Sunday, June 28, 2009

BO is Losing Sleep

In case you missed the breaking news, the other day: BO said that he is losing sleep. The reason appears to be the run-away spending by his government. He said, "The nation needs to start dealing with how to deal with this deficit!"

With all that is in the news, these days, can you remember back to just last year, when Bush was President? Do you recall the cRats hounding him about a record deficit? Well, I remember and to put it in line with the present spending, BO has taken Bush's record and outdid him 3-4 times in just a few months.

Next question, do you hear much from the cRats or Media about our current spending or deficit? I will assume the answer is "no". Why do you think that is?

Well, if BO is wanting the nation to do something about his spending, I have a solution. BO, pack your bags and go back to Chicago or Hawaii or Africa or some Muslim country where you will feel more at home. That should help a whole lot.

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