Saturday, March 28, 2009

Velcom to da U.S.S.A.

I hope you enjoyed your stay while in the great U.S.A. You are now leaving that country and entering the U.S.S.A. - United Socialist States of America.

In this new country, the rules are different from the "old country". The USSA was founded on "Hope" and "Change". It is full of rhetoric, promises, lies, deception, distortion and destruction. Some of you may recognize that as being different from the founding principles of the late USA.

I remember the good ol' days when a man's word was his bond, in fact it was better than today's contracts. And there was something about shaking a man's hand to seal a deal. The neighbors actually knew each other and looked out for each other and their kids. Doors were not always locked on your home because there was no need. Privacy and Rights were respected. Most people went to church on Sunday. Most people claimed to be Christian. English was the official language. Soldiers were respected and honored. Public schools were not places of liberal indoctrination and actually taught American History in a way that made you proud of your country. Most Americans were proud of being a part of the greatest nation on Earth and were ready to defend it against all attacks, both foreign and domestic. But, domestic attacks were almost unheard of because people were different then - different in how they thought and what they believed.

In the USSA, class envy runs rampant, the rights of the individual are giving away to the masses, self-dependency is replaced by dependency upon Government. National pride has been replaced with white guilt. Achieving and prosperity are now frowned upon by the socialist masses. Spreading the wealth is an accepted policy. Divide and conquer is a political strategy. Wiping out the middle class is an elitist goal.

There was a time when the Constitution was taken at face value. Now it is a "living document", subject to the changing times, if it is considered at all. The Federal Courts were places of justice for all. Now they are full of liberal justices who use their unconstitutional powers to legislate from the bench. Private enterprise was the norm and you reaped the rewards of your labor or suffered the consequences of your failure. Now, failure is rewarded with taxpayer money along with Government control and success is penalized with ridicule and heavy taxation. "In God We Trust" was not questioned and was something we actually meant. Now, our courts (see above) have decided that "God" has no place in public places and for sure not in decision making by our new leaders. "One Nation Under God" was an acknowledgment of fact and gratitude. Now it is mocked and believers are treated as fools. Soldiers who were returning from war received ticker tape parades and a hero's welcome. Now, people protest at the funeral of soldiers and make fun of their sacrifice. Political parties have always had differences and elections were won and lost by popular vote of legally registered voters. Now, voter fraud is commonplace with little or no adverse consequences and it is evident that the liberal wing of the cRats has been at war with the conservative wing of the iCans for decades.

Yes, we have entered a new era. The old Republic still has a pulse. It is not yet dead. The cRats are moving as fast as they can to take it off of life support, but have not yet succeeded. There is a wave of patriots rising up across this great land that are willing to stand up and fight to save the USA. Not all Republicans are iCans, but there are a bunch of us who are. This greatest of great nations is worth fighting for to preserve it for future generations. If we, at this time, do not do what it takes to defend her from the present, domestic attack, she will be dead, forever. I believe it was one of our country's founders who said, "A liberty lost is lost forever." We are seeing our liberties being attacked on a weekly basis. This is no accident, it is intentional. Free speech is for those who agree with liberals. Having guns is for the government controlled forces, only. The privilege of voting has been extended to the dead, to felons, to illegal immigrants, and multiple votes by and for the same person is OK with cRat backed organizations, such as Acorn.

It is time to educate ourselves, take a stand wherever we find ourselves, and, while we still can, speak out and demand this current outrage be stopped in it's tracks.

Let's not get to this:
Remember: They were at war with us but we were not at war with them!

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