Friday, March 20, 2009

The Perfect Storm

We are faced with a situation that rivals rare occurrences, such as "the perfect storm", the aligning of the planets, or someone making a profit in the stock market. The current political climate could be likened to three, "category 5" hurricanes converging on poor New Orleans at the same time.

We have the Federal Government being totally controlled by left-wing radical, extremely liberal, socialist Democrats (aka: cRats - as there is nothing the resembles democracy in their program for America). The sun is shining a fading glimmer of light through a somewhat evenly divided Supreme Court. But, even that small light will be short lived. BO can hardly wait to begin naming replacements to the bench. The storms that have been building on the horizon over the past few decades have suddenly burst on the scene with tremendous force and destruction. Nothing and no one is safe in their path. The attacking flood has caused the dam to burst and the dismantling and destruction of our Constitutional rights, our liberties, our savings and investments, our free speech, our Capitalist form of an economy, and others; has begun in earnest.

The cRats hit the ground with all four feet running. They have accomplished a level of deception upon much of the American population, with the help of the media. They have found themselves in charge of the pantry, they have scattered in every direction and see no end to the power they can heap upon themselves.

Remember, stay focused on the real issues - the ones that affect our future and that of our kids and grandkids. Do not be deceived by clever distractions. If you look close, you will see their little, red, beady eyes in all the dark places. Their little claws and sharp teeth are designed to tear apart and destroy those things precious to you.

Also, remember, they have been at war with us but we were not at war with them!

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