Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, I Swear! But to Who?

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

On 9/11, of 2010, I wrote an article with the title, "Domestic Enemies of the Constitution", which was published on Canada Free Press here:  This article discussed the various oaths that our elected officials and military personnel swear upon entering their new positions. 

I recently considered another article, based on the oath that those swear who are becoming citizens through the immigration process.  These new citizens swear to support and defend the Constitution.  It dawned on me that so many in our country swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution; yet, the ordinary citizen never does.  It raised a question, why are we the people not required to pledge a similar oath?  Should we swear an oath? 

It sounded like a good idea.  I wrote the article, came up with an oath, and then sought advice before submitting it to CFP.  What I thought was a good idea became a learning experience for me.  There actually is a reason that we ordinary citizens do not swear an oath.

Though I have listened to people take the "oath" and have written about it, there was a question that I had never asked.  When a soldier, officer, senator, representative, president, judge, immigrant, etc. swear their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; to whom are they pledging their oath?

We watch on TV as a new president swears to...  Who is he talking to; the Justice holding the Bible, God, or no one in particular?  None of the above.  Each one of those standing there with their hand on the Bible and other hand raised, are swearing an oath to you and me. 

Even though I have understood that we hire them to do their job and even though they are called public servants, etc.; it hit me that we really are the top of the line - you and I are the head of this government.  When a president stands there swearing to do those things, it is him promising to you and me that he will obey this requirement that we have set on him.  It is the common people who instituted this government and established this Constitution.  They only serve at our pleasure!  It is the regular people, across this land, that pick and choose who we will allow to fill the seats in Washington.  It is to us that each of those chosen must swear to abide by our rules.  We established the oath as a promise that they must make in order for us to allow them to serve us. 

"We the people", is not just a mental concept or good sounding phrase, it is the basic foundation that all the rest resides upon.  WE are the boss!  What happens in Washington is our responsibility.  Either we approve and allow it to continue or we disapprove and take the steps necessary to make the needed changes. 

The reason that the common citizen does not swear an oath, as all the others do, is that there is no one to swear to higher than us.  To whom would we make the promise?  WE are the head of all of this - it is our government.  We are not the subjects of the government, we are it's rulers.  It is not about the politician who considers him or herself to be the head of the nation or who thinks they are smarter than those in the fly-over states.  It is about you and me.  WE make the rules and WE are to insure that the rules are followed.  They swear an oath to us and when they break their promise, we must take quick and decisive action to remove them.  If we neglect our duty, they will become arrogant and tend toward being dictators, rather than servants. 

You have a responsibility to VOTE.  Do not neglect your duty.  It is "pink slip" time. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

VOTE - No Citizenship Required

In 2004, Arizona voters passed Proposition 200, the Arizona Voter Identification Laws.  What we attempted to accomplish was to help insure that only legal citizens of the U.S. would be voting in our elections.  The law required anyone who registered to vote to provide a valid Arizona driver's license, or an Identification Card, or other form of record with a digitized signature on file with AZ Motor Vehicle Department (MVD). 

It also required that a voter provide ID at the polling place in order to verify that they are who they claim to be.  We have all heard the stories of voter fraud, such as people voting under a dead person's name, etc.  This requirement would be satisfied by meeting the following (which has been copied from the AZ Secretary of State website):
Every qualified elector is required to show proof of identity at the polling place before receiving a ballot. The following lists show acceptable forms of identification at the polling place.

You may bring:
1.) Any one form of ID from list 1, OR ;
2.) Any two forms of ID from list 2, OR ;
3.) Two forms of ID as presented in list 3.

LIST# 1 - Sufficient Photo ID including name and address (1 required)*:
· Valid Arizona driver license
· Valid Arizona non-operating identification license
· Tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification
· Valid United States federal, state, or local government issued identification

LIST# 2 - Sufficient ID without photograph bearing name and address (2 required)*:
· Utility bill of the elector that is dated within 90 days of the date of the election. A utility bill may be for electric, gas, water, solid waste, sewer, telephone, cellular phone, or cable television
· Bank or credit union statement that is dated within 90 days of the date of the election
· Valid Arizona Vehicle Registration
· Indian census card
· Property tax statement of the elector's residence
· Tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification
· Arizona vehicle insurance card
· Recorder's Certificate
· Valid United States federal, state, or local government issued identification, including a voter registration card issued by the County Recorder
· Any mailing to the elector marked "Official Election Material"

LIST# 3 - MIX & MATCH from Lists# 1 & 2 (2 required)*:
· Any valid photo identification from List 1 in which the address does not reasonably match the precinct register accompanied by a non-photo identification from List 2 in which the address does reasonably match the precinct register
· U.S. Passport without address and one valid item from List 2
· U.S. Military identification without address and one valid item from List 2

* An identification is "valid" unless it can be determined on its face that it has expired.
Notice that last line, an ID is "valid" unless it is expired - not if it is fake.

To summarize, a person could register to vote in AZ by producing a form of ID with a digital signature that has been submitted to be on file with AZ DMV, or a driver's license (DL).  But, remember, this process can be completed without ever showing the DL to a person.  It can be done online by supplying, on the form, your DL number.  Everyone knows that no one can get a driver's license unless they have proved to be a legal citizen...or wait, don't we hear of people obtaining these documents, illegally, all the time?  In fact, wasn't there a push to give a DL to an illegal alien "in order to make our streets safer"?  So, even though AZ passed a voter ID law, registering was not too difficult.

As to producing ID at the polls, it is not necessary to have a photo ID to prove who you are.  If you do not have an ID in the first list (such as a DL), you can show up with a cell phone bill and your garbage bill (both in your name and showing the same address on record for that voter).  These definitely prohibit any voter fraud being possible.  After all, you must prove citizenship in order to have your trash hauled away from the house you rent.  No illegal aliens can get cell phones so it is proof of citizenship if they have a cell phone.  Or maybe it is a bank statement.  Didn't Bank of America launch a program to get illegal aliens signed up with bank accounts a couple years ago?

When we voted and passed Proposition 200, we were taking a step to limit voting to only those who are legal citizens.  The politicians on the left got involved in defining the types of ID required and we ended up with the above, watered-down list.  But, even though it would still be easy to register and vote and not be a legal citizen, we had some restrictions in place.  Well, that was the case until this week.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (9thCOA) struck down Arizona's voter ID law.  The reason that this could not be allowed to stand any longer was that this law went further than the federal voter registration law.  The 9thCOA declared AZ's law that required a resident to provide proof of citizenship in order to register to vote, illegal.  Yes, even though voting is a right of citizenship, we cannot require anyone to actually prove they qualify.  (This sounds familiar - seems like the same issue has arisen as to someone becoming president without proving qualification.)

It seems that AZ's law required the very basic level of proof, but that was still to difficult of an obstacle for many people.  If that is too hard, what are the federal requirements?  The federal form for voter registration does not require any form of ID be presented and does not ask for a DL number.  But, just in case someone who is here illegally tries to register, there is one way that we stop them in their tracks.  The form requires them to sign, attesting that they are a legal citizen.  If an illegal signs this, they could be found guilty of perjury.  Since no one who would break the law to get here would be willing to break the law to vote, we can rest knowing their signatures are our guarantee to clean elections and no voter fraud.  Whew, that was close!

The 9thCOA made the ruling 2-1, with retired Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor sitting in for a sick judge and casting the deciding vote.  Yes, she is from Arizona and yes, since retiring, she has been outspoken in promotion of her favorite political agenda issues (no, they are not conservative).

The federal act required states to make voting "widely available" by getting rid of those pesky obstacles to voter registration.  Those bringing the case against AZ claimed the ruling removed the unnecessary barriers to registration.  Those barriers would have required people, such as those who recently became citizens, to have to take extra steps, such as going to DMV and updating their DL to one that does not say that they are not a citizen.  I know, I know, it seems like that would be something they would be doing anyway, but now they do not have to hurry down there and wait in a line.

The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund appealed to the court in 2008, claiming that AZ's law was too onerous.  According to them, the law made people "jump through hoops".  (Does this make you wonder about Comprehensive Immigration Reform and how that proposed legislation is going to make illegals "jump through hoops" in order to become legal.  Will the courts strike down those hoops, also?)  One of the hoops listed has to do with a new citizen, whose registration has been rejected due to not taking the step to update their DL, actually having to photocopy their naturalization papers and this process is so difficult that they might give up and not become a voter.  Seems to me, that if being a citizen and voting has any importance to these non-hoopsters, they would be willing to stop by Kinko's on the way to register and solve the whole hoop problem.

The difficulty of the process does not appear to have hampered registration.  In 2004, AZ had 2.6 million voters.  Currently, there are over 3.1 million voters.  How could this be possible?  The requirements are just too onerous.

According to the Maricopa County Director of Elections, it takes 5-6 seconds to verify the status of anyone providing their naturalization certification number.  What!  You mean to say that they do not have to stop by Kinko's?  They just have to provide the number and all hoops will be removed?

According to the Secretary of State's office, if someone uses the federal form to register in AZ, which they are allowed to do, they do not even have to have a DL number, they can give the last four digits of their social security number, and, again, all hoops are removed.

This brings up another question.  Why can't AZ require stricter voter registration rules than federal rules in order to vote in state, county, city or school board elections?  Why does Washington get to decide what Arizona's rules are for voting in non-federal elections?  Sometimes it seems that some of these rulings only go one way.  In the news is San Francisco's ballot measure, which if approved, would allow illegal aliens to vote in local, school board elections.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Short Term Pain...

How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?  Be assured, this election is not going to solve the problems.  If we have any dreams of an America that are based on what America used to be, then we have to be realistic.  We are so far from where we started that we would not recognize our country if it were functioning strictly under the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers began warning us about the evils of men's desires before the ink was dry on their signatures.  They understood that to keep a Republic form of government was going to be a challenge.  They labored to deliver a document that gave those who would follow a fighting chance to experience freedom.  The liberties that they passed on were not taken lightly.  These men had been fighting a war to secure the freedom they envisioned.  When they declared independence from England, they pledged "to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."  Over the next few years, their pledge would come due.  Lives and fortunes would be lost, but sacred honor would increase. 

Why would the residents of the colonies take such drastic action to increase their liberties?  Was it really so bad, the way they already existed?  Sure there was a King and they were subjects of the throne in the Mother country.  They endured regulations, invasion of privacy, taxes and more taxes, etc., but was it worth war and the very real potential of dying in order to be free?  After all, what good is freedom if you do not live to enjoy it's benefits?  If they fought and lost, what would be the consequences?  If the fought and won, would the victory be appreciated by the next generation and guarded with their lives?  These were real questions that real people had to wrestle with as they stood at the junction for the direction of America.  We can put up with England and her domination over us and live the best we can, or we can declare independence and face the consequences, which for sure will include a bloody war against a well-armed military.

The men of that period of our history were a rare breed when compared to many of our current leaders.  They were men of principle, virtue, and had a love for their Creator.  They were not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and demonstrated their spiritual lives in public.  They believed that America was to be something special.  They had a vision and followed their dream. 

Special men (such as Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson and Hancock), put their personal lives to the side and took on the task of establishing a new nation, one based on an experiment where the people would be the ultimate seat of power.  Their vision gave them the strength to be willing to suffer the cost and pain in order to potentially enjoy the benefits of Liberty.  They could see the future, where there existed a long-term gain and they were willing to suffer the short-term pain.

If we had leadership running the United States that had anywhere close to the character that these men had, we would not be in the ugly situation that we find ourselves.  This is not a Democrat problem and it is not a Republican problem.  This is a people problem.  Our people have lost their way and who will step up to lead them back home?

Is there a present day Jefferson who will step forward and plainly explain to us where we are, how we got here, where we need to get to, and how we are going to find our way?  Do we have such men and women, today?  Is there the honesty and integrity needed to gain the trust of the people in order to convince them that the hard choices will reap good results?  This will not happen if our elected leaders are worried about re-election politics, polls, and popularity.  This kind of leadership can only come from someone who sincerely puts America's future above his own ambition and career.  If she is afraid, she cannot be the leader we need.  If he wants another term in office, forget about him making the tough decisions, he is not our man.

Short-term pain will be the result of honest leadership.  There is no other way to recover from the abyss.  We cannot solve the World's financial crisis, in fact, we have shown to be extremely irresponsible about our own finances.  Before we can be a positive global influence, we must first get our own house in order.  We are responsible for over $13,000,000,000,000 in national debt and this does not include many unfunded mandates passed by our government. 

We cannot be a strong nation, again, without manufacturing and self-sufficiency.  We cannot be dependent on foreign oil and be a strong nation.  We cannot buy everything from other countries and exist as a consumer nation whose work force is involved in the "service" industry.

We live in a dangerous world.  There are others who are set on our destruction and some of them live within our borders.  We cannot blindly exist, on a side-by-side basis, with the radical enemy.  PC, Political Correctness, needs to transform into Power Concentrated.

We must determine what it would take to begin "in-sourcing jobs".  We have to put government, at all levels, on a diet.  They will have to learn to function in a much smaller fashion with a much reduced budget.  Entitlement and social programs will have to be reduced or eliminated.  Our present level of government "give-away" programs is not only idiotic but also suicidal.  They have robbed many productive individuals of their self-worth and destroyed an honest work ethic.

Our eduction system needs a drastic overhaul.  Washington should have nothing, NOTHING, to do with our local schools.  Every level of public existence needs to stop taking handouts from politicians.  We have to abandon the notion that everyone should chip in to help pay for what we want in our locality.  If we want it, we should be the ones that have to pay for it.  If we are not willing to pay for it, we can do without.

The concept that we all have a "right" to home ownership, a job, health care, etc.; must vanish from our vocabulary.  Those things are not "rights"!  When did we forget the idea of spending less than we make, saving the difference and one day being able to buy what we dream about?  Instant gratification is a sin.  Have you transferred your family from a credit system where you are slaves to the lenders, to one where you do without unless you have the money to purchase the desired product? 

Self-sufficiency is a concept we have heard about but very few of us actually experience.  It is time to simplify our lives and get back to basics.  What would be so bad about swings on the front porch, talking with your neighbors, helping to build that room addition for a friend, family and extended family gatherings, helping those in need, and getting back in good relationship with God?

If this sounds good to you and you would love to see this great country return to it's roots where the Constitution, as written and as intended, is the law of the land; where the three branches of government actually perform checks and balances on each other to make sure they only operate in the areas they have constitutional authority to do so, then what are you willing to give up in order to get there?  Getting there will be painful!  Arriving there will be joyful!

It all begins with a massive house cleaning in our nation's Capitol.  All levels need to be controlled by those who will seriously defend the Constitution.  We need to exercise the authority to impeach judges who have exceeded their legal limits and restore honor to the courts.  We need a president who loves this country and it's Constitution.  We need law makers who know and understand the boundaries set for their positions and who guard against exceeding them in any way. 

Can we restore Washington to a Constitutional government or do we the people need to exercise our right to replace our current government with one of our choosing?  There is no easy path of recovery.  We are addicted to socialism.  Detox and rehab will be painful.  It may take a generation or two to become a recovering-dependent, but we can do it!

No pain, no gain!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Do you have an attitude?  Sure you do.  Your mom didn't tell you to not have an attitude, she told you to "Watch your attitude!"  We all have an attitude.  So, the question should be, what attitude do you have?

At the same time, we can have multiple attitudes at work.  Our attitudes, some even conflicting with others, have an effect on our eventual outcome.  Each of us, from time-to-time, need to take "an attitude check."  It is very easy to drift into bad, harmful, or negative attitudes; if we are not paying attention. 

It may even be easier to assume the position of being negative than to work at being positive.  We can look around and see problems and find those who are depressed, angry or even discouraged.  It isn't hard to find someone who will bring you "down".  If your common associations are with people who are negative, you will tend to gravitate in their direction.  You will become another one in the masses of disgruntled people who walk around with a chip on their shoulder.  This goes back to the natural man and the sinful nature born into mankind.  It takes a conscious act and a change of heart to pull away.

Who do we choose to have as role models?  Who inspires us to do and be better?  What have we defined as the person we most want to resemble?  What are we doing to get there?

This discussion, at this point, could head in two different directions; the area of the spirit or the realm of the soul.  The spiritual direction involves our submission to God and the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The other includes both believers and non-believers of Christianity - it relates to the choices each of us makes regardless of our spirituality.  Christians can have bad attitudes just like anyone else.  So, that is the area discussed in this article.

The attitude we have is the result of the choice we made.  Where ever you find yourself or what circumstances surround you, there are choices to be made.  Two people can respond to the same situation and take opposite positions.  An example is John Walsh, the founder of "America's Most Wanted" TV show.  He lost his young son to a brutal murder.  He could have done what others did in the same place, become bitter and vindictive and turn against people in general.  He chose to made a positive difference, instead. 

Our news is full of stories where some person has been harmed, physically and/or emotionally, and they permitted the evil done to them to become the seed that would grow, over time, to turn them into a picture of evil.  Someone, later, digs into their background to try to understand why they would do such awful things to others.  They find a wrong done and the resulting bad choices. 

We do not have to go down the road that leads to destruction.  Our lives encounter many crossroads and each one requires a decision to be made.  Some intersections are painful, some have no emotions tied to them at all.  But every choice we make leads to consequences, for good or for bad. 

Choose to walk through life carrying the attitudes that will lead you towards peace with others and having joy in yourself.  Take on a positive attitude, grounded on the knowledge that God is in charge. 

At work, be the best employee you can be, giving your best in exchange for the payment promised.  At play, recognize that winning is not everything, but the relationships you can build from your good attitude can change the lives of others.  When you believe you have been wronged, dwelling on how unfair it has been will make you miserable and that negative attitude will begin to be reflected in other areas of your life.  Be aware that others are watching you, maybe even more so, when they are aware that you have been hurt by someone.  Your response can push people away from you are draw them near to find out what is different about you.

Be quick to make attitude adjustments as needed.  Always be fine-tuning. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Lone Military Superpower - China

Through much of our adult lives we were told about the two, military Superpowers; the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R.  After the political and economical collapse of the U.S.S.R., we have heard that the U.S.A. is the "lone Superpower".  An analysis of military strength might show America to be on the top of the pile, but do not get too arrogant.  Based on the current trends, within the next few years, it appears that China will be the top dog. 

While America is scaling back on military spending and production; other countries are mass producing weapons, committing to enormous expenditures for technologically advanced systems and dedicating their counties to military superiority.  We hear about Iran and their agenda for nuclear systems, which are sure to lead to nuclear weapons.  We sat back and watched North Korea obtain nuclear weapons and now are threatened by unstable leaders with the power to wipe out large cities.

These small countries are proving to be large problems.  But, what about China?  This is no small country.  They basically have an unlimited pool of humans to use as tools of war.  Their economy is booming and they are using their opportunity to build up a military might inferior to none.  The following is a summary of just some of the recent news concerning China's military power (based on news stories on

1.  China is test-firing a new anti-ship missile - The Dong Feng 21D anti-ship ballistic missile has a range of 1,300 to 1,800 km and can carry six warheads.  It has a nickname, "aircraft carrier killer" due to the ability to sink an aircraft carrier instantly after penetrating the outer hull and exploding on the interior of the ship.  Along with the story was an artist's rendering of Dong Feng missiles heading towards a U.S. aircraft carrier. 

2.  China conducts a live-fire drill in the West Sea - Besides the Navy's North Sea Fleet, the exercise included the use of Fei Bao fighter jets (anti-ship attack aircraft), a 051C destroyer which can launch missiles, and new high-speed boats armed with stealth missiles.  At the same time, North Korea and China are strengthening their military cooperation.

3.  China now has more warships than the United States - Based on a recent report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.  China is adding ships while the U.S. and Europe are reducing the size of their militaries.  As more time passes, the gap will widen.

4.  China may have developed a new stealth submarine - Submarines are detected by sonar, which locates the source of the noise they emit.  A quiet submarine is a huge advantage in naval warfare.  At the present rate of production, China will soon have more submarines than the U.S. Navy. 

5.  China demonstrates military might - During the recent, 60th anniversary of communist rule over China, a display of weapons was staged in Tiananmen Square.  The parade included 63 ultra-modern weapons.  These included long-range nuclear missiles such as the Dong Feng 31A intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting cities in the U.S., each with three warheads with the power of up to 150 kt (equals 150,000 million tons of TNT).  Also shown was the JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missiles, which were among the 108 different missiles on display.  They showed off the J-10 fighter and the JH-7 fighter bomber. 

6.  China claims to have ability to intercept U.S. stealth fighters - The People's Liberation Army staged an exercise to intercept a mock F-22 Raptor, the latest stealth fighter jet for the United States. 

7.  China is working on the construction of it's first aircraft carrier - This is just a part of the build-up of China's navy.  The additional forces and armory are considered to be a threat to Japan and the U.S., who now dominate the Pacific. 

8.  China has stealth ability - China's navy has 80 high-speed, stealth vessels, each of the boats are capable of avoiding radar and infrared detection.  It is believed they have stealth bombers in existence.  The story credits China's ability to build stealth bombers to the apparent "leak" of the airframe design for the B-2 bomber.  It also appears that Chinese hackers obtained classified information from a Pentagon server in 2009.  China has a radar system CETC Y-27, capable of detecting our stealth planes. 

Robert Gates, U.S. Defense Secretary, said that China is investing in cyber- and anti-satellite warfare, anti-air and anti-ship weapons, and ballistic missiles which would threaten America's power and help for allies in the Pacific. 

Is the U.S. being appeased by China, just has England was by Germany in the 1930's, by the reassurance by China that all of this build-up is purely for self-protection and the defense of their own country?  I'm sure they would not lie to us!

War games, anyone?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are We Free?

Recently, there is much discussion over the concern of losing our liberties.  I, too, have written about the importance of the coming election in relation to protecting our freedom.  All of this is based on the assumption that we are, or at least have recently been, FREE.  Is this a correct base for our arguments and protests?

Are we free as Americans?  There are degrees of freedom and the answers would vary depending on what issue is being considered.  But, in general, we have long ago surrendered various aspects of being free.  At some point in the past, our elected officials usurped power over us and once they got away with it, additional attacks on our rights and liberties have been common place.  Based on the writings of our Founding Fathers, this was an issue from the very beginning.  Americans were warned about men in government lusting for more power and control.  Benjamin Franklin stated that we have a Republic, if we can keep it!

Well, we did not keep it pure for very long.  Americans have been guilty of sending people to Washington who had no desire to protect us from those who have gradually stripped away at our freedom.  The United States, presently, is so far from the freedom we started with that it would no longer be recognizable.  We ask government for permission to do just about everything that pertains to life and the pursuit of happiness.

We are required to have a social security number as individuals or a taxpayer identification number as a business.  We need a license to operate a business, get married, drive a car, hold a rally in a park, etc.  We ask permission from the building and zoning department to build a house or change the house we have.  We get fined if we do not wear a seatbelt.  We pay taxes for just about everything we do.  The government controls the airwaves, the waterways, the sky and highways.  They tell us where we are allowed to go in the national forests and parks.  We are charged fees to use public lands.  We are prohibited from using our own land if some rare insect is found there.  Our churches ask the IRS for permission to operate with tax favors.  Our leaders tell us what we can and cannot say.  The first two of the Bill of Rights have been trampled at every opportunity.  This list could go on and on, but you get the message.  We are controlled from cradle to grave. 

The master hoax has been to convince us that we are still free while our public servants have turned us into their servants.  They no longer represent us and humbly serve, they seek the prestige of power and authority.  Once they have a taste of being master, they are found doing whatever it takes to maintain their position.

Conservatives are targeting the Liberals in this and coming elections, but our problems did not start with Obama, Pelosi and Reed.  We have been asleep for generations and only now are the masses beginning to awake and take notice that America no longer follows our Constitution.  We bought the lie that it is a "living document" whose meaning changes with the seasons.  We accepted "a wall of separation between church and state."  We were told that any form of gross behavior is protected as a freedom of expression, under the first amendment.  Yet, when political opponents speak out, they are at risk of being investigated by the FBI and IRS as intimidation.  When we buy a gun, Washington must give us permission.  Unborn babies are routinely murdered with no consequence, but if you shoot a spotted owl, you can go to jail.  Not only are you not allowed to enter our public forests and cut down a tree for firewood, without permission, but in many places you must get a permit to cut down a dead tree in your own yard. 

What is your definition of freedom?  As I look around, we have already lost freedom according to mine.  This election is not about keeping our freedom, it is about stopping the avalanche of attacks against the threads of liberty that still hang from our tattered flag.  We are no longer freemen, we are just a little more free than many in other nations.  As we are now watching, we recognize the blatant, full-frontal assault against what liberties that remain.  We are now told that we "must" purchase health insurance or be fined (unless you gain favor with Obama).  We are told that we "must" bail out banks, car companies, Fannie Mae, insurance companies, unions, pension plans, foreign counties and their banks; or the world economy will collapse.  When we say, "NO", they do not seem to hear and they vote "YES" anyway.  Their arrogance tells us that we cannot find out what is in the bills they are passing until it is too late.

The tail is wagging the dog!  Finally, the dog has begun to bark and bite.  On November 2, it will time to start chewing on that darn tail full of flees and blood sucking tics.  Turning this monster around is going to be very difficult, but it is possible.  We do it by winning over one disheartened Liberal at a time.  We do it by properly teaching the next generation the truth.  We do it by taking responsibility for ourselves and our families.  We stop looking for government to meet our needs and wants.  We hold Washington accountable to us.  America can once again become the land of opportunity.  The concept of the American dream can be revived.  Dig in and get to work!  It is time for the frog to jump out of the frying pan.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Bastardization of the Oval Office

Where does a baby come from?

Though it is a simple question, it has a profoundly complicated answer, especially when the one trying to explain where he came from appears to lack the evidence to support his claims.

Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution states:  "No person except a natural born Citizen...shall be eligible to the Office of President;..."  This is fairly straightforward.  You are not allowed to become the President of the United States of America if you are not a natural born citizen of this country (period).  There are no grey areas in this requirement.  The words "but" or "except" do not appear.  It is the most basic requirement, along with the necessary age, for someone to assume that high office.

Yet, with the rise of political correctness and the decline of common sense in our nation's Capitol, we are saddled with a sitting President who believes that he is above the Constitution (which he views as a document of negative rights).  President Obama sees no need to prove that he is actually eligible to hold the office he holds.  In fact, he has taken steps that are much more difficult, to withhold the proof.

We, the little people, have no right to have the question answered.  No one with governmental authority will step forward and demand that the man set on destroying our nation from within demonstrate that he should not be immediately removed from office and, in my opinion, charged with a felony.

Regardless of the demands for the production of an authentic "Birth Certificate", made by those who the Constitution established as the true rulers of the land - "We the People", nothing happens and the ones charged with this task have no backbone to take up the cause.  Well, wait a minute, one American hero has stepped forward and has drawn a serious line in the sand.

U. S. Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, Chief of Primary Care and Flight Surgeon has put his career and freedom on the line over this issue.  LTC Lakin is a veteran of 18 years of military service.  He has received numerous awards and decorations.  Currently he is facing court martial with a possible prison sentence and dishonorable discharge from the military.  What is his crime?

LTC Lakin has taken his oath, as an officer in the U. S. Army, serious.  He swore to defend the Constitution.  He also has been well trained in the danger of obeying illegal orders given by superiors.  Someone in the military is held responsible for the determination of the legality of the orders they are being made to obey.  They have an obligation to not obey an illegal order and if they do obey an illegal order, it is not a defense for them to claim that they were just obeying orders.  As you can imagine, this is a very tricky area to tread.

LTC Lakin was ordered to deploy to Afghanistan earlier this year.  In April, he informed the chain of command that he would not be able to obey that order on the grounds that he believes it would amount to obeying an illegal order.  He believes that an order issued by a Commander-in-Chief who holds the position illegally cannot be a legal order and he has an obligation to disobey the illegal order. 

Talk about guts, this officer has more than enough to go around!  In taking this stand, for the sake of our nation, he has put his career on the line.  If he is found guilty, there will be no military retirement, no promotion to Colonel, and no freedom.  He is charged with "missing movement" and refusing to obey orders.  As you can imagine, in the Army, each of these are taken very serious and he could be forced to spend several years in a military prison.

The official court martial will be taking place in just a few weeks.  Preliminary hearings have already taken place.  The presiding Army Judge, Colonel Denise Lind, has just cut the arms and legs off of the defense, according to defense attorney Paul Jensen.  She has issued a ruling that will prohibit the defense from presenting evidence or calling witnesses in relation the whether or not Obama is Constitutionally qualified to be Commander-in-Chief.  Her reason for such an unconstitutional restriction on the right to a fair trial and the right to present a defense is, those documents might prove "embarrassing" to the President. 

Let me see if I follow this right...  If Obama has a legitimate birth certificate, showing it to us would somehow be embarrassing...???  How?  We have to do it all the time.  In fact, LTC Lakin was required to produce his birth certificate as a normal step for his ordered deployment overseas.  He had to show it to become an officer in the Army.  But, for some reason, no one thinks it would be prudent for the person who assumes command over all of the military operations for the most powerful nation on the Earth, to have to show us a piece of paper.  There is only one reason why Judge Lind could imagine that solving this issue once and for all, would be embarrassing to the President, and that is that he would be exposed to be illegitimate. 

A child whose birth lacks legal legitimacy is called a bastard.  What would a man be called who's presidency lacks legal legitimacy?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life Cycle of a Crisis

Have you noticed, over the past twenty years, how most every potential crisis that any portion of the American public has faced, has been gobbled up by Washington and the main stream media, with each doing their assigned duties in transforming what may or may not be a legitimate news story into a doomsday scenario with predictions of apocalyptic destruction?

Government has changed from being an entity large enough to come to the aid of those facing and surviving disasters, making a positive difference, to being a monster seeking catastrophe and destruction as a means to accomplish their ends.  Rahm Emanuel, during November of 2008, the incoming Chief of Staff for Obama, said, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

What would a crisis, which has gone to waste, look like?  What is a wasted crisis?  If I may, I believe the statement by Emanuel would have been more aptly stated as, "You never want a potential crisis to go to waste."  The answer can be found in the recent history and responses to potential crises.  It resembles a story many of us heard when we were young children. 

Chicken Little, while walking in the woods, felt something fall on her head and assumed that the sky was falling.  While running to give an official warning, she gathered Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky.  They met with Foxey Loxey, who offered to help in their cause.  It was Foxey Loxey who perceived an opportunity to take advantage of the citizens during a perceived crisis.  He led the three of them into his den where he proceeded to devour them. 

In this story, Chicken Little, Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky represent the segment of the population who looks to big government to constantly save them from potential harm.  Foxey Loxey, of course, is big government and is always ready to portray themselves as riding in on a white stallion to save the day.  But, instead of doing what is best for the people, they make sure that the crisis does not go to waste and they proceed to make the people more dependent for their needs and safety. 

For the nursery rhyme, have you noticed that the object used to cause the insecurity among the people, which results in their total loss of freedom, is the acorn.  Is that just a coincidence? 

A wasted crisis is one where the government has not gained in their position of control and power over the people.  It would be a situation where aid was rendered with absolutely no strings attached.  It would be one where the threat was not magnified in order to generate the perception that only government is big enough save the people.   If a potential crisis came and went without government gaining something from it, that would be a wasted crisis. 

Let's consider some recent "crises", the hype and outcome:

1.  Wall Street - Two years ago, right now, we had just watched big government (BG) take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Then we were told, by BG that Wall Street needed to be rescued because they were too big to fail.  If we did not pass TARP by Friday of that same week, the economies of the World would collapse (one big acorn was dropped).  Both sides of the aisle stood before the cameras and issued the dire warnings.  We were promised that these massive funds would be used to buy troubled assets from failing financial institutions, getting them off of the books of the investors, thus causing stability.  Those foreclosed homes, which were to be purchased, were going to be held and released slowly, so as to not cause an over supply of foreclosures on the market and help keep the housing industry from collapsing.  We were told that "we the people", who were the ones being required to fund the bailout, would actually make money off of the brilliant effort by the future sale of these houses at prices higher than what was paid to the banks.  Win-win!

Well, sure enough, the politicians talked themselves into passing the TARP bill; but, low and behold, no houses were purchased.  No, instead, the money was just doled out to favorite corporations and unions.  The cost to us was just under a trillion dollars, once you consider all of the pork barrel projects added.  As to making money off of the bailout, well that is not going to happen because there are no houses to sell at a profit.

The crisis empowered BG within several corporations, insurance companies and financial institutions; plus aided the union buddies who helped secure the election of Obama.  The public (Little, Lucky, Penny) got devoured.

2.  Health Care - The crisis was the millions of uninsured citizens in America and the rising cost of health care and health insurance premiums.  BG and the media inflated the need to cover those actually uninsured and without choices.  They rammed through, against some of their own rules and against the will of "we the people", "Obamacare".  As Pelosi promised, once they passed it, we would begin to see what was in it.  Six months later, premiums are going up, employer plans are being dropped and no up-side can be found. 

The crisis empowered BG to gain control over various portions of our individual lives and the choices we used to be able to make with our doctors.  They built into the plan various revenue generating sources.  The un-wasted crisis has resulted in the people having less liberty and being saddled with the massive costs of the program (around one trillion dollars).

3.  BP oil leak - Though BG was big enough to step in and make a difference, almost immediately, they chose to ignore, blame and stall.  They did not want it fixed too soon as that would mean they had not taken full advantage of the crisis.  They rejected help from other countries and companies.  They talked in front of the TV cameras but did not talk with oil industry experts.  It took weeks before they met with anyone from BP. 

The crisis empowered BG to fleece BP out of a promise for $20 billion.  It gave them the opportunity to shut down U.S. oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (at the same time we are funding drilling by Mexico in the same place).  They aided in the harm to the economy of several gulf states but are now looked to as the source of salvation. 

It seems that many crises have a life cycle:

1.  Conspire -  Work together with those who may be able to help you promote a potential crisis (media, unions, Acorn, etc.).  Define the desired ends and plan the means to get there.

2.  Manufacture - Run through the streets yelling "the sky is falling!".

3.  Blame - Use shock and disgust as you point fingers at those industries who are Capitalistic.  Instill an attitude in the people where a violent uprising is only a few steps away.

4.  Rescue - Government steps forward as the solution to the crisis that has been blown completely out of proportion.

5.  Take Over - "Solve" the problem by passing more legislation with higher taxes and fees, giving BG more control over our lives.

6.  Reward - Those who have aided in the process get rewarded according to the success of the growth of government and level of takeover of the victims rights, property, and finances.

Then the cycle begins all over again with the next potential crisis (Cap and Trade = global warming, Comprehensive Immigration Reform = broken borders, etc.).

That pitter-patter on your roof is not rain, it is acorns.  The sky is falling!