Monday, June 8, 2009

Why the Daily Casualty Report?

As I was writing about Memorial Day, I pulled up some cemetery photos. Each cross, and there are many, was standing over the grave of some man or woman who gave their life for the freedom of others. As I thought about the sacrifice made for my freedom, I wanted some way to express my gratitude. As long as they are just "some man or woman", the cost paid is not quite as real.

I may not be able to put a face to a cross, but I can put a name there. I thought that if we know a little about some of these fine people, we would appreciate them even more. I am not trying to depress anyone, but remind us all that we live in the greatest country in the World for one reason, others bought and paid for that privilege.

I also want to put a price on the liberties we are watching disappear. We have Government leaders who disregard the Constitution that they swore to uphold and protect. They have an agenda to gain more and more control over our lives. Each bit of control they gain is a bit of liberty we lose. Based on the cost of that liberty, we should not take any of this lightly.

Read the postings with the respect the person deserves and help me count the cost.

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