Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Failure IS and Option

Rush Limbaugh is being criticized for stating that he hopes President Obama fails. If you listen to the context of the comments, it is very clear what he meant by that statement.

If you, like Rush and like me, are adamantly opposed to the steps being taken by our new President, you too will want him to fail - to fail at socializing our great nation, to fail at spreading out the wealth (the old Robin Hood syndrome - take it from those who earned it through hard work and pass it out to those who did nothing to deserve it), to fail at nationalizing the banks and auto industry and who knows what next, to fail at establishing a national health care system (destroying in his wake the best medical system in the world), fail at gun control, fail at stopping conservative talk radio (ignoring the first and second amendments to the Constitution), fail at turning our military control over to the United Nations, fail at promoting racial division, fail at promoting class envy, fail at expanding union control over our workforce, fail at further turning our public education system into more of an indoctrination center of our youth, fail at creating the largest spending spree with the most pork projects ever, fail at expanding the national debt so that your kids and grandkids will never be able to pay it off, fail at silencing the voice of opposition, fail at dropping our missile defense program, fail at his plan to weaken our nation and making it more vulnerable to attack, etc.

YES! We want Obama to FAIL. That is the best option for our future.

As the left attacks the right (and I mean that word in all ways you can take it), can you think of any Democrats who have expressed the desire for President Bush to fail at anything? There mush have been at least one...

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