In starting and waging a war, it is not right that matters, but victory."

A. Hitler, "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."

B. H. Obama, "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you will join with me in changing it." Proudly spoken during the campaign.

The spin from the White House - The unemployment reaching a 25 year high of 9.4% is a sign of good news. Less people lost their jobs in April than they did in March.

B.H.O. is proposing paying unemployment to college students.

How many jets does it require for "date night"? BO and MO took one jet to New York. White House staff took another jet. The press corp took another at taxpayer expense. We were told there were three jets used. Tell me, how did the Secret Service agents get there, with their vehicles and vans with weapons? How did the two limos and the helicopter get there? How far ahead of time did the Secret Service have to be there to prepare for the visit?

BO claims he is going to save 150,000 jobs this summer. Why wouldn't he claim that he will save 1,500,000 jobs this summer. There is no way to tabulate an accurate figure and no one tracks jobs saved. The whole idea of jobs saved is bogus. It is a political move to be able to make claims of success that cannot be disproved, but also cannot be proved. When you think about it, 150,000 jobs saved is equal to 10 days of people not going on unemployment. Not much of a success to get all excited about.

This Day: June 9 - Vietnam

Donald Wayne Akins, 21, a CPL in the Marines, had three years in service to his country. He died on June 9, 1969; in South Vietnam due to hostile fire that shot down his helicopter. Donald was born on 10/12/1947 and was a single man from Spiro, OK.

The following is a note posted in his memory from his girlfriend:

Lisa - His girlfriend - "Donny, you will always have a place in my heart. I have never forgotten you after all these years and never will. I can't second guess what would have happened if I had said yes when you proposed or tried harder to talk you out of going back for a second tour of duty. I wish I would have gone with you on leave when you asked me … at least we would have had 30 more days together. When you called me from the airport to meet you I wish I would have run the whole way to you and held you safely in my arms now I just wish you were still here. I say a prayer for you every night....I love you still and for always."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Days with Dad

With June including Father's Day, it has made me think about some of the good times doing things with Dad.

Some of my most favorite memories are the golf games, ping pong games and motorcycle rides. I also enjoyed trips in the plane, the hike up to an Indian ruin, working together on projects or even the yard.

Several years ago, Ron called me and told me I should get a motorcycle. He and Dad were going to take a road trip and I should try to come along. I knew, as soon as I heard about it, that I wanted to go. I could imagine that these trips would prove to be great times together for the three of us. That proved to be true. During four years, we made road trips together. The first year we went up through Utah, as far as Wyoming and back down through Colorado. The second year took us on a hot trip into southern Arizona. Uncle Sid was able to join us for some of both of these trips.

The third trip was back to Utah to enjoy the back country on the winding roads with the great mountain scenery. We hit some National Parks and other such things, but the destination was not the trip - the journey was the trip.

The fourth and final motorcycle road trip with Ron, Dad and myself was into Nevada and going to Death Valley. This trip took place about the time Dad turned 81. That is quite amazing in itself, that he was strong and healthy enough to tackle something like that.

All of the trips were special, mostly for the company I kept. Great times!

Ping pong - Growing up, from 1961 and forward, ping pong was part of the picture. The table was always ready and waiting for the next re-match. The basement holds great memories, not only with ping pong but with pool and bumper pool. The juke box would be blasting hits from the 60's and 70's, always with the bass turned up and the house vibrating with the beat of the music.

Dad was always good at ping pong. As Ron grew up their games became more competitive and exciting. The same with me. The more I played and the older I got, the more fun the games were. At some point, I was able to win some of those games. But, for some reason, by the time we got upstairs, Dad would have a memory lapse and deny it ever happened. Great times!

Golf - There are lots of stories to tell about golf games and at some other time, I will add others. Golf became part of our lives in the early 60's due to Dad helping develop the local golf course and the rest of us getting to play for free as we grew up. Since none of us were golfers, it took awhile for any of us to get up to speed. Over the years, Dad and Ron and I had a lot of rounds of nine holes. Whether it was Twilight League on Wednesday afternoons, games just for fun, or an occasional tournament, we spent a lot of hours on the golf course. Each of the three of us had our own strengths: Ron was the long ball hitter but lacked some control, Dad was dependable at being in the middle of the fairway, and I became a good putter once I finally reached a green. I had to concentrate on the only part of the game that my small size was not a handicap and putting suited me well.

Golf, like ping pong, was something it took years for Ron or I to be able to beat Dad. Even if one of us were ahead with only a couple holes to play, Dad found some way to talk us out of a key shot or help us feel the pressure of the last hole having a water hazard. Talk was another of his strong attributes in the golf arena. Finally, youth and skill outlasted age and talk. Great times!

With the fun times we have had, some of my cherished times are sitting and talking with Dad. God has blessed him with the ability to understand the Bible and teach others the things of God. He has wisdom that he will share, if asked. He has understanding gained through experience. He has the love and compassion of a great Dad and Grandad.

Dad and Mom are looking at 63 years of marriage this October. That is even older than I am! They have been an example to five kids, a bunch of grandkids and now some great-grandkids, and a lot of others along the way. Their home always feels warm and welcome to family and friends. It is the only place that the grandkids know of the two of them ever being - same house since 1961.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thanks for all the great times.

Why the Daily Casualty Report?

As I was writing about Memorial Day, I pulled up some cemetery photos. Each cross, and there are many, was standing over the grave of some man or woman who gave their life for the freedom of others. As I thought about the sacrifice made for my freedom, I wanted some way to express my gratitude. As long as they are just "some man or woman", the cost paid is not quite as real.

I may not be able to put a face to a cross, but I can put a name there. I thought that if we know a little about some of these fine people, we would appreciate them even more. I am not trying to depress anyone, but remind us all that we live in the greatest country in the World for one reason, others bought and paid for that privilege.

I also want to put a price on the liberties we are watching disappear. We have Government leaders who disregard the Constitution that they swore to uphold and protect. They have an agenda to gain more and more control over our lives. Each bit of control they gain is a bit of liberty we lose. Based on the cost of that liberty, we should not take any of this lightly.

Read the postings with the respect the person deserves and help me count the cost.

This Day: June 8 - Vietnam

Army SSGT James Ira Courtney died of artillery fire in South Vietnam. He was a 20 year veteran from Kansas City, KS. Born on 03/10/1924, he was 42 and married. His tour began one month, to the day, prior to his death.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


D.A.D. - Dads And Daughters

I am a very blessed man. When I think about my life and those things that are important to me, there is no other explanation - I am blessed!

One of those blessings, that God saw fit to give me, is a daughter. I have four kids, the first three being sons, for which I am most thankful, and the last one a little girl. My quiver was full.

There is something special about having a daughter. With sons, you get to do certain things and treat them a little different than the way you react to your little girl. With a little lady in your life, as a Dad, you take on a different role.

With sons, you are responsible for training them to grow up and be responsible men, husbands and dads - dedicated to the care of their families - showing them how to submit to God and then lead in a God would direct.

With the daughter, what you model is a little different. You want her to see, as she grows up, what the man of the house should be like. You want her to experience, through observation, the marriage relationship and the proper way for a man to treat a lady. You want her to grow up with a set of principles that she will hold any guy that comes along up against. You want her to never "settle" and always demand the best and most from her man. You want her to be confident in who she is and to know the feeling and meaning of real love.

With all of this to get across, you have a very short time to get it done. The time is gone before you realize and the test is there to see if you did your job the way you intended.

My daughter, Anne, has now been married for five years to Mark, a great man; is a mother and has #2 on the way. I have to say, I did a really good job, based on the results. Seriously, I thank God for making up where I fell short.
To the dads out there, do you know what I mean? If you have a daughter, be an example for her to measure young men against. Do not be afraid to set the bar high, she will thank you later.

This Day: June 7 - Vietnam

Clyde Douglas Alloway - Air Force, died 6/7/1970, in a crash at sea off of the coast of South Vietnam on his first day of his tour of duty. He was married, age 32, and from Portsmouth, NH.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Media Distortion

After all of these years, I just learned a fact about the Vietnam War. I remember hearing an almost constant accusation that the Vietnam War was being fought by the "black" soldiers and the "white" young men were staying home and going to college.

The facts: Out of over 58,000 American deaths in Southeast Asia, during the time of that conflict, just over 50,000 were white, about 7,000 were black.

Can we believe anything they have been telling us for a very long time?

This Day: June 6 - Vietnam

On June 6, 1967; PFC Neil Wayne Aldridge, Marine Corps, died of hostile small arms fire in South Vietnam. He was 19 and single. He was born 6/12/1947, and was from Grant Park, IL.

This Day: June 6

June the 6th is almost as well recognized at December the 7th and September the 11th. It is one of those days that marked a turning point in history - a day, whose outcome, held the future in it's 24 hours.

June 6, 1944 - "D-Day"! The day of the Allied invasion of France. A bloody and costly day that was inevitable. We knew that we had to do it and the enemy - Nazi Germany - knew that it was coming. An element of surprise was about all we could hope for in gaining some sort of an edge in the battle of the day.

As the Allies had already invaded Italy, we had an opportunity to learn from that event. D-Day France was as big as it gets. A defeat in this attempt to gain a foothold in France could be devastating. A victory only meant the beginning of a very long and hard ground war against Germany.

The Allies were able to gain some element of surprise; first, in the exact location of the invasion and also in the timing. We chose to attack at Normandy, France. The Germans were positioned to defend the beaches along that stretch of coastline and were well entrenched. But, the Germans believed the invasion was going to take place at another location and were comfortable that it was not coming on June the 6th.

Leaving England on June 5th, hundreds of ships loaded with everything you can imagine, began the journey across the English Channel in the dark. Just before daybreak, the battle began. We were dropping and landing troops behind enemy lines in Northern France. We began shelling and bombing the coastline, trying to soften it up some before storming the beeches. Neither had much effect as the artillery, machine guns and troops were protected by concrete and steel reinforced bunkers. At 6:30 AM, the first soldiers began landing on one of the five beeches being invaded that morning.

As I am sure that most of you have seen the movie, "Saving Private Ryan", you have an idea as to what came next. With almost no cover for protection, troops kept advancing on an open beech and facing machine gun fire with no hope of fighting back, at that point. As the gates would drop open on the landing craft, the German guns were trained on the spot and opened fire. Some gates opened in too deep of water where pack-laden soldiers jumped out only to drown. Tanks, that were supposed to be equipped to float and make it ashore from the water where they were launched, sank with their crews inside. With each inch being bought with blood, eventually, we had enough soldiers across the open areas to begin fighting back.

One advantage that the Allies did have, is that by this point in the war, we controlled the skies. Without that, this would not have been possible. As you all, already know, throughout a long day, the Allies secured the beech and were beginning the process of unloading all of the necessary equipment and supplies to fight a ground war. After many more battles, eleven months later, the invasion of France yielded a Victory over Germany.

The cost of Operation Overlord - thousands of Allied soldiers lives. The result - Victory, Peace, Freedom for millions of people from many countries.

It is no wonder that this bunch of guys were "The Greatest Generation". Thank You!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New BHO Title

Since BO now claims his middle name, and BHO has declared that the USA is one of the world's largest Muslim nations, and since he is the leader of this Muslim nation, I thought it only appropriate to reclassify him.

BHO is not to be referred to as President any longer. Now, he is Grand Ayatollah Barack (GAB for short and for sure). Ayatollah means "sign of God", which he believes that he is. (Remember his campaign claim, "We are [meaning I am] the one we have been waiting for." One who has that title is an expert in Islamic studies (he qualifies there as his early childhood eduction was in Islamic schools) such as jurisprudence, ethics and philosophy and usually teaches others (he is currently attempting to teach the whole World how to conduct their business). Once becoming an Ayatollah, he is able to issue his own edicts (we are not seeing a lack of those), he can act as a reference for other's questions (he believes he is an expert in everything), and act as a judge (he is acting as judge and jury in many cases, such as the GM bankruptcy).

Ayatollah Barack, you are thinking makes sense, but why "Grand" Ayatollah? Few Ayatollahs reach the position of "Grand". GAB or BHO started there. This happens when the Ayatollah reaches a position where he is able to answer almost all of the low-life's questions as to how they should go about their daily lives. We have a country full of mind-numb, cult-like followers of GAB.

Czar Update

As of now, I believe BO (or BHO) has now appointed 21 Czars. It took Russia 400 years to reach 22 Czars.

Speaking of out-doing other leaders or countries; Daniel Ortega, the President of Nicaragua, recently commented that he and Castro better be careful. They just may find themselves to the right of Obama.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Day: June 4th

June 4-7, 1942.

The Battle of Midway was a major turning point in the war in the Pacific. Up until this point, the Japanese were dominating. The attack on Pearl Harbor was only six months prior to Midway. This tiny island, located approximately half way between Hawaii and Japan was a key piece of real estate. Midway Island housed an airport. We needed to keep it and Japan did not want us to have it.

On June 4th, Japan launched an aerial attack on the island using planes off of aircraft carriers. They were not aware that the US Navy had a major force waiting for them, just over the horizon.

The Navy had found a way to decode messages sent by the Japanese Navy and were able to determine, with reasonable certainty that Japan was preparing an attack on Midway.

Japan tried to convince us that they were preparing a major attack on Alaska, hoping that we would send most of our surviving Navy far north of Midway.

As they attacked Midway, we spotted their carrier force and launched an attack from the air against their ships. During the first day of battle, major damage was inflicted by both sides.

As the major emphasis of the battle shifted from the island to the ships, planes form both sides attacked multiple ships.

Our carrier, the USS Yorktown was hit and severely damaged on the 4th.

By the end of the battle, most of the Japanese carriers had been sunk and the US Navy had their first major victory in the war. The Japanese Navy never recovered from this battle and Midway began a shift in momentum that would carry on to the end of the war just over three years later.

The USS Yorktown did not survive the battle and sank on the 7th. The carrier had been in commission less than five years.

67 years ago today, the tide turned in the Pacific and began to flow west.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Trash Can

A collection of garbage statements by the left:

Gibbs - It is impossible to predict when the government can pull out of General Motors.
Translation - We plan on running GM for a very long time.
I thought the left liked to have timetables for pulling out.
BO - America should not impose it's values on other countries.
You mean, like: freedom, liberty, self-sufficiency, strength, compassion, Christianity...
BO - This generation needs to sacrifice for the next generation.
By sacrifice, do you mean that we need to spend the next generation's money.
BO - It's alright for Iran to have nuclear power plants.
I have heard that "what is good for the goose is good for the gander."
If Iran can have new nuclear power plants, why can't we?
BO - The Constitution is a charter of negative rights.
Yes, it is, if you view it from the Government's point of view.
BO - If you count Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.
Sorry, but the facts speak different. There are around 2,000,000 Muslims in the USA.
That would make us one of the smallest in the world.
BO - I do not want to run GM and only want a hand in the important decisions.
Is that why you sent a team to Michigan to choose who the new GM board will be?
BO - I don't want my daughters punished with a baby.
No comments needed here!
BO - That would be an inconvenience to the first doctor.
Justification for not giving medical care to a live baby who survived an attempted abortion.

The Nation of Islam

It is now official, there is a new nation of Islam. BO and his administration have made it official, the USA is a Muslim nation.

We are not supposed to refer to America as being a Christian nation. That would be insulting to the heathen. But, BO just proclaimed, "If you counted the Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim nations in the world." It does not matter that the facts do not support what he said in addition to it being another outrageous statement of appeasement to our enemies.

The National Security Advisor stated about BO, that "having a Muslim father..." Then he said that BO is "partly Muslim". Explain to me how you can be partly Muslim? If an Arab Muslim said that, his co-worshippers would probably cut off the part that was not all Muslim, leaving only that portion that conformed to the "religion of peace".

Do you remember during the campaign that BO denied that his father was Muslim? Well, now it is expedient for dear ol' Dad to show his true colors. Do you remember that we were not supposed to use BO's middle name? You know, the one that starts with an "H" and reminds you of a dead guy in Iraq. Well, now that BHO is on the way to Muslimland to make all right in the world, his middle name is now part of his proud heritage.

BHO is going to make a speech to the Muslimland world tomorrow, from Egypt. Any bets that there will be some more apologizing for America, sucking up to Iran, and throwing Israel under the bombed-out bus.

Church Bells and Weenies - Part 2

Around one month ago I wrote about a case in Phoenix where a pastor was charged with two crimes due to his church ringing the church bells. He was found guilty and this update has to do with his sentence.

Though no evidence was presented as to how loud the bells were and the statute does not specify a maximum decibel level allowed, he was charged and found guilty of violating two city ordinances concerning noise. When he had the noise level checked, it was at a decibel level of 67, which is considered to be a typical conversation level. It is less than the level allowed for ice cream trucks. It was less than the traffic passing by the church.

Four people complained about the bells and that was all it took.

The judge sentenced him to three years probation, a ten day jail sentence (which would be suspended if he complied with all the requirements placed upon him and the church), and he was ordered to only let the bells ring one time on Sundays and once on religious holidays.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Weapon of Choice

Some of you may know me well enough to have enjoyed hearing of my many hunting exploits. Though I rarely share about myself or my successes, I have been known, from time to time, to be persuaded to do just that around a campfire with good friends.

There is something about the silent stalk, the closing in on the prey, and the final act of dominion that makes for a great story.

As you can see, at times, my weapon has been the bow and arrow. Hunting with the bare necessities that the native Americans used is about as good as it gets. It is almost like using your bare hands. To pull the nylon string of the compound bow back with the release, site in the target with the pre-positioned, color-coded site pins, having the graphite arrow resting on the highly sensitive guide and then to release the sting of the broadhead; makes me feel like I am truly in touch with nature and ancient America.

At other times, I leave the bow and arrow behind and head out with the weapon of the early settlers. The 30-06 with high-powered scope.

The preparation, the scent, the camo, the camping, the hunting from the back of the 4x4, the stalking, the closing-in and then the final kill makes you understand what self-reliance is all about.

Even though all of this is amazing, my most success has been with my weapon of choice - the truck bumper and grill on a state highway. Ahhh, the sound of screeching rubber and shattering glass with crumpled metal... There is nothing like it! To hear the thud, feel the front and then rear tires bump over the once proud elk, leaves you with a real sense of accomplishment.

You also do not have to carry out your trophy. Just load it up and drive away.

I wonder if Davy Crockett felt this way when he ran over a deer?