Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Third Adam

I Cor. 15:45 (paraphrased) "The first man Adam was made a living soul; the second Adam was made a life giving spirit." The third Adam was made one of my grandsons.

Today was one of those days that I was reminded of just how much my family means to me. Sandee and I had the privilege of baby sitting Tyler and Adam from 6:30 AM (on a Saturday morning) until noon. Yes, it was a privilege. Both Dennis and Ashley had to work the same hours this morning and we got a chance to watch and enjoy the boys. This was only the second time this has happened. The first was a "date night" a few months ago. Adam cried almost all the time they were gone. The first time away from both at the same time is pretty traumatic. This time went better. After a little play time, a walk around the house, some food, a changed diaper (Sandee was up by now) and a few other attempts to appease the little fellow, Tyler took him and he fell right to sleep in his arms. The problem was, we could not get him laid down without waking him up. So, mean ol' Grandpa decided that it was time for Adam to cry himself to sleep. Sometimes I just decide that a battle is one I will win. It took awhile and some persuasion to keep Tyler from rescuing him, but before long he was sound asleep.

Dennis worked until 4PM and Ashley stayed at our house until I took them to Tyler's two basketball games. What a joy to witness him growing and playing and becoming such a fine boy. Before the games; Ashley, Tyler, Adam and I went for a walk. I carried Adam, who spent the whole time watching our shadows on the pavement. He was fascinated with that.

Ashley is such a great Mom and Dennis a great Dad. They are raising two fine boys. We watched the first game before Dennis arrived, wearing his deputy uniform and looking so official and proud.

I am a blessed and happy man!

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  1. Makes me sad that I can't see the four of them more often. Also makes me sad that Ben hasn't gotten to know his grandpa and grandma sooner.