Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What BO Said...

Tonight BO gave the State of the Union address. This is what he said:

I blah blah blah
Bad Republicans
I blah blah blah
I, I, I, We, I, I, I
I blah, blah, blah
It was Bush's fault
I blah, blah, blah
Republicans need to work together
I blah blah blah
Michelle blah blah blah
I, I, I, I
God bless America

My take is that BO again showed himself to be a lying hypocrite. He twisted facts, refused to accept responsibility for his own blunders, has not learned from recent setbacks, etc.

He claimed that Bush had a one year deficit of over one trillion dollars for his last year - that BO inherited. The truth, Bush had a record year deficit of $400 and some billion dollars. In BO's first year, he has a deficit of almost four times that amount.

He claimed that he had no lobbyists in policy making positions. The fact, he has several lobbyists in his administration.

He attacked earmark projects but signed bills with thousands of them included (over 5,000 just in the stimulus bill).

He challenged Republicans to present a plan for our problems. The fact is that they have been trying to do just that all of last year, only to find that they have been excluded from any input or deliberations.

He claimed to have lowered income taxes on 95% of families. The truth, he lowered withholding tables but income tax tables are unchanged. This means that people took home more of their paycheck but now that it is tax time, they have to make that difference up on the tax bill.

It was a typical, partisan, political speech - uninspiring and full of rhetoric but short on specifics.

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