Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Two-Eyed Monster

How great it was to be a boy growing up in a small town. My older brother, other neighbor boys, and I would head out into "the woods" to have our daily adventures. As you can see by the photo in my profile, we were heavily armed at a young age. Between the BB guns, sling-shots, pocket knifes, hatchets, bow and arrows, and even crossbows; there were not many things that were safe within a distance of half a mile.

Some of our favorite prey was the "two-eyed monsters" that were in a nearby cattle pond. Just to sit on the bank, gun in the ready position, watching for those double-beady eyes to rise above the surface of the water, was an exciting adventure (and good target practice). To hit a frog, at a distance, when all you see are two eyes, is quite an achievement.

We were very busy during those years, learning and experiencing; being allowed to be boys and deal with the consequences of our actions and enjoy the sense of achievement of our exploits.

It was a great place and time to grow up in an awesome country.

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