Friday, June 19, 2009

Two Ships Pass in the Night

Upon the high seas of political turmoil, it appears that two ships are about ready to pass in the night.

The first ship "USS Democracy" has been sailing to the left for the past few decades. The further it goes, the less recognizable it becomes.

The second ship "Iraqi Independence" has been sailing to the right for the past few years. The closer it gets, the more recognizable it becomes.

As the USA has inspired and promoted democracy, the rule of law, human rights, open and honest voting for leaders, removal of dictators, and independence around the World; we have been drifting off course. Our ship is caught in a liberal tide that is pulling us away from shore and into water too deep to drop anchor. Our moral rudder is broken and the enemies of democracy and our Constitution are not only at the wheel, but in full control of the ship's tower.

We are about to witness, as we are lost at sea, the "Iraqi Independence" sailing right past us, heading to the right. Before long, the once shiny and proud "USS Democracy" will be in need of rescue from some other ship who has found their moral rudder. All hope lies in us being found adrift before ALL HOPE is lost!

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