Sunday, June 28, 2009

Your First Time

Sandee and I went to a movie on Friday night. It took me a minute to understand why I was given as much in change when I purchased the tickets. Then I noticed that one ticket was for an Adult and one for a Senior. As you can imagine, I was shocked that the young man thought Sandee was a Senior.

Not really, I have grown accustomed to this fringe benefit over the past several years. My attitude, now, is that if they are going to charge me less, I will gladly pay less.

This did take me back to my "first time". Within a few days of turning 50, I placed an order at Wendy's. Without even asking, I was given the Senior discount by the cashier. I must admit, that caught me off guard. But, to add insult to injury, I left Wendy's and went to the post office to find I had received my AARP card in the mail.

Well, no one has offered Sandee a Senior discount, even though she has received her AARP card. But, it did make me wonder what her response will be for her "first time".

Somehow, I would be surprised if she sees it purely as spending less money for the same thing. There is something about the realization that someone else (probably a complete stranger) has assumed that you are "old" and has based in only on your appearance.

So, to my "old" readers, what was your response to your "first time"? To my young readers, how do you think you will react to your "first time"?

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  1. HaHa! I was ANXIOUS to go out and ask for the Senior Discount...SO THAT they would say, "Really? Prove it!" and card me for the opposite purpose!!!

    Then I got nervous about things going as planned, and decided, instead, that I would just offer my ID and say, "Here's my PROOF"! with a big smile on my face! :D