Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bullets or Ballots?

Yesterday's election in Massachusetts for a replacement to fill the seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy in the Senate ended up having a great ending. It was the 1970's since a Republican held a Senate seat in that state. Through most of the campaign the Democrats acted as though it was their right to fill the seat with one of their choosing. During the past month, the underdog Republican, Scott Brown, made astonishing gains on his Democrat opponent. By the time the votes were mostly counted, last night, Mr. Brown was a clear winner.

This Republican victory has sent shock waves across the nation throughout the Democratic Party. Massachusetts' registered voters have 3.5 Democrats for every one Republican. For the Democrats to loose the seat that Kennedy held for decades was a shock to the politicians on the left and a great victory for those on the right. Seating one more Republican in the Senate in the place held by a Democrat, causes a shift in power. Now, the left will not have an automatic 60 votes to block any Republican filibuster. The election also shows the politicians in D.C. that We the People do not want what they are selling.

So, though we are patting ourselves on the back today, let's keep this in perspective. This was not the war, it was a battle. The war rages on many other fronts. We won a battle, a big battle, but still just a battle.

I have been writing about the American Revolution and the parallels to today. We are in the second American Revolution (A.R. II). The hearts and minds of the people have been awakened and energized over the past couple years and they are taking to the streets in protest. We are fighting a string of battles over many left-wing issues and proposals. In the balance is the direction that the United States will take. Will we continue to be a country based on individual freedom and liberty, a country where your success depends on you? Will we be self-responsible as citizens; or will the socialists and fascists take us down a path where the government runs our lives for us and decides what is best for each of us? Will the U.S. be weak as a nation or continue to be the defender of the weak and the promoter of liberty? Will our economic system allow a business to succeed or fail, or will it have such tight controls by government that politicians make those decisions? The list is endless of situations that are affected by the decisions being made this year.

The war continues. Do not get distracted. We are fighting battles to preserve a great nation. It is worth the effort, trouble, time and expense. If we lose the battles of 2010, we will probably never have the opportunity to turn the country back around and restore liberty.

Our war is not with bullets but with ballots. While we are gearing up to the election-war in November, continue to fight the battles of principle. Let freedom ring!

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