Monday, March 2, 2009

Apologies to to the other 49, Congrats to Arizona

In one way, Arizona stood to win whichever candidate won the election for President. If McCain won, we would have a "Republican" for president, but also would get rid of him as our Senator. If Obama won, as it came true, Gov. Janet Napolitano became Secretary of Homeland Security. So, we still have to vote out McCain, but Napolitano is out of here. Congratulations to Arizona and condolences to the other 49 states.

She is a disaster, as you all will soon see for yourselves. You cannot believe anything she says. She did nothing to secure our border with Mexico or curb illegal immigration to Arizona. She fought Sheriff Joe as he arrested illegals. Now, she has just had an interview where she stated that the violence in Mexico has not yet spilled over into our country. I do not know what she called it, but to me it was violence directly related to illegal immigration when Phoenix has become a kidnapping hot spot, multiple home invasions and shootings by illegals, drug violence, human trafficking, illegals killing Phoenix policemen, etc.

In her speech, the other day, until it was criticized for not mentioning 9/11 or terrorists, she had her focus for Homeland Security on issues such as hurricanes. I guess the border is not a security issue for our government. Can you tell me how Homeland Security can protect us from hurricanes. Isn't it the job of FEMA to respond to natural disasters, not Homeland Security?

Any way, Janet, stay away from Arizona. We do not miss you.

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