Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It Won't Hurt

Have you ever had someone tell you that you should let them do something to you and that "it won't hurt"? Sitting here, I can think of a few examples:

When Ron, Sharon and I were small; or I should say young as some of them are still short, we were in Winslow visiting Grandmo Starr. The three of us were playing out front. I do not remember whether it was "cowboys and indians" or "cops and bad guys", but for some reason, Sharon was either the indian or the bad guy. There was a gun involved in the innocent game we were playing. It so happens that Ron had the BB gun rifle. It was supposed to be empty (how many times have we heard that story?). Well, all three of us were in the back of the pickup and Sharon was supposed to take off running before she got "pretend" shot. As she was getting ready to jump off of the tailgate, Ron leveled the rifle and shot her in the back. She yelled and fell out onto the street. It looked so real!

Another time, Ron had his BB gun rifle. He shot the end of his shoe (after pulling his toes back). Then he tells me to let him shoot the end of my shoe - "It won't hurt". Being much wiser than that, it took him asking a couple times before I gave in. Sure enough, he shot me on a toe. Just to set the picture straight, it did hurt.

Then there was the time that Carolyn had a cyst growing in her wrist. If you have ever had one, you know that they are painful, especially if you bump it. Well, Ron decided to try an experiment on her to cure her ailment. (I may have helped with the process some - but it was so he would not shoot me again.) Ron assured her that, "It won't hurt". As one of us held her wrist, bent tightly down, the other one took a heavy book and hit the cyst with the book. It was supposed to pop the cyst so that the pressure would be off and it would go away and the pain would be gone. We were sure that she would be very thankful, once we were done. Well, it did not pop the cyst, it did not go away, she did scream, and it did really hurt.

The moral to this story, when someone tells you to hold still, "It won't hurt", run the other way; and hope the BB gun is unloaded.

P.S. Why was Ron involved in all of these stories?

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  1. Only RON can answer that question in his own Heart...
    I have very few memories of my past, but THIS is one of them! haha and, yes, it DID HURT!