Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diversionary Tactics

There is a lot of distraction. It is all around us. It is in our homes, it is where we work, it is in or on the media, it is especially in politics. Some of it is just a part of life and some of the distraction is intentional. The latter has been designed to keep us focused on things, people, or issues that are not the real problems. Some would call these, "diversionary tactics".

I believe that a lot of what is making headlines today are intentional distractions. We are witnessing the largest political power grab in the history of our nation. We are seeing money spent like never before, by our government. We are watching the liberals ram through a "wish list" that has to have been several years in the making. They are passing bills and signing them into law at a speed that boggles the mind. They are spending the next generation's money to pay back political favors. They are able to do this using catch phrases and distractions. An example of a "catch phrase" is, "Stimulus Package". After beating the economy over the head for months, they hurry bills through the legislature - skipping committee hearings, not having transparency to the public, limiting debate, prohibiting amendments from the Republicans while they load the bills with unrelated spending and pet projects, rushing votes before anyone (and I mean ANYONE) has the opportunity to actually read the bill in order to know what is honestly being voted on and what might be the consequences of passage. They get away with this by calling the whole thing a Stimulus Package.

They proclaim that this MUST be passed right now or utter doom will be the result of any delay. They make wild promises as to how this will stimulate the economy and get us on the right track. They use the words, trillion dollars, like they used to say million or billion. After all, they sound so much alike, what could be the big deal in the difference. Then, once passed, the economy is not affected in a positive way and they do another "Stimulus Package".

The other way they have been able to accomplish such horrendous attacks on our nation, the Constitution, and our liberties, not to mention our wallets; has been the diversionary tactics. The Democrat leadership is not only good at stirring up a crisis, but then using it as a distraction. While the public and media are outraged about the current week's crisis, they are busy behind the scenes pushing through a liberal agenda that is changing our country away from the way it was founded and the way we are used to it operating.

Examples of recent "distractions of the week" are the overwhelming media coverage and political outrage over Rush Limbaugh stating that he hopes Obama fails. Anyone who takes the time to read the comment in context, knows exactly what he meant. He, like me, wants the socialism that he is cramming down our throats to fail. He wants him to fail at weakening our nation's defenses, to fail at solidifying a liberal power base that will keep them in control for decades. As that distraction ran its course, another was needed. The most recent "distraction of the week" is the outrage over the bonuses being paid to AIG executives. For the most part, the media is not outraged over the Treasury Department channeling over $90,000,000,000 (that's billion) of our money to European banks to help "bail" them out. They are not up-in-arms over AIG needing another "bailout" (this is the third or fourth bailout for AIG, alone). What are they upset over, so much so that the real issues are not being scrutinized, the politicians and media are going after the executives who received the bonuses for which they were promised for the work they performed and which AIG was under legal contract to pay. While the President and Secretary of Treasury are grandstanding about their shock over the matter, we learn that these contracts and bonuses were no surprise to them at all and the last "Stimulus Package" had an amendment to exempt AIG from government controls over paying out these same bonuses.

The ones-in-the-know in Washington were not surprised by this recent turn of events, at all. We are seeing fake outrage and we are being distracted from what they are doing that will really affect us all in negative ways - gun bans, limiting free speech, national health care, increasing the power Unions have over job sites. Our liberties are under attack. Once we lose a liberty, it will be extremely hard to ever get it back. The size of Government is being increased in order to administer new welfare programs. The size of Government does not shrink, later, when a new President is elected - have you ever known the Federal Government to reduce it's scope of power and control over our lives?

As long as the politicians can keep the media and the public distracted from what they are really accomplishing, it will be much easier to get it done and done in haste. Get real, do you really think these people in Washington care about a few million dollars going to these executives? If they really cared, these "bailout" checks that are in the hundreds of billions of dollars would have some strings attached as to how and where the money could be used. They don't! They just want our scrutiny on anyone or anything other than themselves. Evil is being done where the light is not shining!

Stay focused, do not get distracted! When the Watchman on the wall is asleep or distracted, the enemy is creeping into the homes and attacking the citizens. Right now, you and I have to be our own Watchmen. We cannot afford to look away and be silent while our nation is basically being dismantled. When the media (whom I believe have many that are cooperating with the liberals and purposely distracting us) are making a big deal over some minor item, beware! Something else is going on that should have our concentration.


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