Saturday, June 20, 2009

BO has PC

Have you noticed that common words seem to have taken on new meanings, lately? BO has been really good at saying one thing, but meaning another. For instance, what did you picture in your mind when you heard he was running on "hope" and "change"?

If I were not a right-wing nut-job, I might have thought that he meant that he would bring a brighter future for Americans and that he would institute a change in Washington that would stop so much of why we hate politicians .

BUZZZZZ... Wrong answer! I am not quite sure I have figured out what he meant by "hope", but I am sure it did not involve a bright future for us average folk. Who knows, maybe the hope was all about him and he was just hoping that he would get elected.

As far as "change", we are getting a heavy dose of change! On almost a daily basis we are being bombarded with another change he is ramming down our throats. Too bad someone did not insist he actually spell out what he meant by change, before the vote took place. Since he is such an honest guy, I am sure he would have explained that by "change", he meant, a bigger dose of the same ol' crap from the same ol' liberals. He might have answered by explaining that one change would be the elimination of the old "checks and balances" way of doing business. He would surely have included the change of the Administrative Branch taking over functions from both of the other Branches of Government.

Here is another, "I do not want to run the auto industry." Well, whatever we took that to mean, we were wrong, again. Or, how about, "I support Israel." Or, "I am not a Muslim." Then there were the issues about his prior church, "I never heard him say those things." Or his relationship with a terrorist, "He was just a guy in the neighborhood." More recently, "North Korea better not test missiles."

You get the idea, whatever BO says, is subject to dual interpretations; his and ours. Do not ever think that he means what you hear him say.

BO has PC. I do not mean "political correctness". Recently, in the news, was the story about an Inspector General being fired by the White House. First of all, BO helped sponsor a bill that became law, a couple years ago. It made it illegal to apply political pressure on an Inspector General. Made sense, as an Inspector General is supposed to be free to investigate where ever and whom ever he believes needs to be investigated for finding waste and fraud of our taxpayer money. If they were subject to the politics of the current administration, it would prevent them from properly doing their jobs.

Well, this Inspector General (IG) had the gall to investigate an organization ran by Kevin Johnson (KJ) (formerly of the Phoenix Suns (PS)), the New Hope Academy (NH) in Sacramento, CA (SC). Evidently, NH received around $850,000 in taxpayer money for work they were doing. The investigation had to do with some charges of misuse of some of the money. Although no formal charges are being filed against KJ, NH is returning around $400,000. Well, it so happens that KJ is a big supporter of BO. Soon after the story about KJ went public, the the White House (WH) called the IG on his CP (cell phone) and told him BO wants him to retire. Well, the IG, on his CP, told the WH to tell BO that he would have to think about it and asked how much time he had. The WH told the IG that he had one hour (1H). The IG, on his CP, told the WH to tell BO that 1H was not enough time (ET) and the IG had no intention of retiring. So, the WH, on orders from BO, fired the IG. When the PC (no, this is another PC - Press Corp) asked the PS (no, this is another PS - Press Secretary) about the KJ-NH-WH-BO-IG story, the PS told the PC that BO had PC (political courage) in firing the IG for NG (no good) reason.

So, my point is that BO is now credited with PC - political courage for breaking the law he helped get passed and punishing the IG for doing his lawful and appointed job, correctly.

It might just be me, but I would have thought PC would fit better on someone who had the BB (backbone) to speak out against BO.


  1. Keep it up, Bro. You are going to find yourself on BO's NEW IG's list!!!!!!!!!!

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