Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Church Bells and Weenies - Part 2

Around one month ago I wrote about a case in Phoenix where a pastor was charged with two crimes due to his church ringing the church bells. He was found guilty and this update has to do with his sentence.

Though no evidence was presented as to how loud the bells were and the statute does not specify a maximum decibel level allowed, he was charged and found guilty of violating two city ordinances concerning noise. When he had the noise level checked, it was at a decibel level of 67, which is considered to be a typical conversation level. It is less than the level allowed for ice cream trucks. It was less than the traffic passing by the church.

Four people complained about the bells and that was all it took.

The judge sentenced him to three years probation, a ten day jail sentence (which would be suspended if he complied with all the requirements placed upon him and the church), and he was ordered to only let the bells ring one time on Sundays and once on religious holidays.

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