Tuesday, September 8, 2009

iCan't Control

Just wondering, will Washington D.C. be in better hands if the Republicans take back control over one or both houses of Congress? Let's assume that the iCan'ts can win enough seats in the House of Representatives in the 2010 election and gain control of that portion of Government. What differences will there be?

There will be a new Speaker of the House and it will not be Pelosi. That has to be a better change. The cRats would no longer control the White House and both Houses of Congress. That has to be a better change. Just maybe, there would be a little "checks and balances" in play. The House of Representatives is the place where all spending bills are supposed to originate, per the Constitution. That should make a difference.

But, how much will actually change? If you remember, the iCan'ts were not a whole lot better than the cRats over the past few sessions of Congress. The cooperation between President Bush and Congress resulted in too much legislation that looked like Liberals demanded it, wrote it, promoted it, voted for it, passed it and signed it into law. If you remember, even when the iCan'ts controlled the White House and both Houses of Congress, not much got done that would make a Conservative proud.

We added the prescription drug program to Medicare. This is one of the largest social programs ever for our Government. We added "No Child Left Behind", which was something Bush wanted and was proud of signing. What it did was add more levels of Big Brother oversight in local schools. Whenever Washington offers you money, there are strings attached and they will assume some level of control over you. The President and many Republicans pushed very hard for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform". Only a strong opposition from you and I stopped a massive amnesty program and adding millions of illegals to legal status on welfare programs. During this time of iCan't control, spending was outrageous and pork projects were the norm. We had the minority cRats demanding shared power on committees - and we gave it to them. Why? Because we want to be nice and get along. We want to "reach across the aisle", to be "bi-partisan". We want to have the media like us and write good things about us.

What did we get? We had an eight year opportunity that we squandered. We could have accomplished so much but ended up with so little. We were afraid to stand up for Conservative principles - at least until it was time to run for re-election. Then, everyone seems to be a Conservative.

There is no doubt about it, the Republicans are better at dealing with our national defense and military power. But, even with a majority of iCan'ts in the House, we still have major stink (BO) in the White House, as Commander-in-Chief.

So, with a Republican landslide in November of 2010, for gaining control of the House, what will it get us? Right now, a lot of crap is being passed and proposed and pushed. We should be able to slow some of that down and maybe stop some of it. But, the real problem is with the iCan'ts that gain that control and power. If they are retreads of the past, worn-out politicians, we have not gained much. If they are dominated and/or controlled by "Moderate Republicans", we will not have gained much.

In order for there to be a change in Washington, there has to be a sweep of the House. We need to clean them all out and start over with strong Conservatives. Being a Republican is not enough. We have had enough of the likes of John McCain being a buddy with the Liberals. We have to put in place some new faces and voices that are not looking to be buddies with the Left, are not wanting to share the control with the Left, are not wanting to look good in the left-wing media, and are not afraid to stand up and insist on the principles this country was founded upon.

If we do not get Conservatives, we will not see much improvement!

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