Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Trash Can

A collection of garbage statements by the left:

Gibbs - It is impossible to predict when the government can pull out of General Motors.
Translation - We plan on running GM for a very long time.
I thought the left liked to have timetables for pulling out.
BO - America should not impose it's values on other countries.
You mean, like: freedom, liberty, self-sufficiency, strength, compassion, Christianity...
BO - This generation needs to sacrifice for the next generation.
By sacrifice, do you mean that we need to spend the next generation's money.
BO - It's alright for Iran to have nuclear power plants.
I have heard that "what is good for the goose is good for the gander."
If Iran can have new nuclear power plants, why can't we?
BO - The Constitution is a charter of negative rights.
Yes, it is, if you view it from the Government's point of view.
BO - If you count Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.
Sorry, but the facts speak different. There are around 2,000,000 Muslims in the USA.
That would make us one of the smallest in the world.
BO - I do not want to run GM and only want a hand in the important decisions.
Is that why you sent a team to Michigan to choose who the new GM board will be?
BO - I don't want my daughters punished with a baby.
No comments needed here!
BO - That would be an inconvenience to the first doctor.
Justification for not giving medical care to a live baby who survived an attempted abortion.

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