Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reformed iCan'ts

Just wondering out loud, can an iCan't be reformed? (Don't know what I am talking about - read earlier postings.) In other words, can an iCan't honestly become an iCan?

I believe it is possible. I believe it is more possible when the iCan't is not an elected official or politician. If a normal, regular person that has been an iCan't has an open mind or a life changing experience that opens their eyes, I believe that they can be saved. I do not see any reason that an honest transformation would not possible. This would be an awakening, for sure; but that kind of thing happens in this great country on a daily basis. They see or hear something that shatters their preconceived ideas and BAM, they see the light! Of course, the light is the truth of Conservatism. All of a sudden, things start making more sense and they begin to take on conservative principles as a guide to how they see the political climate in America. They no longer call themselves "Moderates", but are proud to be a member of the "right-wing" of the iCan Party. In other words, they grow a backbone. (A Moderate is someone who cannot make up their mind as to whether they are conservative or liberal - in other words, they are clueless.)

An iCan has a whole different view of America than iCan'ts or cRats. iCans see a land of opportunity, cherish their freedoms and liberties, enjoy the challenge of potential success, and do not run from individual responsibility. We iCans love the USA, God, and family. We guard free speech rights and we guard our homes with the rights in the Second Amendment. We do not have class envy and we do not want someone else's wealth spread around. We believe that if some guy earned a fortune, more power to him. We are not waiting, as a bunch of victims, for the Government to save us. In fact, we want the Government to stay out of our lives. We believe the Government has a place - guard our great nation against attack and protect the citizens while they experience life, liberty and pursue happiness. We are willing to share our bounty, as a matter of our choice, but greatly resent someone taking from us to give to someone else.

So, what about the elected official or politician? There are probably a few exceptions, but most of them are willing to say and do whatever they think you want to hear in order to get your vote. It seems that once they get elected, they can no longer be trusted. Politicians that flow back and forth following the current breeze that blows through Washington, cannot be believed. If they are up for re-election, listen to their speeches. One day they are catering to moderates and sounding like cRats. The next day, with a different audience, they sound like an iCan. So, when an iCan't starts insisting that they see the light, hold onto your wallet and no early voting! I can guarantee that once they have your iCan vote, they will go back to get the iCan't votes.

A good example of this is our dear Senator John McCain. He has been a RINO iCan't for most of the past eight years. Then, during the campaign, he tells us he has seen the light, he has heard the voters and he has changed. Was it true? No. He just wanted your vote. Now that he is not running, he is back wanting Comprehensive Immigration Reform (aka: amnesty and unprotected borders). It truly is hard to teach an old dog new principles.

What are we to do? There are two things we can do. First, we iCans need to be teaching and training others and the next generation the values we hold so dear. We need to be passionate about the principles our founding fathers built this country upon. We need to understand why Conservatism is the best way to go, always has been and always will be. We need to be vocal about saving a system based on free-market capitalism. We need to work to see that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest of their potential.

Second, we need to kick the cRats and iCan'ts out of Washington. There may be a few, honest iCans left there, but almost ALL of them need to go back home and let's fill Washington with fresh faces who love America and want to protect the nation from Liberalism and Socialism. I believe there are good, honest citizens who are willing to go to Washington in service to their country and not for personal gain. Those who will go for a term or two and then come back home to take up where they left off. In other words, I believe there are non-professional politicians who are not looking for a career in D.C.

Folks, each of us must do our part or soon it will be too late.

It is war! We are engaged in a war to save America! We can fight and win or watch and lose!

Remember: They were at war with us but we were not at war with them! - What does that mean? It means that we are behind. While we were the sleeping iCan'ts, the enemy (cRats) were already in battle. They waged war on "God Bless America" a long time ago. We did not take it as a serious threat to our way of life. It was and is! It is time to catch up and fight hard, the enemy is entrenched (public schools, universities, unions, minorities, unemployed, all levels of government, Hollywood, etc.). We can win this battle; but it will be a long, hard fight.

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