Friday, March 6, 2009

My Oldest Son and His Wife

This is part two of "My Favorite People".

Wayne and Tandi celebrated their 14th anniversary, yesterday. I bet they are surprised that I even remember or know that. For that reason, I have chosen them to talk about in this post. Wayne is on a trip to California, attending a conference at his old church, right now, so there probably wasn't a lot of celebrating going on yesterday.

Wayne and Tandi married not long after getting out of high school. They immediately took off for places unknown, to begin the adventure of their life together. After a time in Wyoming and Montana, off they went to Alaska, for Wayne to attend Bible College. Several years and a few kids later, they moved to California for him to continue his Bible education in a seminary. Last May, after several more years and several more kids, he graduated.

The two of them, as one, have overcame very difficult situations, survived with very little, and at the same time, managed to grow into an good example of a couple who love God, love each other, and love their six children. They are doing an awesome job as parents and have some great kids that are a joy to be around.

Wayne spent around 12 years to get through is Bible education, all the time working hard to support his family and them reaching out as Christians to help others and minister to needs around them. He now pastors a small church in the north part of Idaho and seems to be enjoying every minute of his new adventure.

Tandi is a great Mom. She not only cares for the family, does home schooling, but also helps minister to others. She is also an example of a very Godly wife.

I am very proud of them, for the accomplishments they already have made, for the great family they are raising, and for their walk with God.

Wayne and I have our doctrinal "discussions" which I really enjoy. It's a little tough for me to admit that my son just may know a little more about these things than I do, so I won't. Instead, I will wait for him to admit that he finally sees it all my way. Wait and wait and wait...

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