Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Have you ever noticed how "fishing" brings out the best in stories?

It made me think about fishing, when my kids borrowed a couple poles from me tonight. They are headed to Roosevelt, tomorrow. I am sure, even before they go, that I will hear some tall tales when the poles are returned.

I think that I must be the only true fisherman that has not found the need to stretch a fishing tale. Truth is better than fiction!

I remember the first time I took my wife fishing. While she did not catch any - no, not a single fish - I caught multiple times as many as she did. The exact number seems to have escaped me, right now.

I remember taking her and Dennis to Roosevelt, several years ago, to catch Crappie and Bass during spawning. I figured that both of them needed the advantage of having the fish just sitting there, aggressively guarding the nests of fish eggs. While the two of them struggled to land more than a few apiece, I ran the trolling motor, directed them to better spots, gave them invaluable pointers, and at the same time landed numerous fish. I caught so many that I filled my well and had to help them fill theirs. Now, to my disappointment, neither one of them seem to remember the trip quite like I do. I guess the embarrassment of being beat so bad has caused memory lapse - poor things!

When the boys were young, we had an old boat that we took out to lakes around Phoenix. I remember catching numerous things, yes, while I was running the boat. It must have been really great for each of them to have been there to experience the show!

In order to preserve more fish for future generations, it has been awhile since I have gone. I do not believe anyone that knows me well will disagree that I am as good of a fisherman as I am a hunter. And that says a lot!

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  1. They always say, the first thing to go is a man's memory...