Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad ....Rat?

As explained in an earlier post, the Democrats are now aptly named the "cRats", as there is nothing about democracy left with the positions they are taking.
So, where are the Republicans and should they also take on a new name? In following the same formula as with the cRats, the Republicans could be called the "iCans".
But, does anyone, currently, buy that? I don't. It seems that most of the iCans, become iCan'ts, as soon as they get to Washington.
Why is it that someone runs for office sounding like a Conservative, but as soon as they get elected, there is no hint of conservatism left in the bills they sponsor or evidenced by their voting record? We send someone to Congress to speak for us, the regular people back home. As soon as they get there, they begin worrying about getting re-elected. Right and wrong, black and white, and even Constitutional or not; do not seem to be the issues with them anymore.
In the 1990's, iCans spoke up and took the majority control of Congress. They did this by pledging to support Conservative principles (The Contract for America). Not a lot got done as there was a cRat in the White House, but at least they kept some level of balance in the Government. Then, to great relief, an iCan was elected President in 2000, at the same time as Congress was controlled by iCans. Wow, what an opportunity to get some good, solid Conservative principles implemented into bills and then into law! Did the iCans do it? No, they became iCan'ts. "We don't have a 60 vote majority in the Senate", "We only have a slim majority so we feel it would be appropriate to reach across the aisle and share committee chairmanships with the other side", "We need a comprehensive, immigration policy" (aka: amnesty), "Let's let the cRats write the education bill", "Let's do campaign finance reform", "Let's spend just like the cRats and then maybe they will like us", "Let's grow the size of Government, that always works", and on and on and on...
So, the first opportunity in two decades to actually shift the direction of Government in a more logical, intelligent, patriotic, and Constitutional direction; was squandered. We ended up with a majority of iCan'ts who were afraid to stand up and take strong stands for Conservatism. They would not challenge the cRats who "threatened to filibuster" their bills. "OH NO! They might filibuster! We better give up and let them have what they want!" The iCan'ts ended up being a bunch of spineless wienies. They were so afraid of the cRats that they waisted eight years of possibility. They were so pathetic and weak looking that the country rejected them and took the only other choice - cRats. Now, the cRats and media are trying to convince us that it was a defeat of Conservatism. They wish! At the same time, last fall, that the cRat, BO, was leading in the campaign; a poll showed that a majority of Americans identified themselves with being conservative. I believe, with all my heart, that if a Conservative had been running as an iCan, he would be sitting in the Oval Office and we would not be having a steady stream of "bailout of the week" bills. We would not be planning on sitting down with Iran to see how we can compromise with them. (Have you ever noticed that when we sit down with an enemy who is set on our destruction, and we reach a compromise, we end up sending them $$$$ and goods in exchange for a promise that ALWAYS gets broken once they obtain $$$$ and goods from us?)
Just a warning...Do not get too excited about the Conservative sounds coming from the iCan'ts in Washington. Most of them know that they must sound conservative in order to get re-re-re-elected. This is the same bunch, for the most part, who wanted nothing to do with Conservative principles a few months and years ago. Even McCain is trying to sound Conservative right now. He has to be worried that his days in the spotlight are almost over. We in AZ are sick and tired of this RINO. Do not trust them, we do not need to send them back, again; we need to send to D.C. some new faces who are grounded and principled in the issues that made America the greatest nation on Earth, ever!
Remember, they were at war with us, but we were not at war with them!

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