Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Day: June 10 - Vietnam

Army PFC Walter Lee Adams was one of 139 servicemen who died on a June 10th during the Vietnam War.

PFC Adams was born on 12/27/1946, was single and 20 years old and from McIntosh, AL. His tour began on 11/28/1966, and he was stationed in Pleiku, South Vietnam. He died of hostile ground action when his camp was attacked.

Here are some comments about him:

Jack Martin - Served with him, in Vietnam. When Adams arrived, in Vietnam, I was the guy who picked him up, at the air force base and brought him, to the 62nd, Maint., Bn/628th, Maint., Company, in Pleiku. He was, a great guy and on the trip, to the company I felt, as he would make it, home alive. He had confidence, even though it was a little scary. I remember, when I arrived appox., 6, months, before Walter, did and how scared I was. A Good, Soldier and a Good, Human Being. It has been, a long time since, I have talked, about Walter, but I remember him, everyday. Oct 8, 2007

Kenny Adams - His brother. On the 40th, anniversary, of June 10, 1967 many thanks, to Walter's friends, that i contact, his good friend David hunter, Lt., fred warsaw, capt., david boyd and the troop, who switch guard duty, with ron stableman. Walter, is my hero, i read all his letters, he wrote to our mother. one letter he wrote, that five, or six, of his friends was killed downtown, he was able to escape, with gunshot wound in the butt. then they caught sixteen, vc., that night and how, he was a big name, around there, he said damn the big name, i wanna come home. i remember, when i was about five, years old, he let me fire, the rifle and he and allen, (shabby) our first cousin used to listen, to otis redding and that r&b sound. if anyone has, any info., or pictures, of Walter, please share them, or about the conflict, in pleiku 06/10/67, REST IN PEACE, BROTHER. I hope, to see you, Sang (mom) (papa dave) dad (Tiny) sister and Mack and spend eternity, with Jesus Christ, one day, God Bless. Jun 10, 2007

Kirk Adams - Nephew. This hero was my uncle. I did not, get to meet him, but I've heard, so many wonderful things, about him. He was, killed in action, before I was born. He left behind, a father, mother and twelve, sisters and brothers. It's so sad, that he and so many other, wonderful people, lost their lives in such a terrible way. What a waste. To him and all that served, I salute you. God bless all, that survived and their love ones.Sunday, April 22, 2001

MARCUS HUNTER - STATION IN SAME UNIT AFTER DEATH. The location of his death was named after him named Camp Adams. I arrived to the unit in January 1968 after his death, but my brother was stationed with Walter in Plieku when he was killed. He was the Mess Sergeant when they were attack that night and often talk about Walter. His name is David Hunter. The compound where he was killed was named after in 1968. July 09, 2001

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