Friday, June 5, 2009

New BHO Title

Since BO now claims his middle name, and BHO has declared that the USA is one of the world's largest Muslim nations, and since he is the leader of this Muslim nation, I thought it only appropriate to reclassify him.

BHO is not to be referred to as President any longer. Now, he is Grand Ayatollah Barack (GAB for short and for sure). Ayatollah means "sign of God", which he believes that he is. (Remember his campaign claim, "We are [meaning I am] the one we have been waiting for." One who has that title is an expert in Islamic studies (he qualifies there as his early childhood eduction was in Islamic schools) such as jurisprudence, ethics and philosophy and usually teaches others (he is currently attempting to teach the whole World how to conduct their business). Once becoming an Ayatollah, he is able to issue his own edicts (we are not seeing a lack of those), he can act as a reference for other's questions (he believes he is an expert in everything), and act as a judge (he is acting as judge and jury in many cases, such as the GM bankruptcy).

Ayatollah Barack, you are thinking makes sense, but why "Grand" Ayatollah? Few Ayatollahs reach the position of "Grand". GAB or BHO started there. This happens when the Ayatollah reaches a position where he is able to answer almost all of the low-life's questions as to how they should go about their daily lives. We have a country full of mind-numb, cult-like followers of GAB.

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