Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Nation of Islam

It is now official, there is a new nation of Islam. BO and his administration have made it official, the USA is a Muslim nation.

We are not supposed to refer to America as being a Christian nation. That would be insulting to the heathen. But, BO just proclaimed, "If you counted the Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim nations in the world." It does not matter that the facts do not support what he said in addition to it being another outrageous statement of appeasement to our enemies.

The National Security Advisor stated about BO, that "having a Muslim father..." Then he said that BO is "partly Muslim". Explain to me how you can be partly Muslim? If an Arab Muslim said that, his co-worshippers would probably cut off the part that was not all Muslim, leaving only that portion that conformed to the "religion of peace".

Do you remember during the campaign that BO denied that his father was Muslim? Well, now it is expedient for dear ol' Dad to show his true colors. Do you remember that we were not supposed to use BO's middle name? You know, the one that starts with an "H" and reminds you of a dead guy in Iraq. Well, now that BHO is on the way to Muslimland to make all right in the world, his middle name is now part of his proud heritage.

BHO is going to make a speech to the Muslimland world tomorrow, from Egypt. Any bets that there will be some more apologizing for America, sucking up to Iran, and throwing Israel under the bombed-out bus.

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