Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Present State of the cRats

A Republican/Conservative whirlwind swept the nation over the past few days. All of a sudden, the Right has a glimmer of HOPE and the Left is wondering about the CHANGE.

We are hearing from some cRats that BO's healthcare plan is on life-support. Various Representatives on the Left are launching a mutiny towards Caption Pelosi. We heard Senator John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) talk about the need to reach across the aisle and that this is a time for bi-partisanship. We have the Supreme Court striking down portions of Campaign Finance Reform (the parts that were blatantly unconstitutional). And, what got it all going was the special election in Massachusetts last Tuesday. A dark blue state is sending a iCan to DC as their Senator.

Unbelievable! What a week!

So, where have the cRats found themselves? I would like to say that they have been neutered. But, I know better than to jump to such a great conclusion. I believe that what has happened in this past week will affect the rest of the year, but it is more similar to a semi-vasectomy. They are still dangerous and carry a retarded ability to produce offspring. They are still firing darts with a point on half of them. It was not a full castration and we should not be dancing around the fire just yet.

I had this thought a few days ago, Is BO a lame duck President? He still has a majority in both houses of Congress. He is still acting like the incarnation of the second coming of the one we have been waiting for. He is saying that he is not defeated and is, instead, "doubling-down". But, the scene is of a sinking ship with a bunch of cRats jumping ship. His honeymoon is over! The razzle-dazzle in him making another speech is gone. Not too many, on either side, are too excited about the Hope and Change we have seen so far. He has accomplished almost nothing in the first year except for: apologizing for America, bowing to foreign leaders, winning the peace prize, losing the Olympics, setting POWs free, increasing the unemployment rate, raising taxes, wasting a trillion dollars of "stimulus" money on a slush fund for his buddies and supporters, aiding government to take over large portions of the private business sector, destroying the economy, etc.

He has shown by three examples over the past few months that when he campaigns for a cRat, they lose. He has seen that the leaders of foreign countries do not jump when he says "Boo!". He appears to be shocked that the terrorists are still attacking us, after all he is on their side.

The lose of one Senate seat may be the straw that broke BO's back. He may actually have to learn how to stay home and work. He needs to see that we do not want any more speeches or trips to Europe for him and 500 of his closest friends and staff.

What lessons has he learned? None! He is showing himself to be just as arrogant as ever, maybe a little more bull-headed, but none the wiser.

If we go into a period of his term where nothing continues to get done, we will be experiencing the earliest example of a lame duck President in our nation's history.

Now, do I believe this is what has taken place? I wish I could say that it is done, BO is over and a new dawn has sprung across the land. I can hope and pray that the changes of this past week are dramatic and permanent, but we will have to wait and see the next moves in the game.

So, stay sharp and active, pay attention and make your voices heard. These have been mere battles in the war for our liberty. Who knows, they may be planning a Battle of the Bulge (association intended).

Remember - They were at war with us but we were not at war with them! We are playing catch-up.

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